Ice Adonis | Yellow Boots – Episode 11 (English Subtitle)

This girl…
I will never forgive you! I will never forgive you! Ha Yoon-hee! You don’t know her at all. – You are wrong about her.
– Ms. Ha. Do you know how much
being tricked upsets me? I checked the CCTV. Let’s go.
I have to go see it for myself. Let’s go. What did you say? Father did? What about Father? Honey… Chairman. This woman… Yes, Chairman. Please tell me. Say anything. You have to see the children. This woman… Honey, honey, don’t worry about me. Right now you should not
be worried about me. – Honey.
– She is a bad woman. Their mom, their mom… – Honey! Honey!
– Sir! – Please continue…
– Honey! Honey! No! Honey! – Honey!
– Chairman! Honey, let me go too!
What will I do? – Honey!
– Chairman! Go faster. Faster! Yes, Sir. Not Father. Not Father. Please Chairman. Don’t leave us. Please. Father. Father, Father! Father! Please open your eyes, Father! What do we do, Yoon-jae? – What do we do?
– Father. I couldn’t even send you off. What are we going to do? I can’t let him go. – Father.
– I can’t let him go! Father. Father. Father! Your son is crying.
Your daughter is crying, too. How does it feel
to see your children cry? If you had recognized my son
Kang-wook, even once… I wouldn’t have treated Yoon-jae
like that. I wouldn’t have done it like this. But still, I did my best for you. So don’t be too upset.
Rest in peace, Honey. – Ma’am. Ma’am.
– Mom. Mom. Mom. – Wake up.
– Mom! Father. Hello,
this is the President’s Assistant. What? The Chairman… died? Yes, I understand. Yoon-jae… The President must be so sad… Hello? I told you not to answer.
Get me Grandma. Yes, I’ll get her. Grandma! It’s Sister. Oh, hello, Yoo-ra. Stop crying and speak.
What happened? What? Chairman Ha passed away? Yes. Of course I’ll go. Be careful on the road. Why was he in such a hurry to go? He should have married
off his children. Chairman Ha is the person
In-seok looks up to, right? Did he pass away? Call In-seok. He called earlier and said he
was going to the hospital. He must be there. I’ve lived too long. Did Grandma live too long? Chairman. Chairman. You have no reason to be here. Father accepted him. I’m your guardian from now on. Let’s not do this
in front of Father. Don’t think that you’ll be accepted
just because you love Yoon-hee. Yoon-jae. I don’t have the qualification
to bid him farewell? What qualification? He left his last wish to me. I promised him that I’d protect
Yoon-hee and make her happy. I want to keep that promise. I’m Yoon-hee’s guardian. Right. As you wish, I’ll leave everything
and come back when I’m clean. Because I need to protect Yoon-hee. Because I need to make your
sister, Yoon-hee, happy. Since the head of the house doesn’t
want me here, I will leave. I’ll be in front. I won’t go anywhere. You should have stayed until
your children were married. How could you close your eyes
and leave your children here? Chairman. The Chairman… has passed away. You’re the owner of
J Cosmetics now, Kang-wook. My son, you suffered for twenty
years being abroad alone. The world is yours now. Get ready and come here. Oh my. You shouldn’t be
lying here all exhausted. Lady Jo. Don’t do this. Even though your husband is gone,
you shouldn’t do this. I know how you feel,
but life has to go on. It really hurts inside. I feel like my heart is torn apart. Oh, of course! I was with him for twenty
years, but in the end… He was looking
for the children’s mother. I loved him so much. But in the end,
he said I was a bad woman… And looked
for the children’s mother. He was being mean on purpose. He knew this is how you’d react
so he did it on purpose. What’s the use thinking of
a person who’s gone? Just focus on the future. You need strength
to take care of the children. Yes, Lady Jo.
I’ll get up. I’ll be strong. I’ll escort you. I can’t let you go! Take me with you, take me with you! You said we’d be together forever!
How could you leave first? Mom, you’re going to faint.
How can I live like this? Take me with you, take me with you! We were supposed
to be together forever. What am I supposed to do now? Honey! Honey! Father passed away while
Yoon-hee and I were gone. Now it’s my turn to reveal all
of your atrocious sins one by one. Get out. Ms. Ha.
Please just let me say farewell. Who is expecting you?
How can you show up here? Are you a psychopath?
