I Wore 9-Foot-Long Extendo Jeans For A Day

Hello friends, and welcome to another video. Today, I’m going to be attempting to wear the 9ft long Extendo Jeans. So, in our questionable fashion series, we’ve taken on a few pairs of strange pants before including, the clear knee mom jeans, and the completely clear jeans. And, we’ve also encountered some over-sized denim before with the 4-foot long sleeved Slender Man jacket. And, I do think that over the past year or so, people have been doing a lot of weird stuff with denim. So, a few weeks ago, an image started circulating around Twitter of these Extendo Pants. Made by this company Bronze 56k. Now, they seem to be like a skateboard apparel company whose normal price point is pretty mid-ranged. But for some reason, they decided to make seemingly unsellable 9ft long-legged 500 dollar jeans. And per usual, the internet was mad. But thankfully, we were lucky enough to snag a pair. If “lucky” is the right word. I have not yet really taken these out of the package, because I wanted to save it for now but the amount that is spiralled is, like, very concerning. It’s really just a dense log of denim. This is like the yule log, except jeans. Alright. Ready, Ty? Should we get another camera? I feel like we need another camera because its about to go, like, off the table. Oh my word! Where do they end? Where do they begin? I’m honestly, like, actually speechless. Gobsmacked. Dumbfounded. Just absolutely aghast. This is…uh, an anchor, for sure. You could anchor a small boat with these, I think. (Tyler: Yeah.) Unless a, like, large octopus or squid came by and tried to mate with it which is also possible. I mean, the thing that’s sort of concerning to me is that, like, I don’t think we can get like a good shot of all of it in frame right now unless I just, like, bunch it up like this. And I’m like, “Here are my pants! This pile!” So, why don’t we put these things on and see how they look on a body? So to actually put them on, I wanted to go to a different room with some more space to spread out. My anaconda don’t want none, unless your legs are 9 feet long, hun. I was a little nervous that I might not fit in to them waist-wise because these pants only came in one size. Oh, it’ll be fine, it’ll be fine. Oh actually, it fits with a little room to spare! Safiya: Nice~ But once I was in, I had to face the “Daddy Long Legs”. My feet are just like dragging like a long veil, almost like a denim bride. You obviously couldn’t walk outside with these on, ’cause then you would just trail them around. Or really anything. (Tyler: Yeah.) Elevator, alligator. It seems from the looks of it, the jeans get their lengthiness from being three pant legs sewn together. And my feet fall, like, right the first pair of pants end. Like, here’s one pair of pants and then there’s just more. But though it was unwieldy overall, there is definitely something fun about being able to, like, whip your pant leg around like so. You could probably do some like fun, like, rhythmic gymnastics almost. You know what I mean, like put ribbons in your hands and be like *whips legs* hwahhh. It’s okay, I hit the wall, it’s fine. And besides long-distance slapping, you can also sort of lasso objects, and then fling them across the room. I just hit myself. Oh! That was pretty good! After a little experimentation, it felt like it was time to venture outside. But to do so, we obviously had to face the issue of the jeans just dragging on the ground. Though, Bronze56K had posted a few photos to show how one might do this. Like in this Instagram, where they scrunch up the jeans accordion style so that your feet stick out the bottom. This look may be more functional, but it retains none of the grandeur of the 9 foot long legs. And the posting of this photo kind of reminds me of how with the 4 foot leg sleeve denim jacket, the company selling it changed their marketing photo to one with the sleeves folded over. Which completely concealed just how long the sleeves were, after they received some criticism about the ridiculousness of the item. In terms of the actual logistics of the scrunching, Even though like the waist is actually kind of loose at this point, (Tyler: Yeah) my thighs are just so juicy that I can’t scrunch ’em up. (Tyler: I think one way you could put it, is these pants were not ready for the jelly.) As these pants stood, they kind of looked like a lumpy pair of flare jeans. From like the waist to the knee, it’s kind of like a 90s like dad jean. And then from the knee to the floor, it’s like Michelin Man. But even though that might not have been the desired look, it was really all we could do. So I grabbed a pair of chunky shoes and we headed out and about. Now, my initial concern was that the pants would unwind and fall below the shoes and I would get caught in stuff. But my sneakers actually did a pretty good job of plugging the denim up. And after a few minutes, it became clear that the actual obstacle of wearing these pants was just how bulky they were. (Tyler: *laughs* Are you getting a work out out of this?)
