Jen Tilly CRUSHED By Bryn Kenney On The Flop | S5 E23 Poker Night in America

– From the Golden Nugget
in Las Vegas, Nevada this is Poker Night in America. (upbeat jazzy horns
and piano music) – Hello and welcome to
Poker Night in America. I’m Chris Hanson
alongside Joe Stapleton. We’re coming at you from the
Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. Let’s take a peek at our
lineup and chip counts. A couple of big
ballers buying in. Ryan Fee and Kyle Bowker. Wow, $25,000! Look at all the money. (light jazzy horns music) – [Joe] So Bryn
Kenney is straddling. That is a blind
raise under the gun. Buys you position
before the flop. (chips clicking) – Thank you. (chips clicking) – [Joe] Ryan Fee’s raised
that queen jack suited. Bowker is three-betting
with 10, six suited. – [Chris] Welcome back to
Poker Night in America, Kyle Bowker. – [Joe] Now if Fee
were in position. I can see him calling
here out of position. He might actually
put in another raise. (chips clunk) – [Jose] There it is. These two must have
some history together to be playing this weird. Why not just see a flop
with queen, jack suited? – 45. – [Dealer] Raise. – [Chris] Up to $4,500
from Kyle Bowker. (chips clicking) – [Joe] Yeah, let’s
just five bet call with queen, jack suited
and 10, six of spades. Why not? – [Chris] I wonder if this
is how the rest of the day is gonna be between these two. Kinda knocks the fun out of
it for everybody else (laughs) when they’ve got that
much money on the table. King, seven, nine is the flop. – [Joe] Both
players miss but are probably gonna act
like they didn’t. Fee checks to the aggressor
who checks behind. – [Chris] Jack on the turn
so Fee pulls further ahead. – [Joe] Fee checks to him again. – [Chris] Double gutter
now for Bowker on the turn. – Four. – [Dealer] $4,000. (chips clinking) – [Joe] Well, this
is obviously a good bet if Ryan’s thinking about it. My guess is Ryan thinks
probably sometimes he’s smashed, sometimes he’s barely ahead
and pretty much every time he’s gonna be facing
a massive river bet. And he folds the best hand. – [Chris] Nice job, Kyle Bowker. – [Joe] Can’t really blame him. – [Chris] Some fireworks
early on here in Las Vegas on day number three.
(digital swoosh) Poker Night in America brought
to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal. – [Dealer] Raise $300. (chips clunking) – [Joe] Alright, Jennifer
Tilly’s playing cards. I love it. – You got in there
quick on this one. (Jennifer laughs) – [Joe] Cindy Kerslake,
she’s Canadian, aye. – [Chris] She calls,
Bryn Kenney calls. Esther Taylor calls.
(chips clink) – [Joe] This is
almost a family pot, it’s just like my own family. Missing my dad at Christmas. – [Chris] And the flop brought
to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal it eight, 10, three,
couple of clubs. Kenney with the nut flush
draw, Tilly with the third nut flush draw. – Eight.
(chips clinking) – [Joe] Except if she
knew how ridiculously bad her reverse implied
odds are she would not be betting $800 here. – [Chris] Well aren’t you
getting a little judgmental? (Joe laughs) – [Joe] I don’t know what
reversed implied odds means. – [Chris] You read that in
a book again didn’t you? – [Joe] I don’t read books. So Bryn calls with
the nut flush draw. Bryn’s got Jen in jail here. – [Jennifer] Just me and
the notorious Bryn Kenney. – [Joe] Oh, but somehow she
catches good on the turn. – [Chris] Oh, that’s
fun bottom pair, good! They both check. – [Joe] And she catches
good on the river, too! – [Chris] Stop. – [Joe] Bryn’s got really
no shot at not betting this. He’s never gonna suspect
Jen’s this strong after playing it
the way she did. (chips clink) I mean who backs them self with a two pair with queen, duece? – [Chris] Jen Tilly, that’s who. – Six. – Oo!
– Raise $6,000. – [Joe] Really tough for
this raise to get called by a worse hand. (chips clicking) – Don’t beat anything. – Nothing?
– Nothing. Can’t find the hand that
I could beat in the deck. – Good lay down. If you can’t beat
anything in the deck. I’d say you made a good fold.
(Bryn laughs) (digital swoosh) I love those reality shows, ’cause Phil did, I bet you. So we’re always trying to guess, did the producers tell
them to say that you know? Oo is that person hired,
like somebody walking by? Is that a real person or is
this somebody they hired? And then sometimes we can tell when they make the
crew members go and like sit in the empty
tables behind the people. Call. – [Joe] Jen’s in
with queen, nine. (chip thunks) The dean of Brynston,
Bryn Kenney, he’s in with two 10s. – [Jennifer] Angry
fold from E.Tay. – [Esther] (laughs) I’m
like trying to justify it. – [Joe] Ace high
flop, two clubs. Bryn Kenney’s got the
best hand, he checks. Checks around to Jen. Oh poor Jennifer
taking more stabs than the last three Chuckie
movies combined. And losing nearly as much money. I think those movies do really
well in Spain, actually. (chips clink) – [Chris] And he
raises it to $1,450. (chips click) Run. Run, Tilly, run.
