Ice Adonis | Yellow Boots – Episode 5 (English Subtitle)

Chairman, Miss Seol is here. Come in, please. Hello, Chairman. Welcome. He gave me this last night. He said he wanted
to keep his promise so I’ve been thinking
about what I should do. He’s not leaving the position because of my philosophy
or the business. The reason is you. What should I do about this? The fact that he lied was wrong.
He should be punished for it. As his father,
I’ll apologize for him. – Chairman…
– After military service, his poisonous
look started disappearing. I thought it was because
of his military service, but the answer was something else. He might be good
at business management, but he’s clumsy in relationships. He has many scars inside. Business is like riding a rocket
and then crashing into the ground. It continues to dig into the ground
never seeing daylight again. Because of his position as president,
it seems like nothing can stop him. But that’s only a facade. In a split second, you could become
a chairman and go ahead of him. What matters is not what kind
of background or title he has but to cooperate and walk
forward together. Do you understand
what I am telling you? Yes, Chairman. It’s now your job
to either make Yoon-jae resign or return to work. You can take care
of it the way you want. I had fun today.
Your taste isn’t bad. I had a great time as well. Please feel free
to contact me anytime. Why is Yoon-jae’s assistant trying
so hard to be nice to me? It looks like you
have something else in mind. Can I speak to you honestly? Go ahead. I… like Yoon-jae a lot. I’ve liked Yoon-jae
since I was little. And even now, the only man
in my life is Yoon-jae. Is that so? I want to be good to you
and the Chairman, as if you were my own parents. Okay, so it’s like this. Ma’am, I’d like to greet
the Chairman before I go. What about Chairman? He’s in his room. He said he’s thirsty, so I’m about
to bring him tea. I’ll bring it to him. Okay. Please come this way. Honey, you look like you’re in good mood. Do I? Did you hear any good news? I guess it could
be considered good news because I’ve passed on my baton. What is it? Yoon-jae’s fiance came by here. Excuse me? Oh, it’s you, Yoo-ra. Come in. You said the woman Yoon-jae
is going to marry came by? Yeah, I asked her to. Why did you do that, Honey? I wanted to do my job as his father. Excuse me? Sit down. What are you doing
standing there? She must be about Yoo-ra’s age. Now that I’ve seen her again,
she looks smart and wise. You’ll let Yoon-jae marry
whoever he wants? Of course. Where would he meet
another woman like that? My my, did you drink alcohol
at lunch? Yoo-ra! Nonsense… No, no, no! I want to introduce you
to the person I like. There should be an employee
named Seol Yeon-hwa. Find out everything
about her and bring it to me. She’s an employee. No way… No, no, no! Get in, we have somewhere to go. What is all of this? Where are we? You’ll be safe here. Let’s stay here
until we get married. Yeon-hwa… Will you marry me? Yoon-jae… What are you, Seol Yeon-hwa? What the heck are you,
Seol Yeon-hwa? Who are you to keep cutting
into my life? Who are you to take away everything
from me? What are you? Please take care of my Yoo-ra. Yoo-ra is doing well. How can you do this to me? Hold on. What happened? The lamp fell. The window wasn’t even open.
I wonder how it fell. It’s a bit scary. What are you worried about,
when you’re with me? Now, we have
to celebrate the move-in. Celebrate? Oh, I left something important
in the car. I’ll go get the champagne. Hold on, Yoon-jae. The resignation letter you gave
to the chairman. It’s not something
you should trade for me. I don’t know
how to repay the chairman for all of the concerns we caused. I think the best way is
to do your best. You from your position,
and me from my position. Okay, let’s do that. As long as you stay, I can make J Cosmetics
a top world company. Watch me. Stay here for a bit,
I’ll be right back. When did he prepare all this? Yoo-ra! How, how can you… How did I get here? How did I get in? This place, the fruits,
the bedsheets, the pillows, the toothbrush, the slippers! I prepared them all! I did! You have skills. Is this the reason you had
to work at this company? You got through
the third round interview. You got hired and started living
with the President? You are just same as your Mom
in seducing men! – Choi Yoo-ra.
– Did I say anything wrong? Was your sister in your way when
this was your goal all along? You leave your idiot sister
at my house, and you’re happy to live with a guy? How can you… In front of my dad,
you pretend to be the nicest – and most pitiful person!
– That’s not true… Then why don’t you
tell my dad yourself? That you left your headache sister with me and started living
with a guy? – It’s a misunderstanding.
