Idina Menzel – Defying Gravity (from LIVE: Barefoot at the Symphony)

Something has changed within me,
something is not the same I’m through with playing by the rules
of someone else’s game Too late for second guessing
Too late to go back to sleep It’s time to trust my instincts,
close my eyes, and leap It’s time to try defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye, I’m defying gravity I think I’ll try defying gravity
And you can’t pull me down I’m through accepting limits
’cause someone says they’re so Some things I cannot change
but ’til I try, I’ll never know Too long I’ve been afraid of
losing love I guess I’ve lost Well, if that’s love,
it comes at much too high a cost I’d sooner buy defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye, I’m defying gravity I think I’ll try defying gravity
And you can’t pull me down Unlimited Our future is unlimited And I’ve just had a vision almost like a prophecy I know it sounds truly crazy,
and true, the vision’s hazy But I swear someday I’ll be
flying so high Kiss me goodbye So if you care to find me,
look to the western sky As someone told me lately:
everyone deserves the chance to fly And if I’m flying solo,
at least I’m flying free To those who ground me,
take a message back from me Tell them how I am defying gravity I’m flying high, defying gravity And soon I’ll match them in renown And nobody in all of Oz,
no Wizard that there is or was Is ever gonna bring me Down Ahh!


  • yo this sounds like elsa on the movie frozen.

  • So I just watched Frozen and came upon this song because I was looking for some Glee stuff and then i found out Idina Menzel connected those two. So cool/weird

  • 1:56 I'm just learning this part of a song

  • This is so amazing!!!! I’m tearing up ?

  • Glee memories are rushing back to me…

  • I'm just rewatching Glee for the second or third time. By now I have been lucky enough to win the Wicked Lottery when I was in NYC and had the best time ever seeing WICKED. Idina, I did not get to see you preform, but you were amazing as Shelby playing Rachel/Lea's mother.

  • imagine this as the song for the credits on the wicked movie

  • Thank you

  • why was the timing off for the whole of the performance

  • With all the belting songs from wicked. she still has the most amazing voice.

  • Shelby ????

  • i can't watch idina menzel and not think of Rent. like this woman has been slaying since forever

  • Yes Indina !! I bet she can really defy gravity with those amazing vocals.

  • Did anyone else realize how she ended this musical like the Shrek the musical junior play??

    Just me? Comment if you know what i mean.

  • Come on guys who went hear before watching the new clip of repunzel?????

  • 3:46 listen, i love this with all my heart, but that part was disappointing.

  • Am I the only one who thinks that she has a nasally voice?

  • Now there is an artist
    I love the way her eyes light up while singing the song
    Truly magical ?????

  • Don't hate me, I'm coming here with an open mind wanting to learn and understand. Whenever I hear Idina sing, specifically the higher ranges, it always sounds like she's pushing and straining alot in an unhealthy manner. I understand that there is good tension and belting is all about pushing and using that tension in the right way but she never sounds comfortable. Is it the way she projects and enunciates? Or is her technique good and she has stylistically chosen to sing that way? It's so confusing cause I've heard other mezzos who do the same songs and they sound more resonant and more free and open sort of. Someone explain please.

  • Queen Elsa's legened …
    And I'm a true fans of Idina Menzel . I love you .

  • I prefer lea's version.

  • little kid:fRoZeN iS hEr bEsT wOrK

    me: have u not seen wicked

  • Her mouth is bigger than my Allowance.. ?


  • I get chills every time I hear this song wicked is by far the best show ever

  • Pause at 2:54

  • IDINA YOU GIVE ME LIFE! “Ahhh ahhh ahhh oooo!” ?

  • Please watch Mary Gidget's performance as she sang this song?

  • Everytime I see her singing I think elsa is singing.

  • frozen is her best work
    idina: hold my broom

  • we love you shelby


  • so great

  • she's turning into elphaba mid song

  • Meet a Norwegian

  • I prefer Lea Michele in this song

  • Better than let it go , technically superior

  • So good

  • Yes queen

  • Who’s watching this in 2019

  • Omg how

  • She is just absolutely amazing

  • I’m just saying she messed this song up really bad just sign the original version

  • Am I the only one that found this performance a bit flat.

  • 드레스, 헤어스타일, 화장 그리고 목소리까지!! 너무 완벽해

  • can we just point out how EFFORTLESS she made this looks ??

  • Idina Menzel will be a multi millionaire for life because of two songs!

  • Estou vendo que essa vozinha infantil sua não é grande coisa…

  • 2019? Anyone?

  • God I love her. She’s amazing, isn’t she??!!

  • I would love to see her live on broadway

  • 3:48

  • すごい。。?

  • came here after listening to show yourself/into the unknown hehe.. she's so amazing! ????

  • December 2019??


  • Panis!

  • Is she even human??

  • I never really saw the appeal of Idina Menzel's voice until this, she's incredible!

  • Omg the lady from agt does it better

  • She is insanely amazing! ?????

  • this is still my fav song

  • Whoa! When I hear this song, I just imagine Elsa singing Defying Gravity.

  • Sorry, I don't think she does this song good at all… ?

  • I always thought that she borrowed Elsa's voice

  • Why did i close my eyes and imagine elsa singing it? ?

  • Finally got to see wicked at the Gershwin in 2014 (when Idina was doing if/then) would’ve loved to see her live. Some day.

  • I hear elsa singing even if she's not trying to sound like her…. she's awesome

  • Idina menzel is very beutiful

  • Idina menzel is my uant

  • Why is it no content for adults??!?! ?

  • Got goosebumps the entire song. Anybody feels the same?

  • i can still remember the first time i know of Idina Menzel thru Glee like 10 years ago, i was so amazed coz Rachel (Lea Michelle) and her looked really alike. I remember saying to myself that she looked like a prettier Rachel, as mothers always are. Then they both sang Lady Gaga's Poker Face. That version is my favorite. I was really impressed. Imagine how ecstatic i was when i learned that she voiced Elsa with Jesse St. James.

  • wow humans like her do exist jsgdsbjdhdbajjs wow that voice

  • WTF. She is beyond talented. this is PHENOMENAL

  • She's the very best at this song, but this is a really weird version.

  • Gasp- it's Elsaba!

  • Dec. 1, 2019?

  • You have no idea how hard i'm trying to not sing at 6:30 am.


  • 입 엄청 크다

  • the ever-fantastic Idina.

  • Damn goosebumps..

  • Imagine being Idina Menzel 10-15 years ago and thinking, "God, I'm really going to be stuck performing 'Defying Gravity' for the rest of my damn life, aren't I?"

  • 이분이 겨울왕국 엘사..

  • conocí 27 canciones

  • Holy shit that was Amazing

  • 엘사가 생각나

  • This is probably the best version I’ve heard of DG.

    The one everyone cites is the Tony’s one but it was too fast and she fell flat on of the last notes and there was a crack in the ah-ah-ahh-ah-aahhhhhh

  • Bro I got scared when she opened with her eyes so wide……. But you could literally hear her breath between every word lol

  • 2:46 look at the pianist. I wish I could rock out like that while playing.

  • I just love Elsa's voice caster singing another different song

  • Incredible to watch and listen to

  • Different lyrics half way through l, loved it though

  • IDINA menzel is not a human, she is a goddess

  • Them high notes….i would live for that

  • Those Frozen kids has no idea…

  • Dakua og baba nimo bes oe ..

  • I came from Glee, all I can see is Rachels mom lol. Rachel and did it a little bit better tho 😉

  • Where is this song on spotify?

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