#IMPULSEBUY || Mahabis Shoes Unboxing and Review

Hey guys! So if you follow me on Snapchat
then you know that about a week and a half ago I did this long rant about how I gave
into Facebook ads and found myself scrolling through the Mahabis website. I found myself
looking at it thinking “what this is fascinating!” and I ended up buying a pair. I’ve had them
now for about a week and have been wearing them all over town and I have to say that
overall I like them. Just know that you’re paying one hundred dollars for slippers. Know
that going in, and if you’re okay with that, if that’s the kind of life you live – then
keep watching the video. So I ended up buying the Mahabis summer shoe in some, they have
some color name – it’s teal. But they call this shoe color the [struggles to pronounce
random made up color name] Agen Aqua. But like it’s a teal color. I bought it in size
37 which is 6 and a half. They do give you a US sizing conversion so you know exactly
what size to buy. You get a free outer cover which is like your outdoor or when you’re
going outside that clips onto the shoe. My free sole that came with the shoe was the
Larvick Grey, it’s like a standard grey color. And then I also ordered an extra sole because
I wanted to be versatile with mine, and I ordered the Rjukan Red, it’s like a coral
– it’s a coral color. I ended up making a mistake with my coral ones because I accidentally
ordered the wrong size, I ordered the 36 when it should have been the 37 and they still
fit but it’s a struggle to get them on. So i’m debating on if I want to like buy another
pair or what am I gonna do – I don’t know…The show itself is…the material…so you know
those foam bath mats you can buy? Those memory foam bath mats, that’s what this is giving
me. That’s what the whole outer is giving me, is memory foam bath mat. It’s got a nice
sole, it’s nice and comfy – it’s got some give when you step in it. It’s cushion y’know,
you feel like you’re walking on some clouds – it’s nice. It’s comfy. They have a little
covering here for your foot so that way if you want you can push it down and wear it
as a clog, or if you want you can use this and have it more secure on your foot. The
bottoms are pretty, I mean that’s like a nice rubber of some kind or something – they’re
sturdy, it’s sturdy. All in all, its like there’s some production value here. I will
say though I have gotten serious shade from people looking at me walking around town because
here’s the thing, while these are supposed to be high end indoor outdoor slippers…real
talk…I’m black! I’ve walked into stores with my hundred dollar slippers and have gotten
the evil eye from people. Real talk. I mean they’re really comfy. I’m lowkey interested,
I’ve already spent like $120 but i’m lowkey interested in buying the winter ones. I’ll
link to the website in the description box. I don’t have any kind of code to get y’all
any kind of deal. But it’s a relatively new company so from what I get from their emails
they’re like “10% off this that whatever no shipping!” You know check them out man, this
is me, I’m just letting y’all know that sometimes I’m a little bit bougie. Sometimes, I’m just
a hair bougie and buy things that are so superfluous and add very little meaning to my life but,
you gotta live a little bit. Anyway, if you have a pair of Mahabis let me know if you
like them in the comments below, if you’re interested or you just think I’m bougie as
hell – let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see y’all when I see y’all.


  • Okay so my mom tried to put me onto these shoes but I saw the price and I was like 'nah fam I'm good'. I kept thinking about them though and then checked out the website but told myself these were just bougie slippers… Now you've done a mini review and I'm really thinking about getting me a pair, I guess Mahabis can thank you for probably tipping the scale!

    Also I really appreciate your channel, I'm here from you collabs with Evelyn and am excited to get to know more of you through your videos.

  • Lol! They look cool!

  • They look super comfy & they're cute. I'll check them out

  • bruh a hunnid?

  • You made me want a pair

  • They do look very comfy. Lol at the shade you were receiving

  • just went to their site and these are cute… if they had arch support I think I'd be more willing. hopefully if people order they'll use your name, they do have a referral program; get some coins towards your winter pair!

  • Or the shade just could have been because your so freakin awesome and beautiful.. Here nor their you've convinced me, I'm getting a pair

    Still love the review. lol

  • I've watched some of your videos and I had to comment say you have such a great personality!

  • Love your review! Been seduced by the Facebook ads myself (thanks insomnia) and needed a real opinion before I pull the trigger.

  • Helpful review! I just ordered a pair. I'll let you know my thoughts when they arrive. Either way, gotta live a little… Right? Lol

  • um I've got a touch of bougie in me and I do like a few trade high end things now and again mixed in with my thrift store finds. I will have to check them out. I do have a question though. can you throw them in the wash or spot clean them because the ones you have are so light I wouldn't want them to get dirty. thanks Hallease. I need to check my notifications because I haven't been getting them.

