Jean-Michel Jarre with Little Boots (Track Story)

LITTLE BOOTS: Jean Michel Jarre is just such a legendary figure in electronic music. JEAN-MICHEL JARRE: I heard about Little Boots the first time with a song called «Mathemathics» in her first album that I really loved. And then I discovered that she was playing the laser harp, so I discovered a kind of British mini me. LITTLE BOOTS: I do also have a laser harp, which I copied from Jean Michel Jarre after seeing his video few years ago, and it never really worked very well. JEAN-MICHEL JARRE: She did her first album with lots of different Tenori On and old strange instruments playing lots of synthesizers and strange machines and strange things that I like as well. LITTLE BOOTS: We share the same love not just over electronic music but of trying to visualize that, and really make it bigger than just audio and connect the sound you are hearing to some visual conveyed interpretation or manifestation of it, so I think that’s probably what we get really excited about together. JEAN-MICHEL JARRE: I told her it could be interesting to do the lyrics around the idea of lacking of time, running after time. The vocals have been done by Victoria on her own, in London, and I did the rest of the production, the electronic parts and the electronic sounds and also the processing of her voice , mainly in Paris, in my studio. LITTLE BOOTS: The track we have done together is, I love it because it’s, it feels nostalgic and its core holder is incredible sounds that Jean Michel’s so known for, but also it feels really current and modern and I think that is a really exciting place for both of us. JEAN-MICHEL JARRE: The result is really something that conveys our both world, hopefully. LITTLE BOOTS: Jean Michel Jarre is just such a huge legend in electronic music, and he’s so true to his passion. LITTLE BOOTS: I mean that’s incredible we really need those people to keep pushing.


  • Another great track story. Lovely to see the scenes from London, also!!

  • Congratulations Jean Michel Jarre and Little Boots for showing part of the creative project together on the new album "ELECTRONIC 1: The Time Machine" is a masterpiece. The Dream Team COLLABORATORS are Amazing. This new track story with Little Boots is another great success.
    Very excited to have the album in hand in October 2015.

  • Very nice track 😀 =DD

  • Très belle collaboration avec Little Boots. If est une musique pleine de douces sonorités, Bravo. Vivement le 16 octobre 2015 !

  • love it.

  • hassen, on

  • Sounds like JMJ could place a track on Radio 1…
    Well, good for him if he does. I'll enjoy the tracks that are more chracteristic of his style.

  • #JMJremix

    Always an inspiration!!!

  • great  would    love  people   in  the sound   industry   as    I  am   now  a   electronic   composer    in   magix    and    other   programs  I    love  all  jean's   work   I    am   a    massive   fan   and   wanted  to  meet   him from  the    age  of    16  spending time    in    Lourdes  many     years   ago   but    as  a   disabled   person  was    not   able   to create  music   at  the   time    until   now   in  the   last  3 and  1/2   years massive    fan    of    music    in   general   no  matter    what   the   source,  I   have    been  a  fan    of   JEAN MICHEL  JARRE   for years    and    feel  at  home     creating    my own   music  in fact    I    have   too   many   productions    and  need  support   to   get  my    musical    idea's    in    motion,   being    on    benefits    and    doing    dj playlist    on     Spotify  hoping    to  become   popular   in  even adverts,     or  just    helping    to    master and    remaster   famous    greats

  • Became a fan of Little Boots after seeing a performance with gary numan live on BBC…loved it

  • Wow :o)

  • brittish mini me lmao

  • Belle collaboration !!! super musique… bonne continuation Jean-Michel ..

  • JMJ King of Electronic Music,Little Boots ''Little Princess'' of Synthpop Music 😉 Respect from Pologne 😉

  • solo para entendidos🎹🎧✌

  • 💚🙏

  • This is my favourite track on the album, by far, for two very simple reasons. I've been a fan of Jean-Michel Jarre since Oxygene and I am also a Little Boots fan (totally love her track 'Shake' on the Nocturnes album.) I'm also a big fan of Vince Clark (of Erasure mostly) as well and JMJ worked with him too.

  • Mehr Untertitel wären gut damit der Rest der Welt auch was Versteht 😉

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