Interview with B-BOY WINGZERO & 2GOO from FOUNDNATION / Smart Footwear® Orphe

I am B-boy from the breakdance team FOUND NATION CREW. B-boy name is WINGZERO. I am B-boy 2GOO from FOUND NATION CREW. – How did you feel about Orphe? – How did you feel about Orphe?
Just like ordinary sneakers if the shoes do not shine,
has good silhouette. So you can wear in everyday life. I tried other LED shoes before but Orphe is much lighter and its glow is softer. It has more number of colors and variations
than other LED shoes. I think that it is the best point that
electronic parts are incorporated in shoes. You know, often LEDs are just on the outside of shoes. So when I first saw Orphe,
I thought it’s the revolution. LED shoes are here as well. With Orphe I can choose the sound to accompany light and movement.
There are sounds like like a snare, drums, a hi-hat and so much more. (drumming voice)
Like mid or high kick would sound differently. I think it’s very interesting
and can be used as a wearable music device. There will be a different sound depending on toe,
middle or heel when you make a step. And color can also be changed depending on part of shoes. So it’s like a modern version of tap shoes. I thought that various ways of enjoying
can be made depending on the way. – What do you think about “Smart Footwear” ? – What do you think about “Smart Footwear” ?
Some people wear watches, the others don’t. Likewise, some people wear eyeglasses, the others don’t. But almost EVERYBODY wears shoes when going out. So at this point,
Orphe is a natural wearable device. – When would you like to use Orphe as a dancer? – When would you like to use Orphe as a dancer?
It’s definitely a showcase. I think that there are not enough that use shoes.
It is better to use such as showcase using only shoes. PV and artists wearing it. Because there are many variations of light, It seems to be able to be used for idols and movies – How does the new technology like Orphe affect hip-hop culture? – How does the new technology like Orphe affect hip-hop culture?
The latest technologies in the 70-80’s was DJ equipment and mixers. We keep getting more and more new stuff. And now it’s AI, LED shoes, I think it’s a good change. Basically, I am not very concerned. hip-hop is the culture that samples various kinds of things and makes it. It is important to evolve constantly. It is HIPHOP to incorporate new technology,
also to respect old traditions. There are a certain number of people who can judge whether this is cool. I think that bad things will be clipped from this culture. I think that new devices incorporating analog elements will gradually be incorporated into hip-hop culture. That spirit is in this culture. As long as the people doing deeply do it properly, I think that people who started newly can succeed to their spirit.

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