Can you not feel guilt? Because of you, Yoon-jae and I were
gone for Father’s last moments. Because I was dealing with you and Yoon-jae was listening
to you whine… We couldn’t see him go. And you want to say farewell to him? Do you know how I feel right now? I want to kill you, Seol Yeon-hwa. I want to kill you! What are you doing? You’re disgusting! You’re so
terrible I’m shaking! Stop here, Ha Yoon-hee. Let go! This girl…
I will never forgive you! I will never forgive you! Ha Yoon-hee! Yeon-hwa. Where is the head
of the house going? Yeon-hwa. Let’s go in.
You’re the daughter-in-law. My heart feels really heavy
right now. I am so sorry that it had to happen
in front of the Chairman’s portrait. But… It’s natural that Ms. Ha is upset. She won’t be okay until she sees
evidence that proves me innocent. I think about it a hundred times
per day. How did I get involved
in something like this? Who would frame me? Why would it be me? If it has to be me,
then I will fix it. It’s a misunderstanding,
so the truth will come out. I’ll take care of it
with Attorney Min’s help. It drives me crazy that this might have happened
because of me. Why are you saying something
like that? The Chairman was a good man, so
he must have gone to a good place. Go in now. I’m sorry I can’t be there with
you when you are suffering. But, wherever I am, I’m thinking about you,
cheering you on, and loving you. Don’t forget that, okay? I know you didn’t do it and would
never do something like that. Thank you for trusting me.
Be strong. I married when I was a flower
and now I am almost a Grandma. Good job, Jang Min-ja. Good job, Kang-wook. I can only face you in death
Chairman Ha Myoung-gook. I was hoping we would at least
have dinner together. For twenty years, I ate alone.
Twenty years. I missed family. You said you had only one son,
Yoon-jae. So you said I should live quietly. My mother raised Yoon-jae and
Yoon-hee, ditching her own child. For twenty years, I was an orphan. I was hit with stones, beaten
locked up, ran away, and begged. I begged for my life. It was harsh and cruel time, like
being thrown into the pits of hell. From now on,
I will enjoy everything Ha Yoon-jae, your only son, has enjoyed. Please watch me,
Chairman Ha Myoung-gook. Who can be blamed
for the Chairman’s death? You can only blame destiny. Think that he went to a
better place, and be strong. Mom, why didn’t we go together
with Grandma and Dad? Is that place only
for Grandma and Dad? Yeah. Is it because a dead ghost emerges? Soo-ae, you were sick
after Dad died, right? They were worried that
you might get sick again. Hurry and eat. Because of Dad, Yeon-hwa and I
got scolded by a bad man. What do you mean? Because of Dad,
a bad man did this to me. He tied up my hands. Like that and got angry at Yeon-hwa. So what do you mean? Yeon-hwa told me not to say it. Oh, it’s Yeon-hwa. Yeon-hwa, Dal-soon had a baby.
Dal-soon had a baby! Wow, Dal-soon’s family is bigger. Soo-ae must be happy. You were in a hurry to leave,
so who died? Actually, the guy I’m dating.
His father passed away. What? An illness? So that’s
what happened to him… Then why did you come early?
You should have stayed with him. Something happened. What about Grandmother and Dad? Grandma and Dad went
to meet a ghost. They didn’t take Soo-ae with them.
Because Soo-ae is sick. Chairman Ha Myoung-gook
of J Cosmetics. By the way, your company Chairman
died, so shouldn’t you visit him? Honestly… CD? Not the original, but a CD? Then he saw a copy of a recording? Chairman Ha Myoung-gook
of J Cosmetics. By the way, your company Chairman
died, so shouldn’t you visit him? Honestly… Nothing.
I’ll go upstairs and change, Mom. Yeon-hwa. I heard about it. What do you mean,
industrial espionage? Who’s insisting on this nonsense? Even if someone threatened you
you would never do that. Someone deserves a punishment. Who would frame you when
you just started working there? Do people actually believe it? Mom, because of that, the new
product launch was stopped. And my boyfriend’s sister
is my boss, so she’s really upset now. It must have been so hard
to keep it all inside. Let’s ask Father for help. This is not minor so we
shouldn’t endure it. I think I’ll play my last card. If my sincerity and truth don’t work
then I’ll ask for Father’s help. Luckily I have an attorney
who’s willing to help me. You’ve always tried
to solve your own problems because of your lacking parents. Don’t do it. Father and I are here, so don’t
be alone and ask us for help. Okay. I trust my daughter. Truth always prevails and
is revealed at the end. Be strong, Yeon-hwa, okay? Yes. – Attorney Min.
– Oh, Yoo-ra. How have you been? Okay. What about your Father? He was here earlier. He went to take Grandma home
but will be back. He must be sad. He looked up to Chairman Ha
since high school. Thanks to Judge Choi, I was
introduced to Chairman Ha, too. Who would have known he
would leave so early? I agree, he left too early.
