Inroducing Sensori Venture – Barefoot Running Sandals by Xero Shoes

Since November 23rd 2009, my wife Lena and I have had the pleasure of putting barefoot
style sandals on over 46,000 people ages 1 to 91, all around the world who walk, hike, do yoga, workout, paddleboard, kayak, skydive, and of course run, even tackle hundred-mile ultra marathons.
Now we know that for some the kits that we’ve sold are a little bit
intimidating or some people just don’t want a Do-It-Yourself project, even if
it only takes minutes to do. And if you’re looking to buy something
pre-made, well you’ve got a couple of options: you’ve got big, thick, expensive sport
sandals over here; you’ve got stiff, high-end, expensive flip
flops that aren’t good for performance over here; and down here you’ve got cheap flip
flops that are, well cheap in every possible meaning of that
word. That’s why we are incredibly proud and very excited to introduce to you the first product
that fits right in the middle. The Xero Shoes Sensori Venture. A ready-to-wear huarache-inspired barefoot sandal
that gives you all the benefits and features that people have come to know
and love about Xero Shoes with improvements that are gonna knock you out. It’s lightweight, it fits in your pocket, let’s you have real
natural movement, holds comfortably and securely onto your foot during any activity, it costs less than half of
those chunky options, has our 5000 Mile Warranty, and it looks really cool. Let me give
you the tour. We’re still using our exclusive FeelTrue rubber, the only outsole product made specifically
for barefoot style sandals. It’s really flexible, it’s strong, it
has an elegant contour that holds nicely your foot without providing unnecessary support. The top surface
pattern gives you great grip in wet or dry conditions, the dual Chevron tread gives you awesome
traction wherever you go. It’s 5.5 mm thick so it gives
you all the protection you want with great ground feel. Now you’re
probably noticing the new heel cup. This keeps your foot
from sliding off left or right, helps keep debris from getting
underneath your foot, and it adds a cool splash of color. The Sensori Venture
comes pre-laced; there’s no knots to tie. With a unique
double lace and patent-pending tensioning adjustment system you can just get a perfect fit in
seconds, and then you just slide the Venture on and off your heel when you’re ready to go. There are two new comfort features I’ll show
you. On the back, the super soft silicone heel strap protects your Achilles, and on the front, the ultra flexible
anti-abrasion toe post. Now some people see this toe post, they
think ‘flip-flop’ but the huarache lacing system holds the Venture onto your
foot during any activity without you having to grip or jam your
toes into the toe post like a flip-flop, and also unlike flip-flops, this thing is
not gonna pop out. Now, thanks to the toe post and elevated
ankle holes there’s nowhere for the lace to rub
against the road. So our ultra soft waterproof laces will last a long, long time. The Sensori Venture comes in
four accent colors: Charcoal, featuring a reflective black
toe strap, Royal Blue, with a reflective blue toe strap. And then Lime
Green which you’ve seen, and then last, but certainly not least Hot Pink. The Sensori Venture comes
in sizes: men’s sizes 5 to 14, women’s sizes 6 to 12. And like our other FeelTrue products,
the Venture has our 5000 Mile Warranty. Wear down the outsole and we’ll replace
them for just the cost of shipping and handling. Oh, if you want a tiny Do-It-Yourself
project you can still trim the outsole with a pair of kitchen scissors to get the Sensori Venture to match
your exact foot-shape. With the Sensori Venture you’ll feel the freedom, feel the fun, feel the world!


  • So excited! Ordered mine yesterday and can't wait for them to arrive! 😀

  • The green thing in between my toes ripped me apart, it gave me blisters and then popped those blisters. What should i do? Also the sandals are so noisy when I run on hard surfaces.. :/

  • Both the sound and the blisters are caused by the same problem (assuming these are the correct size), namely, overstriding. Check out xeroshoes*com/blister and xeroshoes*com/slap for more info. And, to verify sizing, you can email photos of you in your sandals to us at support-at-xeroshoes*com (replace the * with a . and the -at- with the appropriate symbol that YT won't let me type)

  • The blisters weren't on my toes, they were between my big toe and second toe. The green rubber puts pressure in between my toes and no matter how I adjust them (tighter, looser, adjusting the placement of the knot) the rubber still hurts me. I am still working on my form but I don't think that makes a difference for this.

  • Sorry, let me be more clear. Blisters are always caused by friction which us usually a sign of excess horizontal force. If your shoes fit correctly (again, send pictures), then the kind of force that leads to blisters where you're describing is almost always a result of overstriding. Video would diagnose that. FWIW, we have many ultramarathoners running in the Venture without blisters. Call on Monday and let's see if we can help.

  • I have been able to fix the shoe with broken rubber post using your other video.
    Barefoot Sandals Lacing Tip
    I replaced both rubber posts with the loops and they are much softer. Much better feeling between the toes now.

  • Well I bought some of the SV's last friday…

    I was hoping it would clear the problem with the uncomfortable lace in between the big toe. I was also hoping for no more rope burn from the top or anywhere else…

    I do my first run in them of 6 miles and nothings changed. Actually I haven't had the toe rope burn problem since the start of my last xero shoes. I really love the way these feel. I can't even use these right now because of the healing toe webbing burn… I feel as though I got a size too big (11)  because I see other people wear theirs online and it looks like it fits perfect. On these I can't adjust it because the holes have already been punched through.

    I hate running in shoes but I guess all this lacing and open feet to wind isn't for me (even though I praise it to all my friends and family) I can only enjoy the run for a couple minutes before I get burned.

  • Do you make them in size 13-14?

  • Can you wear socks with this?

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