Safiya: Oh yeah. It was also very warm outside. (Tyler: It’s so hot) Which didn’t really help the ankle insulation situation. It’s gonna be kind of like one of those things. You know, where, like, celebrities wanna lose weight, they just wrap themselves in Saran Wrap (Tyler: Oh yeah) and sweat out their juices, that’s going to be my ankles. (Tyler: Juices?) So, though the pants weren’t dragging on the ground, they were kind of difficult to wear. And although we had the rough estimation that the pants are 9 feet long, I wanted to know exactly how much the pants weigh. and also how much surface area of denim the pants have. (Tyler: You look like you’re running in slow motion, kinda!) So after busting out the scale and weighing ’em, these pants weigh in at about 3 and a half times what my normal pair of jeans weigh. (Tyler: Oh yeah, and she’s spent) And also have about 3 times the square inch-age of denim. Which kind of makes sense, but at this point most of that was concentrated around my calves. (Tyler: ‘these are the Martha Stewart Denim Pants’) Safiya: Oh my God, savage.
(Tyler: She’s not in house arrest anymore!) Now, as I mentioned before, Bronze56K is a skateboarding apparel company. Look, guys, I found my board! So even though running and walking in these pants wasn’t the easiest, I wanted to see if perhaps they were ideal for boarding. Like, maybe, adding weight to the bottom of my legs would lower my center of balance. Nah nah nah naaaaah ahhhhhhh! (Tyler: *laughing*) Now, it doesn’t help this experiment that I’m terrible at skateboarding. But I don’t think I was any better because of the pants. Oh my god, too fast, too fast, too fast! Lean to WHERE? Ta daa! My other thought was that maybe the bunching of the fabric would provide more cushion to your legs if you were to fall. *acting* Oh no, I have fallen off of my skate board. Actually, my knee is not that padded, my shins are padded.
(Tyler: Yeah, but you don’t land on your shins.) Tyler: This is like the worst crash dummy test ever. So after having the pants rolled up for a while, I wanted to see what else we could do with them rolled down. And my first instinct was to get me a pair of stilts. So, we got these, like, painters stilts. Which are kind of like the stilts that I used once before in, like, a theatre performance. But unfortunately, the pant legs were just too were too skinny for the foot bed of the stilts to fit through. It looks like it can get through to about the mid thigh and then it stops. Which was kind of disappointing because I had hoped to become Slender Man. Especially with my addition of my addition of the long sleeved denim jacket. So I decided to table to stilts for now to see if there were any other skinnier stilts we could get to try and attempt this transformation again later in the video. So with my Slender Man dreams at least momentarily shelved, the question of why these pants exist seemed more pertinent than ever. Because if you can’t wear a 9 foot pair of pants with a standard pair of stilts, why make them at all? Now, my initial thought when I first saw these pants was that they are kind of like inverse JNCO jeans, just long instead of wide. And the Extendo pants scrunched up even sorta resemble the slouchy-ness of JNCO jeans a little bit. Which, back in their day, sort of took the baggy 90s skater pants look to the extreme. A second possibility for why the pants might be so long, is, as we mentioned in our ‘Why?’ project denim jacket video, exaggerated silhouettes in fashion have historically connoted wealth and high social status. As seen with giant finger nails in China through the 19th century, as well as large, unwieldy Pannier dresses in 18th century France. So I guess following that logic, these jeans would be made to show just how much denim you can get. But I think another obvious possibility is press. As I said before, over the last year and a half or so, a lot of clothing companies have come out with weird or ugly items. And though it’s not clear if at first it was intentional, at this point a lot of people know that if they make a crazy clothing item, they will get a lot of press. Or in some cases, a video about it. Kind of like these ones. And I think if I had to guess, Bronze56k is kind of playing off of that. Escpecially since the product description on their website is just “What? You’ll buy it!” One additional thing to