I Wore Platform Crocs For A Week


  • HELLO FRIENDS!!! no, i don't know why i did this either. what do you think of these shoes?? wait until the end for an update on the frankenphora lipstick giveaway! xoxo, saf

  • Am I the only one that is obsessed with crocs and has 5 pairs 😀😁

  • Umm cool?😶😶😶

  • We all need a fraction of the confidence that Safiya has! 😀

  • You sound like my 3rd period teacher talking bout/B.C

  • When your wereing 15 cm platforms and your boyfriend is still taller than you

  • I liked the black ones lol

  • You should check out Fashion Brand Company! You can buy three legged pants, three headed polo shirts, and eight armed octopus dress.

  • Buys* wears to school*

  • I’m wearing crocs right now

  • The vsco girls are quaking sksksks and I oop

  • 5:39

    Not a soul :

    Not a microorganism :

    safiya Nygaard: LARGE AND IN CHARGE…

    Latrice Royale: BiTcH aRe YoU CoMiNg FoR My BrAnD?!?!

  • 10:32 no they came to demonize you

  • I liked 2-6

  • Omg I hate crocs so much

  • Idk if I am stupid or not but I've been watching Safiya for a year now and Tyler just answer my question on how to pronounce Nygaard.

  • i loved them when she matched them with the casual outfits 💗

  • You should have gotten the black crocs at the balenciaga store

  • Its so cute😍😍😍

  • Walk a mile in these lubitons

  • FYI those are nothing like pointe shoes

  • this look disgusting 😂😂💀

  • These are not made for the beach

    Me who lives at the beach and loves crocs Hold my converse.

  • Im a goth btw I ❣ u

  • Am I the only one who saw that women taking a video of her at 3:20

  • Safiya: Jet-Setter
    Me: Rosanna is wearing platform oxfords in Escape The night

  • sprains ankle

  • "Hi im Belenciaga!"
    Weird 57 year old man:- aRe yOU FrEe ToNiGhT?
    "No.. im never free"

  • No my question is why is ever outfit is black and she picks pink and than there was black right there then u do nothing but the 4th outfit is matching ps. I THOUGHT BLACK MACHED WITH EVERYTHING BUT I WAS WRONG

  • Vsco spice girls vibes

  • You should become a vsco girl for a week

  • You should’ve bought them in black! (Because they would’ve matched tryout style)


  • Ma la vera domanda è… perché c’è la bandiera italiana sopra quegli zoccoli :’)

  • The target platform Crocs Girl

  • I like some crocs but not all some are ugly

  • I think you should have the black instead it's just my opinion

  • I have rainbow crocs


  • the vsco girls are shook

  • U look like ray dizzle

  • 13:00 is the best man.


  • Am i the only one surprised she didn’t get the black ones?

  • Pause 2:47 thank me later

  • Those shoes cost more than all of my clothes.

  • I don't hate these and if I could get them for a reasonable price I would

  • My friend saw these and immediately wanted to get them and then she saw the price…

  • Omg more balenciaga crocs

  • I wore platforms that tall in 4th grade because my grandmother is crazy and shouldn't have children near her. Hahahhaha

  • 2019 anyone?

  • Omg I saw on a shop and it said the ugliest shoes in the word ew

  • It’s

  • i wrote this with two eyes open
    i wrote this with one eye open
    i wrote this with no ehed open

    *i wrote this with no eyes open*⬆️

  • Vsco girls if they were goth lmao!

  • I have the same berlin and paris buttons from a croc store

  • Prob Those high croc are for when u go to the beach and u don’t want sand to get in your shoe

  • this video is the only reason i know that croc charms are called jibbitz

  • You should have worn a teal, yellow, or pink harujuku dress with barrets and knee high socks!

  • 🥺

  • This is probably the only time where Safiya wears pink willingly

  • Idk why but the last outfit gave me a Miranda sings vibe…… 🤔

    Anyone else?

  • Your my new history teacher

  • first video I ever really badly disliked sorry

  • I think they would work best with the bratz stuff

  • I always pray she got her money back

  • 3:23 ok randomly she looks so pretty with curly hair

  • I want one

  • OMG you should be on the news your voice is amazing!

  • I'm the only one who like this shoes?

  • And I opp and I oop saf is should be a vsco girl!

  • Black, black, black, black, pink, black and black.

  • the real vsco boots

  • I love these crocs but I would wear them in black

  • This is for the vsco girls lmao

  • and i oop- sksksksksks

  • Unpopular opinion:

    Crocs are freaking ugly

  • 2:47 my nsme is timber

  • Love your videos girl ! Thank you !!

  • I would love them… and my size too….I LOVE crocs

  • Omg they are so ugly

  • I kinda want them….

  • Too bad Jenna Marbles didn't have these for her "I want to be tall" video

  • Cute but very expensive


  • Whenever i get sad i come here to re watch you break your ankles 50 times lmaooo.

  • After seeing your 10 pm ugliest outfit… I've decided we should hang out 🤣


  • saf has hit croc bottom 🐊

  • Saf please come up with kid sized merch please (maybe with a bell sleave)

  • I’m kinda surprised she didn’t get the black one

  • your wearing your crocs in sport mode🥴

  • Anyone here 2019 Sep


  • Vsco girls have entered the chat

  • Mr. Dursley literally despises you.


  • 12:28 I ligit thought there was a UFO of something 🤣🤣🤣👌

  • 2:57 walk a mile in these Louis Vuitton’s 😂

  • 2nd, 3rd and the last one were my favorite outfits

  • Is her whole closet black?!??

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