Jan Frodeno Episode 2 #JourneyToPerfection

I still get very nervous before races marathon definitely always is something special it takes a lot out of you so when that day comes to an end that finishing line is really something worth celebrating because it’s a shockingly long way it never hurts less I really feel the same pain as most of the people if I survived 42k quite comfortably in a shoe that’s lightweight I am a happy man training is all about consistency and injury prevention if you are running a 100 plus k per week it is all about making sure that your muscles and your bones are all intact cushioning plays a bigger role than weight does in a marathon you can’t compensate too much on the cushioning it still needs to support you because after 30k the supporting muscle tissue gets very tired and you start to sink in and your performance will suffer secret to success is loving what you do because that makes you do it every day the consistency is key to get that extra little edge to go to the next level try to improve on years and years of performance that is really what keeps me fired up the runners high is something that every runner experiences maybe twice a year it is very seldom but when you do experience it it is really the next best thing to flying it is absolutely unique you are in your own world and just forget about everything else for a moment and that to me actually only happens in running


  • Cool video guys, what model is Jan wearing?

  • Song name?

  • Whats the song called?!

  • Wonderful video

  • fuck asics! adidas boost win

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