Introducing DJ Khaled

Explain to people, so
that, because there were so many people who do know who you are and
what you do, and you do many, many things, so explain because some people looking
at that side saying, what is it?>>I’m a music mogul, I’m a producer,
I’m a DJ, I’m an executive, I’m a CEO, and I’m a artist,
I put anthems out every year. Over the last ten years, I put some of the
biggest anthems number one records like I’m on one, All I do is win. You know what I’m saying? The list goes on. Hold you down. I’ve done records with Jay-Z. By the way, Jay-Z’s my manager now.>>Congratulations on that.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you, you know what I’m saying?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I am like the hip hop Quincy Jones. But I’m a CEO too. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a young mogul. I’m blessed. You know what I’m saying?>>Yes, I do know what you’re saying. Now, you say, they a lot. Who is they? Who are they?>>Please Ellen. Stay away from them. Stay away from them.>>I wanna know,
who they are to stay away from. Who are they?
>>They is the person that told you, you would never have the Ellen show.>>Mm-hm.>>They is that one person in the room,
when you get a raise and that one person in the corner is like,
man, I hate that person. They are the people that
don’t believe in you. That say that you won’t succeed.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You know what I’m saying. So, you stay away from they.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And, they never wanted me on the Ellen Show and
look at me, I’m on the Ellen show.>>[LAUGH] [APPLAUSE]
>>You know what I’m saying? And this is the number one show. Mama, I made it!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Well, I love that you’re here. I mean, this is fantastic for me as well,
because you are what I talk about every day, you are about positivity and
not negativity. And sometimes, a lot of artists use
negativity, and you do the opposite. You stay away from them.>>Yeah, and you know, I have a saying,
they kick you when you down, but they wanna kick it when you up. You know what I’m saying? And I just believe my whole journey in
life is like, I’ve always been told no, and I always took them nos and
turn them to yes, you now what I’m saying? And always believed in my path and
my vision, even though I know you have to go
through trials and tribulations in life. But I do know there’s
sunshine on the other side. I do know there’s a goal,
there’s a victory. You know what I’m saying?
Winning ain’t easy, success don’t come overnight. This is 25 years of blood,
sweat, and tears. You know what I’m saying?
Before I got on this show, before I made a number one record,
before Jay Z became one of my partners. You know what I’m saying? This is like, never surrender,
never give enough, never stopping. You know what I’m saying and
someday’s it was really stormy. And I made it through it. You know.>>Yes, I just, there is so
many things you say in just a minute. I can see why you’re. That is why Snapchat is so good for
your, cuz you have so many ideas and they come out so fast.>>Go ahead.>>I wanna find out also,
you said something and I’m curious to know what you mean by this. They, don’t want you to have breakfast.>>Yes,
they don’t want us to eat a breakfast. You know why?
Because I felt like they hid the keys from me growing up. Now, I’m being told you have to eat egg
whites to be healthy and a lot of water, a gallon of water. It sounds maybe easy and normal for
y’all, but when I was growing up, they never told me to
drink a lot of water. And so, I drink a gallon a day. I think that’s a major key to success. Eating egg whites is
a major key to success. It’s called being healthy and
they don’t want me to enjoy it. So what I do is,
I make sure I enjoy it so amazingly.>>[LAUGH] [APPLAUSE]
>>I always dreamed, I love apples, and now I have a big Apple deals
thanks to Jimmy Lovine and Larry Jackson for
getting me one of the biggest Apple deals with Apple Music. You see we the best, and Apple Music. I’m like, wow, this is success! You know what I’m saying?>>[LAUGH]
>>Well.>>You know, I dream for these things.>>I know. Jimmy M is my friend too.>>Great guy. Great guy.>>And I want an Apple deal.>>[LAUGH] I love apples.>>Yes, I do too. I love apples as well, and Apple. So, you just do positive things, and you
say, take care of yourself, like you said, about like, wash your back, clean your
back, dry your back, it’s cold out there. [LAUGH]
>>Yeah, it’s a cold world.>>So, do you think of things,
and write them down? Or do you just start snapchatting,
and things come to you?>>This is all organic, off my head. Everything you see me do,
it’s just me, being me. And I think that’s the key to
success is you being yourself.>>And a gallon of water.>>And a gallon of water,
you know what I’m saying? And I like to exercise too. I might not be the fittest guy but
I’m healthy, I feel good. I do that eliptical talk,
you know what I’m saying? Or the treadmill talk and I get real
inspired when I’m on that elliptical or the treadmill and I just like, they don’t,
they want us to lose, they want to finish, and I’m letting my people
know the young world, so what we gonna do is we gonna win more, we
gonna live more, you know what I’m saying? We the best.>>Yeah. [LAUGH]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You know what I mean?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I do.>>I’m just grateful man, just for
any opportunity that I can get. Take my career and my life and also
inspire the young world to the next level.>>Yep.
Well, you’re doing it. And I wanna give you something
to wear when you Snapchat, cause you’re Snapchatting a lot.>>Okay.
>>So I have this.>>[LAUGH] [APPLAUSE]
>>I love that. I love that. I love that. I love that.>>And then, I have.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Man.>>Yeah, yeah.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Matter of fact, I’m Snapchatting now, you know?>>Okay, good.
>>Let me get my Ellen chain on.>>We’re Snapchatting now?>>Yes, yes.>>All right.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you. Thank you, appreciate that.>>You are welcome. You come back any time and
you’re fantastic. You’re just so entertaining, and so positive and I hope people are listening
to you and I hope that people do, yes?>>And I wanna let you know
I’m very inspired by you. I love everything you do. It’s so inspirational. You’re a boss. You’re amazing.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And you gotta understand. I always watch Ellen’s show. To be on here is like,
real amazing for me. She’s so inspirational and motivational,
and she’s a great key leader. You know what I’m saying?>>Thank you very much.>>[APPLAUSE]


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