Jennifer Aniston on Adam Sandler’s Questionable Wardrobe

So let’s talk about
Reese Witherspoon. OK? Oh god. [LAUGHTER] So she for some reason,
you know you work with her on your new show, right? Yeah. So she, for some reason,
has this delusional thought that she is better friends
with you than I am. And so she comes on the show,
and she makes all this stuff up. And I said, you
know, we’re going to settle it once and for all. So I called you and you
were on the treadmill. You also said, I
have to talk to you, are you around around 2 o’clock? And I said, yeah I’ll be
in the car, that’s perfect. But then I called at– But no, who calls early again? Which is so unlike
Ellen to do something about an hour or
40 minutes earlier than it’s supposed to happen. Yes, so I was on the treadmill. Right. Yeah, I have a tendency to– And put me on live television. I think we have the clip, but
yes, so here’s me calling you. Hey, are you on the treadmill? Oh, yeah. Sorry. I’m actually doing
a show right now, and this is a really
important question. What? [LAUGHTER] Reese Witherspoon,
you know her, right? Yeah, of course. No, who? She somehow thinks that she and
you are better friends than you and I are. So once and for all, you
and I are better friends. Yes, darling. That’s basically based on almost
30 years of knowing each other. Yeah. OK. So it’s done. Thank you, bye. [APPLAUSE] And then hangs up on me. I wasn’t done talking. No? I mean, I wanted to
say, yes, of course, I’ve known you for
almost 30 years. That’s a long time. I see Reese way
more than you, but– Well that’s because
you work with her. If you worked here on this
show, you’d see me more often. But you should work here. I should work here. You have all these people
guest hosting for you. Don’t act like we have not
asked you over and over again. Not this year. Oh! What? I have asked– I have been shooting for
seven months straight. I haven’t had time. I know, you work constantly,
and you’re a hard worker. But really, you should co-host
one day or just host one day. OK? Yes, I’d love it. For sure. And you can start the
show whenever you want. I can! I do like your schedule. No, I literally am– if she says come over at 7:00
if there’s you know a party, I’m there at like– 6:50. Yeah. Like at least 10 till or 5
till, like whatever the time is. I don’t know how,
I always am early. You really are. And it’s one of those pet peeves
that I have, of like, if it’s 7 o’clock, it’s 7 o’clock. You know? Because I’m also up until the
last minute getting ready. I know you’re not even out yet
and you’re in your room still. And I’m in your living room. Yeah and you’re there
talking to, you know– The bartender. –the dogs. Yeah. Your birthday party, by
the way, was so fantastic. Oh, it was fun. I wasn’t the first one– Andy I am talking. Andy, why? He keeps going, break, break. This is fascinating. Break what? Nothing. [LAUGHTER] This is fabulous. He tries to stop the flow
of the show all the time. He acts like there’s commercials
and things that we have to– [LAUGHTER] All right, do you
want me to break now? We were in the middle of a
fascinating conversation. Look, you have 101, 140. What do you have? 144? We have an hour 40– No. I don’t know what that means. It’s counting over. We’re a minute and
50 seconds over. Oh, so we’re going to cut all of
this out of the show probably. We’re going to cut anything
that we feel is not interesting. [LAUGHTER] OK. All right. All right, we’ll be right back. [LAUGHTER] Jennifer Aniston in murder
mystery, it’s on Netflix. It’s so good. It’s so good. It’s so interesting
you say that, because– Adam was here, what? How many weeks ago? Couple of weeks ago. Couple of weeks ago. And I saw you just
going, gushing, gushing, gushing about how much
you love the movie. I’d never heard not a call,
not a text, not anything. Really? Yeah. Maybe it’s because I
waited for you to be here, because I thought if I
tell you ahead of time, it’s going to look false
for me to pretend like it’s the first time going,
I love the movie when I’ve already told you. Like I haven’t faked other
things with you before. [LAUGHTER] Hey! All right. [LAUGHTER] What is the movie about? Tell everybody. I really did, I thought
it was hilarious– I love you, I know. –you and Adam. So tell everyone about it. It’s a murder mystery. It’s basically, Adam and
I are this sort of couple and our relationship is a
little– it’s been in a rut. And he has never taken
me away on a vacation and so he surprises me
with a trip to Europe. And we end up meeting
this lovely, rich man on the airplane who invites us
to come and stay on his yacht with his family. And we do and we are
in awe, of course, because we’ve never
seen anything like it. And then a murder happens
and all sorts of crazy things ensue as we try to
figure out whodunit. It’s very funny. So it’s hilarious
and it’s a whodunit. You are trying to figure out
who did it the whole time. And it’s beautiful,
you shot in Italy, it looked like a very fun time. It was, great group of
people, wonderful cast. But you all went to
George Clooney’s house and what did Adam
wear to dinner there? Oh, well Adam doesn’t have
really a great wardrobe. He doesn’t. But he didn’t care. That’s his thing. It’s actually, he loves it. Jackie, his beautiful wife,
always dressed gorgeous. And that’s how he dresses. And I’m not kidding. OK, wait, those are the shorts. So the way you kind
of dressed that up, was that he had a turquoise
velour like Izod shirt that doesn’t go with that blue– there you go. Look at her! See how gorgeous,
Jackie, and then that’s– you know. Well listen, it works. I was at their
wedding and they never stopped being madly in
love with each other. So it just goes to show
you, you don’t judge a book by that cover. No, no.

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