  • I really like the way she talks

  • Thanks for the review — I am ready to buy. You're cool and, IMO, not bougie at all; as for the shade thrown at you, eff 'em all, I say! 😀

  • SO GLAD I FOUND YOUR VIDS you had me laughing for no reason lol they do look supppperrrr comfy though!

  • Love you🙌

  • OMG love the descriptive super relatable words she uses to describe the Mahabis shoe. It really make up for all the filler words they use on the actual website…#thatcolorisTEAL

  • Great review! I just click on a Facebook ad too and googled for more info which is how I found this video! I live in Japan and am always going between shoes and slippers so thought these might be good but… $100… I dunnoooo.

  • These shoes/slippers seem to make you happy. Happiness is a very valuable commodity in this life, $100.00 is a small price to pay for it!

  • …was looking for reviews to justify a useless buy like that 😉 …you did a great job…thank you so much…ordering them now 🙂 ….hehehe…you must be single like me to buy whatever you like …whatever you like 😉 ….enjoy life…

  • Hmmmm….I've clicked the fb link twice, and now searching for reviews! But $100.00 for slippers—? Lol!

  • don't the soles slip off, if you like run a bit? since it's only attached to the back and not the front?

  • what does bougie mean? I am totally out of this loop. Great video BTW (planning to but some for my fiance)

  • Loved your video and your sense of humor!!! Would you recommend this product considering your use so far and its quality? Also, a question regarding sizing: Considering my foot length I should go for EU 44 size (my foot is 28 cm and for that size the web site mentions 27.6 cm – 28.2 cm). I want them to be a snug fit, though. Do you think I should go for a size smaller or it will be too much?

  • OMG you are so CUTE! (please don't take that in a negative way!) I immediately connected with you and whereas with most reviews, I skip over the first 1/3 ("Hi! I'm reviewing the xyz and if you want to know about xyz I'll tell you my viewpoint…" duh. I know. I googed "xyz" and that's how I found you), but I listened to you all the way though. you're not superfluous, yet explore all aspects of the product and you're cute as all get out. I'm sorry to hear you getting flack on the shoes. Anyway, I rarely comment, but I just had to because you seem so real. gotta go, I'm going to watch the rest of your videos now.

  • an idea… I'm going to order these and the site asks if we were referred by a friend and what's the friend's name (I tried Hallease to no avail). did you sign up? I'll say you referred me. maybe if enough people do this you will be 'legit enough for a 10% code' ha.

  • do they run true to size

  • Hey, what song are you playing on the back?

  • Low key, this was a great review! Good job!

  • this is SO hilarious!! A FB ad got me too and my first thought was 'am I REALLY sitting here considering a $100 SLIPPER!?' LOL!! I'm low key interested too, but I think they're going to go on a gift list! These could be awesome for like traveling and vacation etc. Great review! Thanks!

  • This is lovely. You're wonderful.

  • OMG – I love you and this review!!! You gave me everything I needed, thank you! Is it weird that I kinda want to be your friend?

  • I'm sorry black folks have no place to judge you when they'll line up outside for Jordans, Air Force 1s, Yeezy, etc. Do you plus they look great!

  • I'd look into these but I live in rual southwest Louisiana so I wouldn't want to mess up such a pretty shoe.

  • dope, thanks for the info

  • you are so awesome! Loved this

  • that blue color looks awesome on you! I am still waiting for mine here in MX City.

  • Ok. Where is the value in this? The rest of us mere mortals succumb to this wrong headed business, but not you! Say it ain't so.

  • I like your style, Hallease. And I like the flow in the production of this video. It is you who 'makes' the video, but it is also good editing and text info. Made me watch it all. You have a very direct and friendly tone. Good in all. But I don't know about those slippers 🙂
    /Hans Fredrik of Sweden, The Royal Kingdom of Sweden

  • Great video! Thanks for sharing!

  • OMG, you're my favourite new person.

  • I bought 2 winter and 2 summer pairs.  I keep them at the front door with soles and without.  Each morning I walk because I had an accident 1991 and was in a wheelchair now I'm not but still use a walking frame.  So these Mahabis are perfect

  • Funnily enough, I've been seeing ads for these shoes for a long time now, and I finally decided to check out reviews for them here. Yours was the second, because the first was just an unboxing.
    All that slightly irrelevant info aside, I found your video extremely helpful – and what actually made me consider it was that you have a lovely way of actually reviewing the product, but in a … like you're a friend telling another friend what you bought, manner, and you're wonderfully gentle but witty to watch.
    (The 'it's teal' had me laughing. Such marketing BS for colours, buuut, I get it. )

    Either way, very seriously thinking of getting them. If something works, hey, it works!