– Don’t be a hypocrite! I’m the President’s assistant. I’m helping him
with every move he makes. What should I report
to the Chairman’s wife? The Chairman’s still sick.
They’ll be very proud of you. Don’t do that. You’re mistaken. Mistaken? Get your act together. Yoo-ra, you have to… What kind of consolation
will you get? This apartment? You’re desperately trying
to get this apartment? As a fellow woman,
you’re really embarrassing. How can you say such a thing? You’re just a gold digger right now. Why are you outside?
Did you wait for me? What’s wrong? Yeon-hwa… So, I was decorating a house for
a newly married couple? I will absolutely avenge
this humiliation, this insult! I’ll definitely return it to you,
so just you wait. I’ll tear apart your relationship
with my own hands! Ha Yoon-jae!
How could you do this to me? Do you know how much I love you?
How desperately I love you? You’re my everything,
you’re the reason I go on! So how can you do this to me? How? I’ll show you.
The boundless extent of my love. Stop! Stop there! Was your idiot sister in the way
when this was your goal all along? You leave your sister with me
and you’re happy to live with a guy? The Chairman is still sick…
He’ll be proud of you. You’re just a gold digger right now.
Do you know that? Hello. We gave the CCTV recording
to the police. But the security guy told me the area
is a blind zone. It’ll be hard to catch the criminal. Okay. Are you okay? Let’s go in. Yoon-jae,
I lost my mind for a while. I lost the sense of reality. I was excited like a kid looking
at a picture book. What are you talking about? It’s my first day of work tomorrow.
I shouldn’t be here. What do you mean, all of a sudden? Your father is not well,
so you should go home. Did something happen? Yoon-jae,
I don’t want anything from you. I have nothing I want from you.
I mean it. I know that. Because I know you. If I stay here,
people might misunderstand. I might appear that way. Like a woman with a sponsor
or like a gold digger. What? What are you talking
about all of a sudden? I don’t feel comfortable like this. – Yoon-jae.
– Yeon-hwa. Yoon-jae, thank you
for the marriage proposal. I’m grateful and happy. But I don’t think I can stay there. Okay, I didn’t consider that you might be
uncomfortable there. Yoon-jae, I’ll become someone
you can be proud of. To you, to my mom, to my sister,
to my stepfather’s family. And most of all, to myself. I’ll become someone you can
proudly introduce anywhere. I’ll definitely make it happen. Let’s get married. That’s the only way
I can protect you. Let’s get married
as soon as possible. Don’t sigh. Did anyone ask you to clean up? Why do you do it with a sigh? Come down when you’re ready. Father has something to tell you. That’s good. I have something
I want to tell him, too. I made some mountain yam soup. Yoo-ra,
does your stomach still hurt? Yam is supposed to be good
for the stomach so I asked my friend for some. – Can you please leave?
– Huh? I’m going to get changed,
so please leave. Oh, okay,
get ready and come downstairs. I hate it.
I hate even looking at you. I hate how two-faced you are! You! Did you touch my stuff? Sister, I put it back together. Why do you do that?
Hitting is a bad thing. Don’t ever come into my room. Why did you hit me? Try coming
into my room one more time. I’ll pull out all of your hair! Do you understand?
Try doing that one more time! I’m going to tell everything
to my sister. I’m sorry. Soo-ae is hungry. I want to eat. Please give me food. Yoo-ra, why did you leave
Yoon-jae’s house like that? What did Yoo-ra do there? Who leaves like that
after dropping tea cups in front of an elderly who is sick? They called to ask if you were okay. Why? Why did you do that,
my darling? Did something startle you? Something happened. I will directly apologize
to the Chairman myself. All right, make sure
to make a visit and apologize. Be sincere in your apology. Anyway, Dad…
I have changed my mind. Tell her daughter… no, my stepmother’s daughter to come live with us. I’ve been wrong.
Let’s live together. Mom,
who is the stepmother’s daughter? Why did you change your mind
so suddenly? Don’t force yourself. No, I’m not forcing myself, Grandma. Tell her to move in today.
I’ll try to get along with her. You don’t need to force yourself
and get stressed out because of it. We’re family, so I can’t just watch a
family member taking the wrong path. Taking the wrong path?
What do you mean? – You mean, my Yeon-hwa?
