Ian’s experimental shoelace knot – Professor Shoelace

G’day everyone, Ian Fieggen here, also known as “Professor Shoelace”, and inventor of the “Ian Knot” – – the world’s fastest shoelace knot. Now the Ian Knot can also be tied in the middle of a piece of string or shoelace by simply creating a couple of loops and pushing the ends through each other. Looks neat but – – it won’t secure anything because the ends, which normally would go around whatever you’re securing, are the “drawstrings” that pull this knot undone. So they won’t hold any tension. But I recently came up with this interesting variation. Create the loops as normal. Instead of passing them under each other, pass them over each other and continue to this position. Now pull that part [inside the left loop] and that part [inside the right loop] through each other’s loops to create this strange knot. Now I’m using just the top parts of the loops for the tightening and I swing it into this position and pull. Now you’ll find that if I pull these – – what’s normally the “drawstrings” – – it doesn’t pull the knot undone but it locks it into this very neat position. We’ve got two “lower” parts of the loops that actually touch the surface and two “upper” parts of the loops that are sitting up off the surface, and pulling those upper parts will tighten the knot. They draw material into the loops and pull that section tight. Now you notice I’ve got this lower loop a bit longer than the other. If I hold both part of that loop to hold it taut, I can then just pull the upper part to draw more material into this loop and match the size. And to really lock it you can hold both parts of both loops and pull to lock tight. Now it looks a bit weird on a shoe sitting vertically instead of horizontally but potentially it’s useful because you can tighten the knot a bit further while it’s on your foot without having to untie and re-tie. Now if these parts no longer untie the knot, how do you get it undone? The answer is the lower parts of these loops. If I grab that one – this one – – pull them out to the sides – – give ’em a tug – – just spills the knot – – easily comes undone. Now, whether people find this useful for shoelaces – I don’t know. Maybe someone can try it – – leave me a comment? But for useful shoelace knots, there’s plenty of them on my Ian’s Shoelace Site:

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