He used to be healthy. It must be hard for you to
assist President Ha Yoon-jae. Well, let’s go in. Attorney Min, about Seol Yeon-hwa… The President told me
to help Seol Yeon-hwa so I got a copy
of the CCTV recording. Did you watch it? I haven’t finished it yet. I have it with me.
Do you want to take it? Mom is probably having a tough time
right now. She even fainted. Mom and Dad got along well. We didn’t get to say farewell
to him, but she was there. Watching him die must
have been tough but he even looked for our Mom. She must have been very sad. Why do you trust her? How can a smart girl
like you be like that to her? You don’t know how two-faced she is? I also hated our stepmom
when I was little. But even when you and I
were causing trouble, she stood by Father and us. Whereas our real mom left
her husband and children. I am also a woman, and now I
understand with age… How hard it is for a single woman to
raise two kids with many scars. She didn’t have her own children
but she stood with us to this day. Stepmom also deserves sympathy.
Let’s not hate her. From now,
stepmom is our only parent. Both you and Father are
deceived by that woman. Yoon-jae. President Ha, my condolences to you. Please get through this. This is the wil
that the Chairman left. Father. I had it notarized, so listen to the recording
and read the will carefully. I will give another copy to Mrs. Ha. How long does manufactured loyalty last? Why is that important? I’ve managed the business for 40 years. Learn and follow. You want to throw away the
presidency for a woman? How stupid. Here is my resignation letter. Please accept it.
I’d like to keep my promise. For a guy who wanted to keep
his promise, why did you do that? Yoon-jae, you liked playing
soccer when you were little. Because I was busy with work, you
always had to play by yourself. I may be successful as a businessman
but I failed as a father. If you’d come to me as my son again
in the next life, let’s play soccer together. Let’s have a fun life. I’m sorry I couldn’t be the
Father you’d be proud of. I’m only leaving you with burdens. Please take care of the
company and Yoon-hee. You are my only son. I believe in you. I should give you five stars today. Thank you. Go downstairs
and have my shoes ready. Shoes are the key point. Yes, Ma’am. – What?
– Has it been a year or two years since Father passed away? So? I miss when you were
a pretentious hypocrite. You have no reason
to be one anymore? They’re right. A widow does live
in the prison of the Son. You’ve never pretended to be my son so this is funny,
President Ha Yoon-jae. Just be yourself. Trying to have a conversation
is cumbersome for both of us. Right? Leave this house. With the money you inherited, you can
buy tens of houses like this. Leave. This house is co-owned by
you, Yoon-hee and me. It was Father’s last gift as a
hope for a happy family. So does it make sense
to live all apart? Anyways, Yoon-hee will need a home
to visit once she gets married. We need a proper appearance. And, refrain
from entering my private space. Shouldn’t family members respect
each other’s privacy? I also won’t take any nagging
or meddling comments. Focus on protecting the
company, my President Ha. That should keep you more than busy. Majority shareholders are already
talking about a lack of trust. Even if you lose, you should
try until the very end. Don’t you think so? I wish Judge Choi or Dr. Seo
was here right now. They have a good show to watch. Cry and faint. Then cry and faint. Your slapstick act was something
to behold. It was so good,
even I almost fell for it. You dressed up lavishly
from head to toe… But the rotting smell
is filling the air. It’s rotting somewhere. An evil person hurts herself
before hurting others. Maybe she hurt herself so
much that pus is coming out. And she’s the only one unaware. It won’t help you to annoy me
for no reason. I had ordered it a while ago
but it just got delivered. I said it was for a young CEO
and I ended up with this. Do you like it? I really like it. Thank you, Mom. Here. Follow them to the end. Hello, Attorney Min. You watched the CCTV recording? Yes, but there was no one going into the office
at the time you mentioned. Meaning, there was nothing strange. That can’t be. There must be a recording of someone
going into the development office. I watched the CD several times
but that’s what it shows. Yes, I understand. Thank you for your help. CD? Not the original, but a CD? Then he saw a copy of a recording? Ms. Go. Oh my. You’re really persistent.
It’s really something. Aren’t you tired of it? You trusted me
and showed me the document. Wasn’t it awkward to be put
in that situation? What’s the use of repeating yourself,
it’s okay. Ms. Go,
please help me one last time. Leave. Extending the faith you had in me
before please help me one last time. Once I get cleared, your
problem will be resolved too. The reason I can go this far
is because I am innocent. It’s not just for my sake, but
it’s to save the new product, too. I have to clear my name. Please, trust me this one time. Okay, I’ll trust you one last time. Thank you. Thank you, Ms. Go.

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