Jon Huntsman Climate Change Flip Flop

john huntsman i got a lot of trouble
earlier in the campaign for being in favor of science if you’re a republican in your favor so
i assume you were jonathan it’s polling at two percent in almost every single pple uh… school says they are not working
out well forum he decide to flip flop on this and at recently had a conservative
gathering he said about global warming and climate change i don’t know
i’m not a scientist nor my offenses but i would have heard of science and i
would say the scientist side of the community always us more meeting like back to the proof that
isn’t enough for the kids that are now they always more permissive damage and i’m not a physicist of a politician okay seems like a flip-flop well is
getting a little clear he says uh… well this uncertainty basically my
debilitate economic recovery if we take actually do something about climate
change in this country or hubble job created well we would wanna hobble job creators
woodwind instruments in other words uh… the job creators
i_d_ the rich people in this country can give me my campaign donations told me they would not like to be
hobbled by having to deal with climate change so i’m no longer on board for planetary okay and if that wasn’t clear enough his
camping spokesperson came out and said that of course this is quote consistent
with his field they trust the body of size of a woman
uh… there is not global consensus and we
can’t disarm or her car job creators since this person global we can’t despondent or hurt part dropped three eighths in
other words you’ve just found out that the
republican party is run by rich people and that surgical deserve them so all
that stuff we set about climate change before skip it we didn’t need now as soon as he did this of course
everybody at went crazy say oh my god that’s the most obvious flip-flop you’re
always going to break mitt romney’s record on flip-flops if you do with this
obviously so this nobody comes out i don’t want it that uh… it’s author quote let me be
very clear on this there is no change i put my faith and trust in science so you have ninety out of one hundred
climate scientists who’ve come out and talk about climate change is sir in
certain terms was responsible for it i’m on the side of science on this one sonali ease back and i are sciences okay
that i can’t say that i i’d this giant flip-flopped other day
when i was trying to cater to the conservative of that meeting done and at this site size spinal what i
was there at historically before cut kind of a
brain freeze them note on back on the campus life in your fat ok and you know it’s really
disappointed this husband does have some moderate views actually did a pretty
decent job in newtown right i thought he was being smart i thought
he was running here to get his name recognition of there’s no way the world
a moderate republican women twenty twelve and i thought he was going to say look i
stayed cassese said are responsible and info plot and then when they’re republic partisan
absolution and balls in twenty sixteen which it passed so we will be then you
come in a ghost i told you i was the principal guy was a guy that was model
from all on on the guide you need on the guy who had a good record but values screw that up white what do you do you
think you could win your two percent there’s a bunch of the boomers are like frothing at the
mouth when the some returned to us about accepting me politically artist when ron paul does about somebody who
died because they’re not health care coverage people applaud you know within that range had a win their are you crazy had to be too much credit being that you
had a smart strategy for the future for twenty six the it turns out you thought you were gonna
win as a moderate to perform for all the so-called moderate is mit romney
who’s been up in these polls that number one or number two position all along we had an impact on him primary and send them all these mormons has got a more broadly are
also mormon what kind of strategy is this noted campaigning for twenty six the
that makes sense but you get around the ego way they’re
also cannot doesn’t have a barbarian if any of these guys yes the said that’s because those that like like that but the exact date
back populated together with any way you to be just one
of those same old falls on the republican side and you know your chosen
twenty six a which i guess i’m happy about it is
apparently you don’t have principles


  • the scientific community ows us more for real, he is right

  • i never understood this, even if greenhouse gases and other pollutants aren't causing climate change it's still destroying our environment

  • @NumbuhoftheBeastBurg
    Even if climate change weren't real, I would have to be blind, deaf and dumb to be unable to see we're polluting our environment. I don't need anyone to prove climate change to me to realize we need to pollute less and use cleaner technologies. Our countries are becoming massive landfills full of plastic crap.

  • where the fuck would we be without scientists "they owe us more" my ass

  • @zupergozer – He meant that the scientists need to provide more information.

  • @nilbud Mmmmmm No. What I said was accurate. Sorry if it offends your delicate Christian sensibilities.

    Now fuck off.

  • the rant at the end was priceless "I crush math" LMAO

  • ugh i like huntsman 🙁

  • I agree with Cenk, but I think he is looking more into this than necessary. I think Huntsman is still going for the 2016 strategy, but he just had a bad moment here. I think he is smart enough to learn from his obvious mistake.

  • @DeepSouth16 Maybe if you showed some facts or evidence people would be more inclined to agree with you…

  • @zupergozer As a scientist in training, thank you

  • @nilbud so you think we should judge an entire politician's career simply because he made a minor error during one campaign? look, i am no republican by any means, but i think that among the current array of idiots we have running for the GOP nomination, huntsman is still the best. i dont see how you could disagree. what cenk is saying here that because of this fumble, huntsman is now at the same level of idiocy as michele bachmann.

