Jeff Probst: “A Peek Behind the Scenes of Survivor’s 20-Year Success” | Talks at Google


  • True evil.

  • Great stuff 🙂 Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  • Nice! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  • My Absolute favourite show of all time. I've been watching since season 1. And so happy that Australia has it's own seasons now. Thanks for all the Entertainment 🏆


  • Been waiting for this episode since Dean posted it on his Instagram story

  • Jeff is so annoying, "Come on team Crab… Come on…"
    Ten minutes prior… Jeff comes out of his AC hut with the camera crew.

  • Awesome

  • I love how he talked about how kids love it. Showed my nephew one episode and now hes attached

  • Did he say Ben was on his Mount Rushmore?Why would he say that unless Ben won this season, because Ben was not a memorable winner compared to all of the other winners.

  • Detective Dean

  • I like that Dean's arms are so active as he talks.

  • Jeff isn't sure if he'd told the Budweiser story before? Are you serious?

  • Dean works at Google?!

  • wtf. dean is the third Island of the Idols castaway to have this type of gig after Lauren and Chelsea, it's like they were all auditioning to be interviewers or something. i wonder who is gonna be next

  • Hi, Jeff Probst I really love Survivor and I have been a Superfan of Survivor since my Freshman year when it debut late May of 2000! I did my 6th Scale the Strat for the American Lung Association at the StratosphereYesterday climb the stairs (1,455 steps),(108 stories) and (854 feet) did in 23 minutes and 14 seconds! I hope you can sign me on Survivor Season 41 or 42 please? I really can't wait to you when you see me with a New York Yankees hat when I win Survivor! From your future soon to be Survivor Castaway Superfan New York Brandon

  • Russell hantz vs Richard hatch season please

  • Why would Jeff say Ben is on the mount Rushmore of Survivor? Makes me feel he might have just spoiled season 40s winner….

  • When Jeff said Ben was on Mount Rushmore it made me believe even more production helped him out during the game

  • That good impression DK chillin

  • EoE is a great idea and it needs to keep coming back! Not every season, sure. But much like the fire challenge at 4, it needs to be part of it. I can't wait for the season where the fire challenge goes away. That will throw everyone off.

  • no way thats dean

  • from just 1 episode survivor winners at war inspired my best season of total drama aqua

  • Ben? Seriously? 😒

  • Jeff's arms are way too distracting

  • Did Jeff spoil that Ben gets to the end @28:50 ?

    Jeff states that, “ Ben says I cant believe I’m with rob, at some point he will try to get my information. Paranoia by the end of 39 days, they look like they just got out of prison.

    It seems like he used they to try and catch himself.
    Plus adding him to a Mount Rushmore? That’s contingent on information we do not know.

  • lol Jeff can't remember Beast Mode Cowboy's name.

  • Unfortunately I hear these days that they don't cast people who apply anymore but instead go out and cast models type

  • Dean is such a good host.

  • Ben is in Jeff’s mount Rushmore ………im disgusted

  • I think if you merge the idea is eoe and the outcast twist, you would have a much better product. Bake the reentry a vote in instead of a challenge. Maybe have a challenge before or after the votes that give you a certain number of votes depending on how you do, but there should be some level of social game required to enter the game again

  • Jeff P is truly a great host almost as if born to do this job. I think if he left show it would DIE.

  • ew ben? that's gross. makes me scared for season 40 now. we all knew production loved helping him but we didn't think they'd bow to him in a season of all winners.

  • That medication answer bummed me out. I had a kidney transplant 9 years ago so I take daily medications. But I guess they wouldn't have me on then because of that then.

  • Great interview Dean! How wonderful to see Jeff as a real person. Thanks for this interview #Google!!!

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