Is This The Future Of Running Shoes? | The Christmas GTN Show Ep. 19

– [Together] This is
the GTN Christmas Show! – Ho, ho, ho, ho! – And as you can see,
we have a special guest. Father Christmas has joined us for this– – No, Heather. It’s me, it’s Mark. – Oh, sorry, sorry, don’t
mean to sound disappointed. Um, it’s Mark. – Eating my beard anyway. Well, we’ve also got some lovely Merry Christmas messages from some pros. – Hey, GTN. Just wanted to say a
very big Merry Christmas to all the listeners out there. Have a great festive
period and looking forward to seeing people next year at the races. – Hello, all you GTN viewers. Merry Christmas! Wish you a festive season over this time and a successful 2018. – Hello, GTN viewers. I want to wish you a merry Christmas from (speaking in foreign language) where more than 2,000 kids
are running today for charity, so merry Christmas to everybody. – We are in Spain on training camp Iwant to wish everyone a happy Christmas. Clarke here. – Less sausage rolls and
more kilometres, please guys. – Al.
– Happy Christmas! Get off YouTube and get out on your bike! – Happy Christmas, keep it up. – Merry Christmas, get
them mince pies down. – [Mark] Finally, Bens. – Merry Christmas, have a beer for me. – Merry Christmas, all. – Thanks, Alistair. I mean, what does he know anyway, hey? I’ve had to take my beard and wig off because it was just very
uncomfortable, to be honest. But Heather, you seem
to be enjoying yours. – I am. – Very festive.
– I know, I’m feeling it, but don’t let this look deceive you because we still have a
relatively normal show. Admittedly, we don’t have any race results but there’s still lots to talk about including what’s coming up in 2018. There’s been a few new events announced. ITU have got some rule changes
that they’ve just announced, and also, it’s graphing in running shoes. – Wow. Some of us are heading into the winter, so we thought we’d chat
about the winter triathlon and if it’s not winter for
you, it’s pretty cool anyway. (upbeat music) – [Hosts] This is the GTN– (laughs) – Haha, (beep). – Wiff-waffity-a-waff-waff. – Rule changes, and a lot
of them are relevant… (laughs) (beep) (upbeat music) – Kay, first up, we’re gonna talk about the new events for 2018 and
Challenge have just announced that they’re gonna be
returning to North America to do Challenge Daytona. – Yeah, I think that’s this
time next year, isn’t it? – [Mark] Yeah, I believe
8th, 9th of December and there’s gonna be a big
prize purse up for grabs, $150,000 dollars and it’s
gonna be a qualifier for the championship race,
which took place in Slovakia and we got the opportunity
to go to this year. – [Heather] Cool, it’ll
be interesting to see how Challenge get on over in America again. – [Mark] Yeah, and I believe it’s also on the race circuit, so the things you see on the speedway races,
so very cool, very cool. – Oh, exciting. Well, another new event
in Norway this time. So they’ve held the 70.3
Ironman race for a few years. – [Mark] I’ve done it, it’s very cool. – Well, I’m afraid you
can’t do it anymore, Mark. So now, if you want to go back to Norway, you have to do the full Ironman. – I don’t wanna do it. – So they’re replacing
the 70.3 for full Ironman, which is pretty cool. It sounds like a pretty awesome
town to have the race in. – Yeah, I have to say, one of
the best races I’ve ever done. The town absolutely shuts down and they’re all behind the race. They support it fully. The organiser has just
put everything into it. He’s got lane ropes through
the whole of the swim course and one year, he was
chatting about having lights on the bottom of the
lake that you followed. I’m not sure if I agree
with that, but pretty cool. – That would be cool. Well, they’re making the swim a bit more of a spectacle as well because
they’re after 2,300 metres. The swim has actually come out
in an Australian style swim, so they come out and go back in again, which is great for spectators and if you’re a strong swimmer,
you know, you get to absorb a bit more of the atmosphere.
