Justin Bieber – Mistletoe PARODY! Key of Awesome #51!

I get more a** than a toilet seat Cops let me sing in the f***ing street My life is an endless buffet of hoes Been a pimp ever since my voice got low Christmas is a time for charity So I’mma let you sit somewhat close to me I could be partying with hookers and blow Instead I’m here with you on the down low With you Slummin’ with you Hey you! You’re only a two We’re dating on the down low maybe You don’t need that seat in front of the fire You can stay warm with your spare tire Don’t know why your self esteem is low Be sure to duck down if you see my bros My Christmas list has a wish to make you cuter Just like the chicks that were down at Hooters Here comes one now you gotta go! No wait, stay here and hold the mistletoe Ew, I stepped in some poop Would you scrape off my shoes? They’re new! You look like you’re going to throw up Watch the Jordans yo! Jesus was born in a barn Could you get out and push the car? We’re making a left on the interstate Why do you complain so much? Your butt looks big with that crutch Don’t forget we’re going Dutch Did I mention that it’s Christmas? I can’t decide which girl I like best Maybe I should have you fight to the death I know I don’t treat you like I should But I send you an autograph and it’s all good You are not the girl that I prefer When I go out with her you can be the chauffeur Here come a turn, hey where did you go?! I never really learned to drive, Oh no! That was totally rude. Who are you? Paternity suit? I’m screwed! Let’s keep this on the down low baby Hello? Hello? Yo! How do you make the phone call someone back? Hmm. What would Aquaman do in this situation?


  • I

  • Yup sounds Like Justin bebier! 😏 A dick wad at its Finest.

  • fuck yeah 2019

  • B

  • He was to mean to the girl and others girls he nice

  • Can't believe I'm 20 and I still know all the words to this

  • ‘‘tis the season

  • You look like james Buckley XDDD

  • is it really christmas if I don't watch this annually?😂

  • Let’s hope people get recommended this in 2019

  • anyone know the chords? gonna sing this for my family this Christmas

  • Holy shitni miss this so much

  • I was watching / listening to this when i was a kid and i didn’t understand the lyrics… now i know lol

  • I remember I used to watch these when I was 7-8 years old, I’m just coming back now at 15🤣

  • Justin Bieber’s Christmas list:
    1) Rihanna’s butt
    2) Bald Eagle sandwich
    3) Wayne Gretsy’s bones
    4) Jonas Bros. Death Match
    5) Yankees
    6) Jetpack
    7) Invisible condom 💀
    8) Fur underpants
    9) Albania
    10) For his girlfriend to be cuter.

    Sounds pretty accurate 💀💀

  • Anyone else here on 2019?

  • Still have a crush on him

  • Really gets ya in the Christmas spirit

  • Fck you

  • why does he want Albania for christmas😂

  • 2019 where r u at? Lol

  • Getting into Christmas mood in 2019 be like

  • Years later and still a bop

  • This guy is an absolute loser. 😂

  • 🤣

  • Classic biebs

  • Merry christmas!

  • nostalgia

  • It’s almost 2020 🙁

  • Big throw back before the decade ends I finally understand the words

  • i was playing a game and wile waching this it made a exsposhon like the one at 2:03

  • 2020?

  • At 10 years old I knew this whole song 18 now and I still know the whole song by heart

  • One of my favs childhood video

  • I miss my childhood 😭

  • 2020 anybody?

  • And also why in the world is he dating adults!!!!

  • Anyone watching in 2020? Or is it only me? XD

  • Cannot believe its been almost a decade…..

  • 1:41 Dark Knight moment, or Joker moment.

  • i hate that i accidentally replace the real lyrics with these ones

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