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G’day everyone, Ian Fieggen here, also known as “Professor Shoelace”, as you can see from this T-shirt that my partner had made up for me! Now I’ve done a few videos in the past about my “Ian Knot”, the world’s fastest shoelace knot. Today I’m doing a tutorial video, much slower, much more detail. I’m sure you’ll be able to learn the “Ian Knot” from using this video. Now give me a second while we get set up here … And we can begin. Now I’ll start by showing it to you at normal speed so you can see that it really is the world’s fastest shoelace knot. That’s it – two steps, two seconds and it’s tied! Now let’s look at that in more detail. Begin with a left-over-right starting knot, so that’s the left end going over and through the right end. Then we create two loops. The left-hand loop has the loose end in front and the right-hand loop has the loose end behind. Those loose ends get crossed over in the middle of the knot, fed through each other’s loops, and pulled tight. Again, left-hand loop with the loose end in front, right-hand loop with the loose end behind. Now you’ll notice I’m pushing the right-hand loose end in through this left-hand loop in front of that piece there, and at the same time I’m pushing this loose left end … through the right-hand loop, which goes behind that piece there. And when I pull them through, it creates the knot. Now when people are first learning this knot, they tend to … do the two loops … symmetrically, so here we’ve got mirror images, we’ve got both loose ends in front, or … they’ll do it like that, with both loose ends behind. And that just simply won’t work, you … push them through, and you just … you get nothing, there is no knot there. So here’s a trick for creating the loops in the right orientation: Let’s do it in two steps. Grab them each with the thumb and forefinger, thumbs towards you, forefingers away from you, and … just swing them. I’m swinging the left end to the front and the right end to the back, away from me. Next, I swing them upwards so that they meet in the middle. And at this point, where everything’s in the right position, we can just do the crossover and pull through. Again, grab them … in each hand, swing the left end forwards, the right end backwards, swing them up to meet in the middle, and then do the crossover and feed through. Now as you start to get used to this, you’ll have to do it less and less obviously as two steps, you’ll be able to do sort of one flowing movement like that. And eventually you’ll just be able to do it … like that. Now the final thing to watch out for is that I tie my starting knot left-over-right, but a lot of other people tie their starting knot right-over-left. Now that’s fine, and you’d think it wouldn’t make much difference, but it does! When I do the remainder of the knot, notice how it’s trying to sit “along” the shoe instead of “across” the shoe? Now that’s an un-balanced knot that we call a “Granny Knot”, and that knot will actually come undone a lot more easily. So, either continue to do it the way that I do it with a left-over-right starting knot, and then swing the left end forwards, the right end backwards, meet in the middle, and pull it through. Or, do the whole lot in reverse. You can do … a right over left starting knot. Then the right end swings forwards, left end swings backwards, meet in the middle, pull through, and you’ve again got a balanced knot that’ll stay securely tied. Finally, you may have noticed that I actually do my starting knot using the “Ian Knot” technique in reverse. So I start by swinging the right end forwards, left end backwards, meet in the middle, pull the loose ends all the way through, to create my starting knot. Then I swing the left end forwards, the right end backwards, meet in the middle, and pull through to create the finishing knot. So as long as those two steps are done in reverse of each other, you’ll have a balanced knot that’ll sit secure. Anyway, that’s the “Ian Knot”, hope you managed to learn it! And if you want more detailed instructions, diagrams, animations, you name it, you can go to Ian’s Shoelace Site: www.fieggen.com/shoelace


  • I have problem that with Ian knot lace remains alot longer which doesn't look good. As you can see in your own video lace touches ground.

  • Foxee

  • I've been working is a shoe factory for some years and all they taught was the old two bunney hoop method.
    This new way will increase my production a lot and with lot less effort.
    Thank You

  • By utilizing the Ian knot twice you are never dealing with the full length of the shoelace by having to thread The Bitter End under or through one another or the standing part of the knot… I like it.

    As a deckhand on a tugboat and off -hitch as a launch operate at a yacht Club and in between continuation of my occupation as a yacht rigger I have a the flat bow line that can be used to throw a bite in the middle of a line without having to work The Bitter End which comes in handy with a snapped 3 in wire rope towing a cement barge

  • Awesome! Took me a few minutes, but I got it! 🙂 Thanks!

  • I got it this time! Thank you

  • saw someone do this at school, did it once on accident, then i got to this vid same method

    got it first try

  • I tried on lace get a knotted the others sticking out

  • Thank you Ian! This is the quickest and easiest shoelace I've ever seen. I watch this every time I buy new shoes. Much love.

  • arigatou!

  • i still cannot

  • My IQ is not so high. It too me while before i could make this.

  • woah I’ve mastered it

  • Well done professor, great video about basic life skills !!!

  • Rascal moron

  • Oh my gosh…I got it on my first try, so easy. Tfs. I did it about 10 times in a row and can do it almost as fast as shown

  • Omg. You’re absolutely right! Symmetrical result and faster. Measurably faster (8 count for traditional, 7 count for this with 3 practice tries in my life, note my counts are not seconds, just a count) and looks better. Dang.

  • Your right and left are backwards, your still giving the instructions for a seeing it from the front not the top.

  • This video was much easier to follow visually, with the camera angle this way then the other video of yours I tried many many times without luck! I found it easier to think of swapping grips of the trailing lace, versus trying to shove the Loops through each other.