– Yeah, absolutely. And another race, and
this one is organised by the guys that organise Norseman and they combined with Xtri World Series and they are doing the PATAGONMAN, which takes place in Patagonia, and it’s very similar to the Norseman in that it’s just epic, very hard. It’s an Ironman distance event and you have to have support
through the whole thing. – And, it’s a point to point
race, which is quite unusual – Very unique yeah. – Would be pretty cool, I think it’s one we need to pencil in,. pencil in on our diary,
this time next year. – Okay, on with some other use, we have the ITU rule changes. and, one interesting one is that disc breaks are gonna be
allowed for IT racers. – Yeah, I mean I think
it’s moving with the times. You see I have allowed disc breaks and, more and more people
are riding disc breaks. You just got a disc break. – I did, I really like it yeah. – So, yeah, I think it makes sense. – Yeah, and another very interesting one is that another athlete cannot help in the forward progress
of another athlete. – And, it’s interesting that there not just gonna penalise the one that’s helped, but, you’ll be disqualified if
you were the helper as well. – Yeah, and I think we all
remember the Brownlee brothers, at the WTS event in Mexico. – And, I reckon it’s come
as a result of that problem. ‘Cause there was a lot of
controversy wasn’t there around that at the time and, people saying it wasn’t fair but– – Yeah, but interestingly
it’s only specifically for forward Progress, they say an athlete is having trouble you could stop. – Have you ever helped anyone in a race? – I have stopped Sy Richardson. Had a little accident in a race recently. I’d like just to drop that in there. So I stopped just to
make sure he was okay. – Mark, if you hadn’t if you hadn’t stopped to
help him you might of won. (laughs) Exactly, but obviously, a lot of the rule changes are relevant to ITU elite races, and, one specifically is that if you miss a briefing previously you just have to come
on to the pontoon last. No matter what your ranking was. But, this time well this year they’re
bringing in the rule that you basically are delayed on your start. Which is, very interesting I think. – This is major, especially
for draught league or racing. – Yeah, I don’t want to say
that I’m looking forward to seeing someone miss their briefing. Would be quite cool to see it though. (laughs) (upbeat music) – Okay, we’ve seen it in cycling and, now we’re gonna see it in running. Graphene, it was discovered in 2004 and, it’s kind of a super material. It conducts, it’s
biodegradable, it’s flexible. It can be almost as thin as you like. It’s strong, it can do anything and, it even got a Nobel prize in 2010. But, they do struggle to
make it until recently. – [Heather] Well, now it looks like we’re gonna start to
see it in running shoes which is quite amazing. So, Innovate have worked out how they can start to use the
particles in a running shoe and it’s gonna potentially make shoes 50% more resistant, more
stretchy and stronger all at once which is, like those
properties you don’t think would even go together it’s incredible. – Yes, it’s amazing, I mean
obviously innovate specialise in that off road running shoes. So, having those properties will really kinda maximise the
performance of their shoes. I’m just too excited to see
what graphene can do really. – But, I mean if it makes
a shoe that durable, is that then, I don’t know
if some shoe companies might be you know worried that they go by people buying shoes so often cause you wear them out. – Oo, yeah very good point or maybe the material being so
strong that it never wears out. It kinda seems like graphene can be whatever they want it to be. – Well, let’s wait and see
– Impressive. – Okay, another bit of tech news and a couple of weeks ago
Garmin announced the launch of their power metre for running. They announced the actual release of the product coming out back in October. But, it’s available on the
shelves for people to buy now and, what you think of how–
– You, know I still am traditional in that sense. I’m new to a power metre on a bike and I love the numbers on that but that’s what I love about running is you just go out and I don’t
even run with headphones. I just like to run and
get out look at my watch and, maybe afterwards I’ll analyse things. So, maybe it’ll be interesting you know if you’re a coach. But, I personally just like
the pure purity of running. – I have to agree, I’m very much the same. I like to just head out the doors sometimes even without a
watch and just enjoy a run. But, I do think it’d be
quite interesting to see power differences different
parts of a race or during – I think it’d be interesting,
– a session different speeds– – For us, looking at prize. You know how we’ve been
looking at the path files from Connor on the bike. It’d be interesting to see how that– – Cause one thing I, this is where we just need to try it out and see what it’s all about. You know, a canyon runner who
works on a lot of elasticity in their tendons and the muscles, they’re probably can have less power than someone like myself or even you Heather. – Yeah, or Lionel Sanders.
– Yeah, exactly so, and how does that compare or translate to performance. – And does it matter? – Yeah, and maybe it is just an absolutely just a personal thing. That you then track when
you’re fatigued et cetera. So, yeah very interesting. – Yeah, well in other tech news slightly you know less expensive and probably more accessible. Is the new reflective skin paint which, I wanna try this I wonder where at. I think it sounds quite cool. Basically, instead of having to wear like bright coloured clothes
or reflective gear, which can be a bit bulky,
if you live somewhere hot I guess it’s not really relevant for us and you’re running in the dark, you can just put this pane on your arms or on the backs of your calves and it’ll show up if you
have to run on long roads. – Well, for a night out. – I know, we should try it. – GTN Christmas party here we come. – Here we go. (beep) ♪ I wish you a Merry Christmas ♪ Hmm, my coffee’s kicked in at last. (laughs) – GT–
(laughs) – G. (upbeat music) – On to the GTN poll. Now, last week we asked you how you would like to replace a swim when it gets cancelled
in various triathlons and the results are in. Pull-ups was the least favourite with just 7% of you going for that. Long cycle 18% of you were keen for a bit more cycling. 27% went for rowing which that was quite a surprise that and probably not that unsurprising the run came out top with 46% preferring to do a double run. – Yeah, and we had quite
a lot of comments below with people’s preferences, Tim Cross said he’d like to do burpees. Um, I don’t know how you
feel about that Heather. – Yeah, I don’t know how many
burpees you’d have to do. – Yeah.
