If My Dog Were a Person (ft. Connor Franta)

(bright music) (finger snaps) (joyful music) – Stop chewing on mommy’s
shoe, bad boy, Connor! – My name’s Connor. – Do you hear me, Connor? – Connor, that’s my name. – I am very upset with you right now. – I think she’s happy. – Did you hear that? – Connor, sit. – No, I don’t wanna sit. – Connor, I said sit. – You can’t make me sit. – Connor. – No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. – Mmm-hm. Goodbye, Connor, see you after work. – She’s never coming
back, she’s gone forever. Is she dead, should I call the police? I’m calling the police. Did ya hear that? ♪ Yes, I’m hurting, yes, I’m jaded ♪ ♪ Who let the dogs out ♪ ♪ Who, who, who, who ♪ ♪ Who let the dogs ♪ (joyful music) – Where’s my other sock? – I don’t know. (joyful music) What was that? – Who’s a good boy, huh? – I just ate poop, I love you. – Hey man, how’s it going? – ‘Sup?
– Hey, hey, who are you? – How was the drive? – Not bad.
– Is that your butt? Can I smell your butt? – You guys want to eat or? – No, I’m all good but thanks. – Please, pay attention to me. (grunts) Hey, what’s going, hey, what
are you doing to my mom? Hey, stop that, stop that! Somebody help, somebody, help! Woof, woof, woof, bark,
bark, bark, bark, woof, woof. – Don’t give me that look. – Oh, this one? – No, it’s not gonna work. – Okay. – Fine here. ♪ Walk it like I talk it ♪ ♪ Walk it, walk it, like I talk it ♪ – Did you say walk, did somebody say walk? Can we go on a walk, walk,
walk, walk, walk, walk. – Connor, look at mommy! Being joined in this video with. – Me.
– He’s lovely and we possibly did something on his
channel, it’s over there. If not, he has other great content. Check out his channel over there. – Yup, yup.
– My last video’s over there and make sure you
subscribe to me and Connor. I make videos every Monday and Thursday. One love superwoman,
that is a wrap and zoop!


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  • ??

  • Dogs r people 2 ?

  • Doesnt conner look like the brown haired verison of rourke, if y’know who im talkin bout then like?

  • i want him

  • If you're dog were a person it wouldn't be a dog

  • 0:04 When you don't like your iPhone X so you buy a better one

  • Best video

  • Hi, my names connor. ThE AnDRoiD sEnT By CYbEr lIfE

  • He's cute tho?

  • I ship them ?

  • My name is Conner, I'm the Android sent by cyberlife.

  • Imagine walker in and seeing your dog doing the orange Justice to the who that the dogs out song

  • 1:54 the girl on the left is trying to not laugh lmao

  • I meant 2019

  • You where reading a book that had Conner name on it

  • 2:25 lol connor’s face 😮 ( lilly holds ip sheet and drops it while walking to room 5 centimetres away )

  • Hello lilly songh ( incorrect spelling for joke )

  • Connor!?????????

  • “My name is Connor.” That reminds me of something…

    RK800: My name is Connor.

  • MY name is Conner
    The dog sent by superwoman

  • ”My names Connor”
    ”Connor?My names Connor”


    ”I just ate poop love you”

  • My dog is on me right now. He is on my knee.

  • dose anyone else think connor as lilly's dog acted like a 3 year old?! :p

  • Omg I just realized this is on my birthday. ???

  • 1:13 me talking to any guy


  • 太太太可爱了吧!He is sooooooooooooo adorable !??

  • 0:25, 0:55 and 1:27 were so funny! Lol!

  • “Wht r u doing to my mom” best part

  • The title is nonsense its not if my dog were person its if my dog was a person

  • When he said I just did poo at 1:36 I died!

  • I want a pet Connor.

  • Anyone else notice either nerdy mummies logo in 1:31 ?

  • His face at the end is everything?

  • I love it


  • 2:24 lmao

  • Brazilian here! You're beautiful !

  • My heart just melted @ 0:40 & 2:03!!! CONNOR YOU ARE TOO ADORABLE!!!????

  • A person being a dog


  • You have a lot of hair

  • I'm sorry but… 'My name is Connor I'm the android sent by cypherlife.'

  • I can't get over how beautiful you two are I'm: emotionl

  • did any one notice that lily was reading connors book… nope just me, okay…..

  • WOOF

  • SO relatable

  • omg i missed this!!!!!!!

  • 0:16
    "My name is Connor, I'm an android sent by Cyberlife."

  • Yawning


  • My name is Connor the android send by cyberlife

  • That was

    Indescribably amazing

  • can i please have ur hair???

  • When he sat he was like so extra! He’s adorable!!!

  • " I just ate poop. I love you "???

  • https://youtu.be/addme/sZkf033GoVr2HkcLolvTjCbSzX-qvA

  • Please do "If My Book was a Person"

  • I want to make a gif out of this, but then I realized… the gif would be 2mins and 42 seconds…

  • I got two frenchies and my puppy looks at my when I call him something other than his name but when I say his name he just looks at my other dog wtf?

  • my dog Charlie loves to bury my socks and my phone charges in the backyard


  • Why dose Conner actually dress better then me.

  • Ya cuz Lilly totally arm wrestles in her spare time. Luv u lil

  • I want one how do I get one????????

  • so cuteeeeee

  • He looks so adorable

  • 1:31 she has the Rosanna nerdy nummies sticker

  • he's sooooo adorable and cute and this video was damn good enough….i think you should collab with him often.. i liked him very much???

  • He's sooo cute ?

  • I've watched this video 50 times but I still laugh.

  • Tmr is this video 1 year anniversary

  • He kinda looks like Alec Benjamin

  • Watching this video After exactly 1 year

  • Connor is so adorable <3

  • Hi face at the end. Lol

  • Conner is adorable ???????????????
    This is honestly kinky XD

  • How much does Lilly Singh earns in a day ??
    ☝☝Check out here

  • but now the question is… DID YOU HEAR THAT AND WHAT WAS THAT!?

  • "My name's Connor!

    I'm the android sent by CyberLife-"

  • I NEED another collab with these two ❤️❤️❤️

  • The chip one is my cat

  • 2:19 sent my no laughter chant all the way to south Korea

  • He looks so different compared to past videos but he's so innocent and adorable as a doggo ?

  • If dogs were person they will be like kids

  • Shes reading his book hehe

  • Wait, what are you doing to mom? Stop, stop! Woof, woof, woof!

  • Oooooh connor is keeeeeyuuuuute. ❤️

  • connor is so >>adorable<< aaa

  • 0:16 the android sent by cyberlife

  • I'm in love with Connor's outfit

  • That last one got me XD

  • ??

  • OMG who else thinks Connor is cute?

  • Lol the skittles part

  • When he said no no no no no no no no I said that’s me when I don’t wanna do hw or chores lmao

  • Watched this at least 50 times

  • Who noticed her Rolling Stones shirt

  • Lilly: whos a goood boy
    Conor: i ate poop
    Everyone else:

  • Please do if my heart was a person!

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