– I’m just worried. How lonely would she be living apart from her mother and sister. Because of loneliness,
she might take a wrong path. No one can say for sure. Also, a 25-year-old woman living
alone is exposed to crimes in this day and age. I’m only saying this
because I’m truly concerned. Oh, my poor baby… My kind baby. Hiding your hurt feelings and being
considerate of other people… My stomach is still bothering me.
Please excuse me. Wait, Yoo-ra. Yoo-ra. The burden must have been
as heavy as a rock. She’s not a three-year-old kid.
Of course it’s stressful on her. She didn’t do anything wrong. She must have felt
like a sinner every time she saw you and your wife together. She’s dying to get attention
from you. How it must have burdened her! Yoo-ra. Yoo-ra. Just wait and see. I will not let those two live
together at the place I found and decorate it
with things that I chose. This is full of love and hard work. Mr. Ha, do you want to try one? Mom, you already know
he’s not so friendly. You really have to show results now. That kid should help you. She made him resign. You expect her to
take the company to the next level? Develop your strength based on love. Don’t forget to take your oath
before all your employees. – Yes, Father.
– What kind of a woman is she that Yoon-jae even
wrote a resignation letter? Don’t even mention it. She has both men grasped
in her palm. The more I think about it
I think Yoon-jae can do much better. Yoon-jae,
what kind of person is she? Yoon-hee,
you said you have a boyfriend. So I asked you to bring him over,
but you haven’t yet. Do you have one? Why are you rushing? Do you want to marry both of them
off to save on the wedding costs? She will bring him when it’s time. I’ll bring him over. Tada! A surprise coming your way!
Soon to be released! Along with
the anti-wrinkle product launch that I’ve worked on for a year I’ll also introduce my boyfriend
who I’m sure you’ll love. You pumpkin. You’re always talk… I’m really going
to give my hopes up. Your brother is enough
of a deflated balloon. Honey, try some of this. I’ve had enough. Someone threw a fire extinguisher
through your car window? Did someone do it on purpose? Out of all the cars,
why was only yours ruined? If nothing was taken,
that’s really the mystery. When do you
get the CCTV results back? Who are you seeing? You’re not done with that punk? I have no intention to be done
with him. It can’t be Tae-il. Because he’s your friend? Break up with him.
It can’t ever be Tae-il. I’m not a kid, Yoon-jae. Make the right decision
since it’s your life. No brother would
just watch his sister walk into a ditch on her own. I’m not that stupid
to walk into a ditch. I’ll make the right decision. I keep hearing about you. Since you said you’d lay low
and quiet you should keep your word. My guys that you killed
are still alive. Right here. So start breathing after I die. If not… You can die. Don’t forget.
I can kill you if I want to. I’ll go to the end. If you can’t break up with Tae-il,
I’ll do it for you. No, I mean I am a new employee
of J Cosmetics. But you don’t have an ID! That’s because I left it at home. You can check the list of
new employees, it’s Choi Kang-wook. – Yes, yes, yes.
– Choi Kang-wook. – It’s Choi Kang-wook.
– Yes, yes, I got it. Hey, Aja! Aja, aja, aja! – Aja, aja, aja!
– Are you playing around? Get out! Get out! Are you playing around? Get out now! Get out. Let’s talk for a bit. Are you a new employee? I only need a few minutes. I’m busy so I don’t have time. I just need a minute. Since you don’t have time,
I’ll get straight to the point. I thought about it all night. To you,
I could look like a gold digger. I admit that. We met when I was a sophomore
in college, and we’ve been dating since then. We saw each other everyday
when we were in school. Libraries, book stores,
movie theaters, exhibitions, concerts, swimming pools, parks… We have so many memories together
that I can’t even list them all. Why do I have to listen
to your story like this? I’m not in a relationship
to get an apartment. Plus, I have no interest
in receiving one. Really? We saved up money
from our part-time jobs when we were in school. Once I get a job, we were going
to get married in two years. It’s not a casual fling
like you think or a relationship
that won’t go anywhere. We’re going to get married. Sure, your love was something
to be proud of. But, marriage is reality. Even normal people argue over
who’s right and who’s wrong. And you’ll be joining one
of the richest families? How? What’s so special about you
that you can join that family? Love? How long does that last? To a rich man, buying an apartment
for a woman means nothing. The fact that you might
become the woman hiding in that apartment… Do you really not know,
or pretend not to know? Get out, out! Get out, out! Seriously, get out! What’s going on here? He doesn’t have an ID.
We can’t identify him, but he keeps insisting on entering. My goal is to be the best. To become the CEO of J Cosmetics
is my dream. You remember me, right?

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