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G’day everyone, Ian Fieggen here, also known as “Professor Shoelace”. Today’s video is about my “Ian’s Shoe Lacing Cards”. Now this is a deck of fifty-two cards containing a great collection of decorative and functional ways to lace shoes. Now each has a nice photo, a brief description, and a full-size, color-coded diagram on the back. Now some examples of lacing methods would be “Straight European Lacing” for something like this dress shoe. Or “Gap Lacing” – puts a gap over the instep for something like a running shoe. Or “Lattice Lacing” – makes a decorative lattice for something like a decorative sneaker. Those and 49 more methods are in “Ian’s Shoe Lacing Cards”. Now this is just a prototype deck that I had printed. This is more like what the real deck will look like, although in color. And … that will actually have miniatures of all the backs on the back of the box. And the deck will actually be Poker-sized which is slightly wider than the … prototypes I’ve had printed. But nonetheless, the prototypes will show you sort of what it looks like. It’s a deck of cards, each of which has a different diagram on the back. So that means you can really use it as playing cards because, look – someone holding that hand, someone would have a pretty good idea that that’s what you’re holding if they’ve memorized this deck. But … the main reason for the playing card – you know, all the pips, the Aces and Spades and all that sort of stuff is to use as a quick index. So, for example, if we’re looking for the “Angled Checker Lacing”, that’s the Ace of Spades, so we can fairly quickly riffle through the deck and find the … somewhere … find the Ace of Spades. Then when you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can put it on the table, pull up a shoe and go ahead and lace it. You can also hand the card to a friend and say, “There you go mate, now you can lace your shoe.” And thirdly, if you … wanted to, you could put your favourites at the top of the deck, so you could say: Right, I like the “Straight Bar Lacing” and the … the “Hexagram Lacing”, I’m gonna have them at the top of my deck, so you can have all your favorites easily accessible. Anyway, that’s a quick look at the deck. I’ve launched it on “Kickstarter” to try to raise funds for the project, so far I’ve printed a prototype deck that looks a bit like that and I’m hoping to produce the full deck. If you feel that this is a project worth supporting then I look forward to receiving your pledge on Kickstarter, and one day we’ll be able to make “Ian’s Shoe Lacing Cards” a reality. Thanks for watching and I look forward to receiving your pledge.


  • You should do ASMR

  • Hi Ian,I'm just asking,do you recommend this lacing?(https://youtu.be/rbua-8BOAyI)

  • Sorry to say that my Kickstarter project did not receive enough backers, so my "Ian's Shoe Lacing Cards" will not be printed. It seemed like a good idea, but obviously it wasn't! Oh well, back to making videos and updating my Ian's Shoelace Site.

  • Happy New Year!!! Professor…you getting old…..nope?! ._."

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