  • @TheCarambah It's youtube not a mirror.

  • Who cares what Jon Huntsman says?

  • Too bad Jon Huntsman is the only one with a fucking brain in the republican party. Makes sense for the GOP to ignore him.

  • Jobs are obviously more important than the fait of the planet…

  • Wait… what!? *scratches head* Huntsman y u no make any sense? Good thing I have Cenk to explain these things to me 😛

  • LMFAO, I crush math on a daily basis. Going to have to remember that one.

  • Huntsman should just leave the Republican party and go become a democrat or an independent. If the race was between Obama, Huntsman, and any of the insanely far-right winged Republican, I'll probably go with Huntsman.

  • @DeepSouth16 – Well, I know you're a troll, because you couldn't be that devoid of brain cells and still be capable of posting on YouTube, but… How the heck is looking to renewable energy resources and developing more efficient energy solutions anti-capitalist? As I die-hard capitalist, I see a huge number of market opportunities. Oh – and CO2 warming has been science for about a century. You can test it in your back yard. Duh! Keep up with the class, short-bus.

  • @chronDiggity – You really are just a simple creature aren't you? Who, in your demented world view, gives tax breaks? Stop. Just stop, because I can tell you're about to blow your three remaining neurons. It's the government. Tax breaks ARE government manipulation. Doh! Which is fine. If I get a tax break for not taking a shit in your front yard, that's probably a good thing that government is doing – but it's by no means a lack of government intrusion – it's exactly the opposite.

  • @KennyBare – I'm a Ron Paul guy, and I believe the biological science that lets me practice medicine is completely fake, because evolution isn't real. I believe that states should be able to pollute the rivers freely for states downstream from them, because we don't need federal oversight. But I mostly believe the nation should have no educational standards, because only an ignorant bunch of uneducated fucks would ever vote for me. Ron Paul 20NEVER.

  • Well, at least he went back after a trip to crazy town, aka republican city.

  • @TheOrdinaryEconomist – " the effects of climate change ARE gradual"
    A) Get your subject/verb tense correct.
    B) No. It's not gradual. It's no more gradual than you standing on a soda can. It's fine, as long as no one taps the can on its side – then the whole thing collapses. There are multiple tipping-point mechanisms, and we have too many historical data sources that indicate that once you nudge the house of cards, the whole thing collapses fairly rapidly.

  • Right-wing nutjobs who are against science should stop driving cars, flying planes, watching TVs, using computers, or going to doctors when you're sick.

  • @chronDiggity – I've always chuckled at that word… "Libertarian". I guess that name got invented because "Randian sociapaths who think poor kids should work in sweatshops or die in the streets" wouldn't fit on a bumper sticker. In your twisted little "states rights" libertarian world, who enforces anything when my state is spewing mercury and your state is downwind? And prior to the creation of the FDA, Americans were made sick with toxic products and snake oil – and kept buying.

  • @chronDiggity – Yep. What I thought. You didn't address a single point I raised. My state is polluting your state. What's your solution without invoking the Federal government? War? Much of the world walks around crapping blood – and dieing, because they have no FDA to regulate food or water quality. Would you rather drink from a faucet in Utah, or one in Somalia? Oh – and Jews get food poisoning, too – Kosher isn't magic.

  • Wow… I didn't realize how annoying that TV behind Cenk usually is. 🙂 Can we please go back to the Spartan bricks look? The lack of visual noise in the background is quite soothing.

  • When will liberals learn that climate change is a massive fraud so the government can tax you more. It will not take long until they start trading carbon credits on wall street and this will make the derivatives trading ponzischeme scam look like small potatoes.

  • @zupergozer We'd still be in the dark ages that were largely brought on by an early Christian stigma about science because the oppressive Romans valued science and the Christians hated everything Roman.

  • @TheParaz Yes, all environmental scientists are part of a conspiracy to tax us more. Give me a fucking break, idiot.

  • @ThwartedVillainy yeah the romans were awesome at technology

    did you know they could built a bridge over the Rhine in ten days? that is so awesome

  • @KennyBare …….do tell ? So Ron Paul is going to break up the oligolopoly of the big energy provider…

  • Ron paul, 2012 presidency..

  • Of course John has to do it. I guess his point was When chinese and Indians and third world pollute the atomosphere to glory in the name of not hindering their development, why would America which is struggling today to create jobs put more regulations that would strangle the job creation. Of course global warming is real and its long term effects could be bad may be in the next 20-30 yrs. But we need to get this economy running right now and we don't want EPA to regulate the energy jobs.

  • Bullshit. That quote was taken WAYYY out of context. Huntsman believes in science and has never backed down from that belief

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