(Joe laughs) Get away. – [Joe] Oh boy. – Raise, 45.
– Oh, no. – [Joe] I think Bryn
expects to be up against a draw a lot here, we could
see another bet easily go in. (chip thuds) Just a call. – [Chris] All right, so
we’ve got $9,500 in the pot, as we move to the turn. When Jennifer Tilly
and Bryn Kenney. Tilly picks up a straight draw
and gets a check from Kenney. Oh, you could take a
free river right here. That’s what she’s gonna do. Straight doesn’t come for Tilly, (Joe laughs)
it’s quads for Bryn Kenney. – [Joe] So now she has
absolutely no chance of bluffing him off this hand. Let’s see if he gives
her the opportunity. – [Chris] No, he’s got to bet. You can not let her
check behind you. That would be the worse feeling. – 76. – [Chris] Other
than when I was told I was gonna have to
spend the night with you in Las Vegas tonight. (Joe laughs) I mean it’s not bad for
me, it’s just bad for you. Like I snore. – Mm. You blinked like you
didn’t like the river. – [Joe] Oh, he liked the river. – I don’t like the bet. (chips clinking) I think you have a
busted flush though. – [Joe] Jen’s read is
worse here than the time I tried to tackle Infinite Jest. It’s like 4,000 pages. – I should have bet
the turn. (chips clink) – [Joe] Read a book
sometimes, guys. These references are
going over your heads. – All right, I didn’t watch
of the super high roller, I just watch you busting
out and I thought, “I can beat that guy.” (Joe laughing) – [Joe] Love her. – Ah. Nice, nice, Bryn Kenney
move, Bryn Kenney. (Bryn laughs) – [Chris] Not a move. – Maybe I just have quads. – [Joe] Screw you
Kenney, I’m going home. Poker Night is brought to you by Sit & Go 2.0. Go to
and claim your free Sit & Go 2.0 strategy ebook. – If Alan had the straddle
on, you would have called. Alan. – You would owe another $100. – Why did you not
put a straddle on? – He forgot, he just forgot. – I’ll do my Tony
G. Impersonation. You come to my game?! (everyone laughs) – You owe her $100. – [Esther] Yeah, give her $100, give the nice lady
$100. (laughs) – No, that’s all right. Okay I’m gonna, is
that a straddle? – Yes.
– Okay. I will now make it. Now that’s more reasonable.
– Okay, $300. (laughter) – I will give you a
chance now to get three, three straddles.
– Why didn’t you give me – [Jennifer] a chance before
when I had the pocket kings? – [Esther] Oh are you
saying you don’t have as good this time? Is that what you’re saying?
– That’s like such a waste of kings. Here this is for you, for
giving me those kings. – [Dealer] Thank you very much. – You know maybe
somebody would have had. At least you played a two,
five and then hit two pair. I would, uh! That’s a good one for kings.
– You have quads, now huh? (Esther laughs)
– Mm, yes, I bet. – Don’t bet.
– I’m going to bet. – Don’t bet.
– Why? – ‘Cause I have a king.
– I don’t care. – [Joe] I haven’t
felt this bad for Jen since Bullets Over Broadway
split the Oscar vote. – Do you really
have a king, Alan? No, he says he doesn’t. – [Alan] Do you? – I can not tell a lie. Therefore I will say nothing. – I will find out now,
whether you have king or not? – [Jennifer] By betting? – By checking. – I can’t help myself. (laughs) – [Joe] Jen’s still betting. Still firing with 6% equity. – Uh-oh. – [Joe] (laughs)
Sometimes 6% gets there. Oh Alan, I haven’t
felt this bad for him since he was runner up in who
looks like an eagle contest. (chips clinking) – Call. – River! – Whoa, a nice hand.
– Oh, oh. (girls laughing) – Wow she turned
that over quick. – Yeah, sorry.