– Quite a lot. – Um, definitely I’m not a fan of that. – A thought of getting on
the bike after burpees. – James Hutchinson said
okay this a funny one. “I need to see a pull up competition “or a swim race between Heather and me.” – Yeah, I know what you prefer. – You know I can be in
training for these pull-ups. – Oh, okay well. – And, obviously a lot of people, just you know understandably they’re upset about swimmers being cancelled. Um, Growing Young said rather than replacing the swim event nothing else it’s just be a bike and a run. – Yeah, I think he’s
not a fan of swimming. But, I mean some people say they want their money back. So, I think that depends
on the race organisers whether you can or not.
– Yeah. No, it’s a tough one isn’t it? Yeah, I mean it obviously
the race organiser doing you know, they got
your own interest at heart but, there also you know they’re doing the best thing they can and for some people
it’s nice just to race. – Yeah, exactly. Anyway, moving on to this week’s poll, we want to know whether you’ll be training or not on Christmas day. – Yeah, yes or no way Jose. I like to head out every
year with my family actually, we donate Santa’s hat each of us, admittedly sometimes
it is only 10 minutes, but, its nice. – Still counts as training I guess? Well, let us know in the poll whether you train on Christmas day or not and send any pictures I mean we’ll send a picture of you Mark to prove that you do actually do
this on Christmas day. (upbeat music) – Okay, and given the time of the year and less races happening. We thought we’d talk
about winter triathlon, which consists of running
and mountain biking and cross country skiing. – Yeah, well we’ve got the European and world championships coming up. So, the world champs
in Germany and Romania and then followed we’ve got
the European championships in Italy, just after. – Yup, very exciting format. I’d love to do one I don’t
know about you Heather. – [Heather] Yes, I would
like to have a game. – [Mark] Yup, and we also have it’s more of a Canadian sport the S3 which is slightly different format. You’ve got snow shoe, skating, and skiing. – [Heather] Yeah, that one
I think I just take it off. – [Mark] I’d love to see it though I’ve never seen it before
and it sounds fascinating. – [Heather] Do you run on the snow shoes? – No idea. – Yeah, I think we should try that. – Yeah. Well, anyway back to
cross country, skiing, and the winter triathlon. It has been proven obviously, looking at some of the cross country skiers and their VO2’s it is an
absolutely amazing sport for cross training for triathlon. – Yeah, oh we used to do I mean I know it’s an amazing sport but we used to be made to
do it on training camps. I must’ve been on about 10, cross country skiing training camps and I was quite excited when
there wasn’t enough snow one year and we got to go running instead. – I have to say I did it once and it was fun but yeah
I agree it’s hard work. – It is quite fun when
you get to go down hill and I can actually vaguely ski down hill and the girls who are much better coming up the hill, cause they’re really long and skinny and it’s just, it’s chaos! – Well actually, Brett Sutton
who coaches Daniel Larethies, one of the most famous
triathlon coaches out there, he vouches for just how
good cross country skiing is for triathlon and cross
training, building your strength, building your VO2, and I believe even said about downhill skiing. – Yeah, I noticed that
bit and I’ve just put my skiing holiday so
that means that my week of skiing holiday is training. – Yeah, you validated that, there we go. But also a lot of pros you’ll see doing cross country skiing in the off-season. We’ve got, let’s see Daniel
Larethies, Paul Lafindley, Cameron Dye, and actually Jesse Thomas just seen doing cross country skiing. (beep) Now I’m behind you, I look way,
yeah, you start all of them. – [Together] Three, two, one. – Jingle bells, hey! (laughing) You’re leaving me high and
dry singing Jingle Bells. (upbeat music) It’s time for the GTN tribe and this week, we’re gonna head to Cyprus. We’re actually going to north Cyprus where Ares Sports Club are based and it’s Dennis who’s sent in
some pictures and some info, saying that they’re very
much about encouraging people do to their events and
they’re really keen on putting on quite a few camps as well. – Yeah and they even
organise a race each year. It’s called The April Jokes
Race, a middle-distance race and it’s kind of like they
do a little bit of festive around the whole weekend and
they do a 640 kilometre bike ride to promote friendship
and just participation within their club and around
the whole Cyprus island. – I think that’s great, trying to get everybody involved in the sport. – And we’ve got a few
photos of them active and it looks like a very fun club and apparently they’ve, well
between them, they’ve completed a lot of Ironmans and Ironman 7.3s. Really very fun club.
