Joan, pinayuhan si Gwen tungkol sa kanyang pamilya | Sandugo (With Eng Subs)

I want to apologize for
everything my family did, for everything
JC had to go through. Wait, wait. You don’t have to apologize. You did nothing wrong, dear. It’s not your fault. I know
you’re a good person. JC’s life is in danger, and it’s all
because of my family. I’m really sorry. Now, now. We know
you did nothing wrong. I know the truth now –
about my family, about my father’s
illegal businesses. I’m really sorry that you got
dragged into this, Mrs. Joan. I’m really sorry… Have some water. Thank you. The website that they use
as a front to recruit women, I’ve seen it myself. Now it all makes sense, and I knew I had
to apologize to you. Thank you. Miss Joan, Mister Eugene, I’ve found out some things
about my family, but not everything. That’s okay. There’s nothing wrong
with having doubts, and wanting
to find out the truth. I need to know why they got
involved in human trafficking. Do you know how
many victims there are, or how many have died? I don’t think
you should hear that from us. But why? Mama has been harassing
you all this time, right? Miss Joan, Mister Eugene, you’re the only ones
I can trust now. I need to know the truth, no matter how painful
it can be. Dear, even though we’re not
in good terms with your parents, with Cordelia, it wouldn’t be right
for us to tell you because they’re your family. It wouldn’t be right for us to ruin your relationship
with them. I understand. I’m just scared of
what could happen to us. What if Mama, Papa,
and my brother go to prison? What’ll happen to me?
To our family? We understand that
you’re worried. Anyone in your position
would feel the same way. But I think… You should look for any
goodness in their hearts. I’m sure you see it because you
know how much they love you. Gwen, the important thing is
you’ve come to your senses. You know what’s right, and you
won’t follow in their footsteps. You will be the one to
set them on the right path. You’ll be the key that’ll
make them good people again. It’s getting late. Your parents
are probably worried. I’ll give you a ride. It’s fine. We’ll find a driver. Thanks for listening. Are you sure? You’ll be alright? Yes. Thank you. You take care, dear. I will. Thank you. Andeng? Gwen! Marco. What brings you here? You miss me, don’t you? I’m here to accompany Gwen. Marco, I wanted to say sorry. Sorry for everything
my family did. It’s not your fault. It was my mistake for
unloading my anger on you. Friends? Friends. Is everything okay with
Mister Eugene? Yes. They accepted
Gwen’s apology. We’re heading home now. I don’t want to. I can’t face Mama
after what they did. Then where do we go? Anywhere.
Let’s check into the hotel. If you’re avoiding your parents,
the hotel isn’t the answer. Someone will recognize you.
They’ll tell your parents. Let’s go the terminal, Andeng.
We’re going to Manila. What? Gwen, we can’t go to Manila. We don’t know anyone there. It’s too dangerous You want to hide? There are a lot of
abandoned houses here. I know one no one goes to. Yes. Anything expect
being with my parents. Let’s go! Hurry! – Okay.
– Gwen! – Where?
– There. To the left. Come on. Where? Where were
they last seen? Dear, we saw them leaving
in the CCTV footage. We didn’t know. Ma, don’t worry.
We’ll find Gwen. Hugo, I’ll leave you here. Call our relatives and
Gwen’s friends. Anywhere she might’ve gone to. We’re on it, boss. [PHONE RINGING] Hello, Melai? I can’t talk. We have a bigger problem here. I know. It’s Gwen, right? Huh? Hold on, dear. How’d you know? I saw her coming from
Eugene’s house. She’s planning on running away. It’s Gwen… She went to Eugene.


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  • "Alam ko na po tungkol lahat sa pamilya ko." -Reign


    "Para may pakinabang naman ako sayo." Ulysses to Adolfo.

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