  • Can you review everything I need to buy? Loved this, had a smile on my face the whole time and am now trying to justify in my head on how I need these in my life. Thanks! 😀

  • I loved your review! I don't know if I'd drop $100 on some slippers though. I'm on a fixed income (and by fixed income, I mean NO income; I'm a student and my seasonal job ended a few weeks back). I also don't wear slippers around the house. I like being barefoot indoors. It's cheap, comfortable, and I can always gauge when the floor needs sweeping (lol). But I enjoyed the video none the less.

  • I just love your bright upbeat, humours character. Worth watching just for that

  • Did these stretch any for you? Mine are fine length wise but fit way too tight around the top of my foot at the opening. It's so bad that I don't really want to wear them and when I do I can't even slip them on quickly. I don't think a bigger size will work as they're plenty long enough and I even have extra room for my toes.

  • BLOODY HILARIOUS ! Loved your review and greetings from Sydney Australia !

  • It's interesting people have given you shade for wearing these, considering Uggs are also an expensive indoor/outdoor slipper. And every other person has Uggs!

  • I'm all late but I was browsing these, too. I talked about them on IG and got some interesting responses. I havent purchased them… yet… But I want to.

  • great narrating voice.

  • Loved the review! How are they after a few months? Saw the Facebook ads too!

  • I've been checking out these slippers for over a year now, and still haven't broken down to buy a pair, but I'm getting close. I live in Phoenix AZ and when I first saw them I thought they were too pricy for a shoe that I might only get to wear a few times a year. But now they have the summer shoes! Getting closer to buying them for sure! I'm curious, did you ever end up buying the winter version? And do they compare? Can you wear the winter slipper on a cool spring day?

  • You rock sister and love your review!

  • many people wining to much money…..

  • Best review on these shoes. Thanks!

  • great vibe. Thanks for the video

  • I, too, love your energy. Thanks so much for your video!

  • did you end up getting the winter ones… also looking back would you say it's worth it

  • If I saw you wearing those shoes in public, I would give you the "those are cool shoes" eye. I know I'm late to the show, but that was a good review.

  • You sold me on "memory foam bath mat" .. LOVE! And, my partner has made me change out of my slippers more then once before going out of the house… NOW WE CAN BE BOOJAY TOGETHER!! in our $100 slippers. Super helpful video!

  • Great slippers – but very fast, the rubber cover cuts into the soft slipper and makes holes. My worst purcase 🙁

  • You're great and this review was funny and helpful.

  • Thanks for that, you are precious! I was also engaged from an add on FB. Always looking for a better shoe, slipper, idea, whatever… but the best thing about my investigation is that I discovered YOU! You lead, I will follow…

  • You're so funny…😂

  • Hallease! Thank you for mentioning the clog wear form factor, by collapsing the heel when putting it on. Not many other reviewers mentioned that. It's easy to slip on that way. Thanks for your review. Getting these for my mom on mother's day.

  • Best review! Thanks so much!

  • Nice

  • All birds are better

  • those are HELLA fugly dayum

  • You convinced me, I bought a pair of the classic winter slippers…because that’s the kind of life I live 💁🏽‍♀️😂. No…really, I’ve been wanting them for a while but couldn’t justify the expense but your review made me laugh so – I bought it.

  • Just got my outdoor Mahabis!Sadly, men's sizes only come in what they call grey – it's more like "off-white", so there's no hiding the fact your wearing slippers – even if they do cost $100!Really comfy though!PS: Think you're gorgeous, by the way!

  • My shoe number is 39! So witch number I should buy????

  • My shoe size is 39! So witch number should I get???

  • so nice watching a chilled review by someone who isn't trying to shove discount codes down my throat for once :')

  • You have done an excellent job at presenting the Mahabis slippers. You're such a bright, positive, informative, & chirpy perIson. I could listen to you all day long. Thank you.👍😊

  • P.S. Would you be able to make a video, on the differences between the summer, & winter, slippers please?

  • Is the size "true"? If I wear a 41 do I buy a 41?

  • You seem like a real nice, down to earth person… Just saying.

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