Is it Bad if Leather Boots Get Wet?

Is it bad if leather boots get wet? Don’t get suede wet unless its label says
it is water-proof. Go ahead and use waterproofing creams or water proof sprays on leather shoes
if you will be going out in the rain. Or put on galoshes. But what happens if they
get wet? Leather boots need to be dried out as soon
as possible. I don’t know the best way to do that. First dry the outside of the shoe. Then put
a towel or newspaper in the shoe to draw out the moisture. Or I could put them in front of a heater,
or even hit them with the blow dryer. Don’t heat up the boots trying to dry them
out, such as by sticking them in the dryer or blowing them with a blow dryer. This could
dry them out so quickly that the leather could crack. Can’t that be fixed? A ripped seam can be fixed. Cracked leather
is like a canyon, and you can’t fix it by sewing it. Let’s say I’ve mostly dried them out.
Now what? After you dry out the shoes, put leather balm
on them to reduce the odds that they’ll crack. Then polish them. I’ve heard that some leather shoes are water
resistant. Many high end leather shoes are treated with
oil to make them water resistant. Cheap leather isn’t water resistant, and it may show spotting
after getting wet, where the water eats away at the dye job. I’d hate to discover that my brand name
boots aren’t authentic because they were caught out in a storm. Leather treated to be used in the elements
like work boots, waders and saddles may be well enough made that water won’t warp it.
But it depends on the shoes’ quality and purpose. But designer boots aren’t in that category. Usually not. I guess I’ll have to wear galoshes over
Ugg boots or some other fashion travesty. You know what’s worse? Ruining designer
boots because you wore them at the wrong time.


  • i soak my boots for fun all the time…i dry them with a peets boot dryer

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  • i swim,shower and wade in my boots and leather all the time.

  • I cleaned my leather shoes and i forgot that it will get broken what should i do it looks ok but its still a little soft

  • bots dont wear boots

  • bah,humbug..wear your boots in the pool like i do.

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