– She did like when I – [Esther] did with
the sixes. (laughs) (eagle screeches) (chips clinking) – [Dealer] Raise $300. – [Chris] Ryan Fee makes
it $300 with his queens. – [Joe] Whoa, Fee. Trying to live a life
that’s completely free. (cards flip) – [Chris] Nothing going
on today for E.Tay. – [Joe] That’s too bad
because she’s bought like 40 drinks for
the crew today. (cards flipping) – [Chris] Set of
queens for Ryan Fee. – [Joe] And this really
should go check, bet, fold. – [Chris] There’s the check. (chips clink) There’s the bet. (chips clink) – [Joe] And what a
weird float this is. – [Chris You were wrong, sir. – [Joe] Yeah, this
is quite optimistic. – [Chris] Now you’re
playing poker like me. Ah, look I picked up a
draw, this is so great! – [Joe] Richardson
is halfway through a runner, runner which is
longer than most people last watching that
movie, Boom Roasted. (chips thud) – [Dealer] $1,100. – [Joe] Of course Richardson
now has to call it, he’s picked up the flush draw. (chips clinking) – [Chris] $1,100 was
the bet and the call so let’s see a river. Nothing there for Richardson. But it’s his play
let’s see what he does. – Does not think eight high
is gonna be good at show down? Bets $2,100. – [Dealer] $2,100. – [Joe] Ryan ain’t
Hollywooding here. He’s never gonna fold ’cause
only two hands that beat him. He is however
trying to figure out if a worse hand can
ever call a raise. And against Eagley,
Maceagleton over here. He might think no. (chips clinking) (chips clink)
Nope, he thinks yes. And no, the raise
will not be called. – [Chris] Nice big
pot for Ryan Fee and his flopped set of queens. (chips clinking) – [Dealer] Raise $400. (card click) – [Chris] There we
go, now we’re talking. – [Joe] E.Tay, more like AA Tay. (chip clicks) – Raise $1,100. (card flicks) (chips clinking) – [Joe] Ryan. E.Tays literally not
played a hand all day. What are you doing, Ryan? – [Chris] Yeah she
doesn’t really fancy me as the person who’s
like getting antsy and deciding just
to play anything. – [Joe] Especially not to
three bet just anything. Cold three bet. But Ryan decides a
could four bet to $2,600 with ace jack suited. (chips clinking) So does E.Tay think he’s
got a hand he can’t fold, or does she think
he’s messing around? Oh, she thinks
he’s got something. And E.Tay makes it $6,300. Oh Ryan, you could
have seen a flop for like $1,100 and no you done
gone made a mess of things. – [Chris] I think you’ll take
9K, pre-flop with aces, right? – [Joe] Absolutely,
all the live long day. – Welcome back to the
Golden Nugget in Vegas. We are still bringing
you high stakes action. And it continues right now. – I mean I was
getting, what was it? It was $200 to win
$1,200 and I got to play a pot with three ladies. I was definitely gonna be in
there with my three and fours. – What does that mean with
three ladies? (laughs) – [Joe] All right, don’t get
offended there Nurse Jackie. – Is not, is that, (laughs) is that the wrong word? Hot chicks, is that better? – (laughs) Hot chicks. (laughs) – [Joe] Human beings, Ryan,
we’re all human beings. Speaking of ladies. – God they’re so
hard to win with. You just can’t win. (laughs)
(everyone laughs) What’d he say? You guys are awesome. Ah, again with
this one. (laughs) – [Jennifer] Now you’ve
done three ladies and Cindy gets all like, “Three ladies!” (laughs) – It’s just so hard
to win. (laughs) – [Jennifer] Hot
chicks. (laughs) I just surrender, I’m just sorry and just please
forgive me, I’m sorry. – It’s kind of like saying. Like there’s some actresses
they don’t want to be called actoresses, actresses,
’cause they say, “Well you wouldn’t say a
lawyeress, or a doctoress. – [Joe] Wow, this flop is huge. – [Jennifer] Poker playeress. – [Joe] This is a
bigger flop than Jen’s last four movies. That she turned down. That’s right I went high,
you were expecting low. – [Chris] Nice job. – [Cindy] Just
’cause they’re women. – [Chris] It’s good to see
you turn over that new leaf. (Joe laughs) (Cindy laughing) – Not throwing any bows.
– Girls, girls. – [Ryan] Trying to
make some friends. Real hard to do that. (laughs) – [Joe] Bryn
Kenney flops the nuts, Jen Tilly also flops
a gigantic hand. We’re left with these
two to the turn. (chips clinking) Bryn’s hand gets a little
less valuable on the turn. – [Chris] We could of
had a lot fun if it were say like a six. (chips clink) $1,900 the bet from Kenney. – [Joe] And Jen
certainly can’t fold. Bryn knows that
worse he’s chopping. (chip clinking) And that remains the
case on the river. (chips clinking) And this is a nice attempt
at a blocker bet from Jen. She’s doing this in
hopes of not facing a massive, confusing bet
from Bryn here on the river. But remember, Bryn’s kind of like
the best of all time. Also he’s got the nuts, so. Seems fairly obvious
what’s gonna happen here. (chips clink)
– Ah! I hated that ace. ‘Cause I figure you had a
an open-ended straight draw. (chips clinking) – [Joe] I’d like to say
Jen gets away from this, but I’ve seen her
call on this show, oh so many times. I’ve seen her call more often
than a jealous boyfriend. – Well if I bet the
river and you don’t have the winning hand,
then the only way you’re gonna win is to raise. – Ask him if he has a jack. – Do you have a jack? – If I have a jack it’s
either ace, jack or not. – Well not really. It could be a jack, king.