– Yeah and I mean from what I know, Cyprus is a great
place for cycling as well. I’ve actually been out there and did a bit of swimming in the sea and it’s. So they’ve got a great place
to do the sport as well so. – And we can’t move on without looking at that kid as well, very jazzy. – Yeah, there’s quite a
few different combinations with the yellow and green going on there. Well, we would love to hear from your club so if you’ve got any cool
photos or anything that’s interesting, do send it in
using the hashtag #GTNTRIBE over twitter and Facebook. (upbeat music) – Okay, now it’s time for
the caption competition where you get a chance to
win a GTN swimming cap. Last week, we had a photo of
Ryan Sissons and Mary Mola chucking a little beer
over Jacob Bertwissle. And we had a lot of people coming in with very similar comment. Jim said, “Oh you finished, here’s mine.” – Well, Jim congratulations,
you are our favourite so do send in your details on Facebook and we will get that cap out to you. – And on to this week’s
caption competition and it’s from Ironman Barcelona
and it’s your (mumbles) doing cartwheels. – I mean that’s amazing. Maybe her legs were so tired,
she thought she could use her hands but to risk doing that when all the world’s press are there. – I’ve got a bit of a
dad joke here for you. What do you call an
Ironman doing a cartwheel? – An Ironman doing a cartwheel. – A Ferris wheel. (drum beat) – Do you know, I think that’s awesome! I think that’s a really good one. I think you guys are going
to struggle to beat Mark’s caption this week, which
I wouldn’t normally say. – You guys, no I’m happy about that one. I’m pretty proud of it. Well please send in your captions in the comments below. (upbeat music) – Of comments of the week this week, we’ve actually found one
that really caught our eye. It’s from the long run
video that went out recently and Aiden de Jager sent
this message in saying, “Nice video but serious props
to the camera man running on those sharp rocks
and not killing himself trying to film.” I just like that because I
think yeah, watching it myself, I was like that’s a pretty good camera. – Yeah, we can’t give
away any secrets though so it’s magic how they do it. (laughing) But we love reading your
comments so please do keep sending them in in the comments below. (upbeat music) – And now onto the GTN Pain Cave, we’ve picked out a few of our favourites. This week, starting off with Jodie Smith and this is probably the most minimalistic kind of cool-looking pain cave. – [Mark] It’s definitely up there. That is cool, isn’t it? An Oahu Kicker. – [Heather] A lot of mats as well, it’s protecting that floor. It’s a pristine looking floor.
– [Mark] Big, big screen. You’re not gonna miss
anything on that if you’re on swift, you’re in the action. Got a nice coffee table, nice
stool, for their towel and – [Heather] It almost
looks like a show-home, it’s very precise and I like it. – Next up, we have one from Vicki Ferg and this is her pain cave
with Oahu kicker snap swift, training peaked on her iPad apparently. This is cool as well, isn’t it? – [Heather] Just got it all
set up, another big screen. (mumbles) Good set up. – And finally from Mads Peter
Hansen, very Christmas-y pain cave here, isn’t it? – [Heather] I think it’s very
close to a Christmas tree. – [Mark] Yes. (laughing) But yeah, love it, yeah, very festive and who’s on the screen, Heather? That is you. GTN
– [Heather] I’m not sure if that’s going to be motivating or not but. – [Mark] And another Oahu
kicker snap, look at that. – [Heather] Wow. – [Mark] Very impressive. – [Heather] I wonder if that’ll be coming out at Christmas as well. – And please do keep sending
your pain caves in using the hashtag #GTNPAINCAVE or
send them in over Facebook. We do love looking at them and hopefully, you can be featured on the GTN show. (beep) We’d like to wish you
a very merry Christmas and if you’d like to see
– Yes, happy Christmas. (beep) (laughing) – What is wrong with you?
– Sorry. Okay, I’ll just sit here and be a cracker. I’m going be a cracker, it’s fine. – That’s the end of the
GTN show and amazingly, you’ve stayed in that outfit
the whole way through. – I’m feeling very Christmas-y now. – Yeah I think you should
stay in it until Christmas. – Maybe I will. – We’d like to wish you
a very merry Christmas and if you’d like to see
more videos from GTN, click on the globe and subscribe and if you’d like to see the best custom kit of 2017, click down here. – And if you are going some
training after Christmas and you want some tips on a long run, just watch this video here.


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