  • I wonder if I might be helpful for some people to think of it as swapping / handing off the back side of one loop for the front side of the other loop.

  • I was taught to tie my shoes this way as a kid, I've been trying them this way my whole life…

  • Why do u do so fast u think everyone knows how to tie your way??????????????

  • Thanks Ian, Simple, quick and effective. What ore could anyone want. I wish I'd learned this 60 years ago 🙂

  • Partner? Who is that.

  • Nothing helps me.I am 12 years old and I can't tie shoes it's so hard.I watched many videos and my parents learn me but nothing

  • thanks

  • now I know how to shoelace

  • so simple way, but you know, 2 night i learn but i still cant. whats wrong with me


  • OMG I FEEL LIKE A GOD. So I judt watched two videos about shoe life hacks. The first video I watched before this explains how to fix the tongue of a sneaker from sliding and then i came across this video, and let me tell you that the ian knot worked PERFECTLY! I just have to watch this video so many times to get used to it. I JUST DID SOMETHING COOL ?

  • Thx so much this helped a lot!

  • I came here from devilman crybaby?

  • I can do the knot but im not very fast

  • Nice one, though I only made it to 1:13 before I jumped up and tried it on my own shoes, with immediate success. Left me wondering just why we weren't all thaught to tie out shoelaces with this knot in the first place. Also, I'll have to figure out if there is any difference in durability. But for now, thanks for teaching me 😀

  • This is actually a fairly complex "simple" technique. It's clever and definitely quick once sussed. However, watching it in slo mo, you realise that the finger movements are actually fairly complex and easy to miss in all the videos that show this tie. It's not a technique that many of those with poor fine motor skills would pick up ( or at least the 2 people that I tried to help certainly couldn't). I suspect they would prefer slower ties that break it down a bit more, I feel with this one, the fingers are required to do too many different sorts of things at the same time.
    Great vid though thanks

  • thank you. the picture kind of instructions never help me.

  • Thank you. I for whatever reason can never get the knot I was taught right enough so my boot laces constantly came undone, and when you may have to sprint across the prison grounds in a moments notice I can't be constantly having to tie my boot laces. It took a few tries but now I can do this pretty fast, and it pulls so tight that I have gone 2 days not having to stop and re-tie. It's pretty amazing, and I dont understand why this isn't taught more. I know my nieces are about to learn how from me

  • Thank you so much–this helped my son with autism finally learn to tie his laces!

  • Thank you sir for teaching this. There are a lot of videos about Ian knot but nobody can teach better than the creator himself.

  • ありがとう靴紐教授!!?

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  • the intro freaked me out lmao

  • thank god for youtube. your website doesn't do this knot any justice

  • Ian sir, you are a genius.

  • Should you reverse each foot?

  • Thank you

  • I got lost in the 3rd step(the lower cross thing).

  • Thank you ProfessorShoelace

  • This is insanely easy, I love it! Thank you!

  • Useless

  • G'day mate. Aussie aussie aussie!

  • Thank you for teaching me!

  • Thank you

  • Wonderful

  • Wonderful

  • I officially QUIT.

  • walahi i did on my first try

  • Omg I’ve literally been trying to do this for like a year. Finally got it. Excellent tutorial!

  • Thank you sir I’m 26 and for the first time I liked how my shoelaces look

  • I have watched it 55 times and I never got it I am stupid

  • The amount of time it takes to watch this video and learn this knot is more than the amount of time you will save over a lifetime of using it

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  • Un Poco De Todo.

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  • THANKS ????????

  • Learned in 5 minutes. Best knot ever

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  • Thanks! Know i finally know ?

  • add exam paper also

  • great thank you.

  • Can you teach me how to tie a noose knot because I plan on hanging myself this knot is bullshit

  • At first I started doing the standard shoelace knot and I wanted to tie my shoes faster so I found this video and now I can tie my shoes faster!

  • And what about the extra lace left ?! I hate it

  • Thanks!!!


  • Para que le pone tutorial detallado si nisiquiera se le entiende

  • Thanks!

  • I watched this videos like 3 years ago and I still do this knot today

  • it works wow

  • It took me only 2 minutes!!

    I'm going to cry :'D

  • I just wasted 3 minutes of my life. I looked for a way to hide the knot.


  • Thank you so much proffesor.. Learnt this lessions @ age of 33.. ?

  • left forward right back – easy peasy
    pull toward each other – childs play
    cross the loops over each other – 4 dimensional fuckery

  • 2019 anyone???

  • I let out an audible gasp of amazement as i completed the first correct knot. I just couldnt help myself.

    If you're having difficulty making the actual knot part the only thing i can tell you is that both laces in your hands that are currently above your middle finger should X each other before you use your middle fingers to swap them.

  • But I wear slip on Chelsea Boots. So I cannot perform the world's fastest knot. Hmm.

  • I learned this knot from the website 16, 17 maybe 18 years ago? I also learned the Turquoise Turtle Knot which is the best knot for keeping everything tied (yet still easy to untie); way better than a double knot (which I hate).

  • Doesn't work

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  • O La La…. btW can now do it with herself

  • I forgot how to tie my shoes, and now I'm probably the fastest in my class…

  • Yeaaaaa im gonna stick to my classic reef knot due to my shoe style

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