– I’m telling you. I’m telling you the
only jack I have here is either ace, jack or not. – [Joe] Ah, Bryn is the goat. He’s so good. – [Alan] Ask him
if he has an ace. – Tell him to show the ace.
– I’m gonna show my hand. And then I will see
if you gulp, okay? (Cindy laughs)
– Well you have a set, I’m sure. – Oh I do have a set. – Yeah, you flopped the set. – How do you know? – [Esther] ‘Cause
I’m not folding. – [Alan] He’s very slippery. (chips clinking) – If you bluffed
me, you bluffed me. – [Joe] Good fold, Jen. – You had an ace, ace, king. – Show it. – Show we don’t want to-
– I have it. – You’re gonna see it,
you’re gonna see it. Oh my God, you lost a–
– Ah! – You got lucky on the turn. – Nice hand.
– You lost the minimum. – Nice hand. (twanging harmonica
and guitar music) (light digital swish) (crosstalk)
– Once again – [Joe] the straddle is on. This time it’s Esther
Taylor raising blind. – [Alan] What does that give me? – Ace, 10 of clubs. You would have a top pair. – [Chris] Okay everybody
has got into a hand so far, except for Cindy Kerslake,
she’s in the small blind, Let’s make it happen this time. She’s back on Poker
Night in America. Even though she’s
Canadian, we allow it. (Joe laughs) – There they go.
(chips clinking) – [Joe] There they
go, there they go, there they go again. – That was weird to turn around and all those people
were standing there. (Joe laughs) Try, oh you got his money? (girls laughing) – [Esther] They’re
coming to collect. (chips clinking) – [Joe] That’s weird are
they busing in tours? – [Chris] People do
seem to be streaming by like this is some
sort of attraction. – [Joe] I think they’re just
here to use the bathroom. – [Chris] Yeah you can
use the facilities, but you got to make
a spin by the table. – [Esther] Well if
you go to Bally– – [Chris] Bowker and
Fee heads up once again. These two are very
deep in their stacks. – It’s $30 for 90 minutes.
– $1,600. – [Esther] It’s
called Bally Foot Spa. – Bally Foot Spa. – And of course you like tip
like you know well, but still like the price is good.
– Exactly. – And they go.
– That’s someone massaging – [Joe] you for
30 cents a minute. That’s less than a phone
call on Boost Mobile. – [Chris] $1,600 was
Bowker’s bet and Fee called. – [Joe] Fee’s five
still good for now, but they are a virtual coin flip if the board runs
out completely. Five still good. (chips clinking) – Four. – [Dealer] $4,000. – [Joe] And a bet
from Bowker gets feed a fold for the best hand for the second time today. – [Chris] Kyle Bowker
has got his number today of the two players who
bought in for the most money at the start of the
night of $25,000. – [Joe] Bowker and
Fee, San Francisco’s most unlikely cop duo. – [Chris] Back inside the
Golden Nugget poker room in Las Vegas, let’s
check out the chip stacks after a very active table. Ryan Fee is in the hole $11,000 and Alan Richardson
is stuck a bit. – [Joe] J. Tilly is up
over $6,000 after some very lucky and unlucky entanglements. Alongside Bryn Kenney,
who’s up about the same. – [Chris] And if you
want more Poker Night, It’s easy to find us,
we’re on social media, including Twitch and YouTube, where you can find full
episodes live streams, and exclusive content. Also don’t forget to download
our new, free poker app. You and your friends can have
your very own poker night, as well as a chance to
win a seat in our show. Search for us in the app
store and download it today. For everyone at Poker
Night in America, with Joe Stapleton
and I’m Chris Hanson. We’ll see you next time
and thanks for watching. (digital swish) Poker Night in America
is brought to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal and Sit & Go 2.0. – Only quads. – You had quads of 10? You didn’t like the river
’cause you thought like, oh that’s
– I don’t like that one. – He had two pair. – What? – Two pair.
– Yeah I had two pair. – 10s, 10s up.
– 10s and 10s. – [Esther] 10s up and down. – How when they
think people are weak they’re actually incredibly strong?
(Esther laughs) – [Bryn] Like at the top. – [Jennifer] What? – [Bryn] At the
top of the range.


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