note, is that at the time of filming this, pretty much everything on their website is sold out. I can’t totally confirm this, but I kind feel like they are combining the ugly item strategy with part of the ‘Supreme’ strategy. AKA making only a few items that will sell out quickly to increase hype. The pinnacle of which was seen with the Supreme Brick which is literally just a brick with the word Supreme on it that they sold in 2016. But regardless, if any of these possibilities are actually why these pants were created, we still wanted to find some real life use for them. So we set out to find somewhere where we could let the jeans unfurl in all their glory. Tyler: Oh yeah. Now, the first place I thought I might be able to dangle off of was the side of the pier. From the rules that are outlined, it does not seem like what we want to do is against them. Are there any authority figures around? Tyler: There’s a lifeguard over there. Is he vigilant? But after deciding it was worth the risk, I let my jean flag fly. Tyler: You’re like a bizarre art experiment. Tyler: *laughs* But though the jeans got some good air while hanging off the side of the pier, I wanted to try a second location, which was a slightly lower ledge to unlock what we believed might be some untapped potential in the pant. Tyler: They look pretty damn good right now. First off, we wanted to send something up to me via the legs. We refer to it as a “pulley-system”, but I think it’s actually more of like, an elephant’s trunk. Safiya: What will you send me?
Tyler: I’m gonna send you your phone.
Safiya: Good, I need that. We had also brought our own bucket for lifting purposes. I made Tyler attempt a few items so I could perfect my Rapunzel technique. So with our first utility extracted from the pants, we wanted to see if we could use the jeans in a real Flynn Rider situation. Safiya: Don’t break the pants! Safiya: Grab both, grab both. Can you rappel upwards? Tyler: Alright denim, be strong. Safiya: Alright, maybe we shouldn’t. Maybe we’re done. So maybe these things can’t support an entire human, but they can carry a small basket and besides their usefulness, the pants unscrunched are much more majestic. Tyler: I think when unfurled, I like ’em. When all bunched up, they’re just living a lie. I completely agree, when they’re unfurled like so, it’s like “how can you not somewhat enjoy this?” So I wanted to see if there was a way to walk in the pants without dragging them on the ground, while also displaying their full length. So we looked to an old friend for some help – the Teva Uggs. So we took our open-toed “Tuggs” and spooled the legs through them so we had a sole protecting the pants and an opening wide enough for the jeans to flow through. almost like a denim carabiner. Safiya: I’m cross-country denim-ing! The thing is, like who knew that the Teva Uggs could be so useful? Tyler: Yeah! So I sort of ended up with like, thick marionette strings attached to my feet or kind of like, horse reigns for myself. Safiya: I’m steering myself.
Tyler: *laughs* To the left! To the right! Though at rest, the extra fabric almost gave me like, a tail or a pet to sit next to. Though once I stopped moving, I really got a whiff of myself. Safiya: I smell so bad.
Tyler: You don’t smell great. Tyler: I was about to say, it’s sweat and seawater. So it felt about the right time to retire for the day although we didn’t want to fully close with chapter without trying the stilts one more time. We were actually able to find circus peg stilts that we had to further saw down to try to get through the pant leg but once again we were thwarted by the skinniness of the jeans because even if the stilts could fit through, my foot flexed could not so I couldn’t stand on the stilts, but I could sit uncomfortably in this chair. So I took my long sleeved denim jacket and the pants back to our ledge to achieve my slightly deflated Slender Saf dreams though it was fun to have four floppy denim appendages, so it wasn’t a total loss. So overall, I would say that these Extendo jeans are definitely kind of fun especially if you have the space to spread out and whip your tentacles around but in terms of actually being able to wear them, it’s a bit more difficult. It is possible to wear them scrunched up, and we did come up with a secondary method of spooling them through sandals but I think it’s pretty weak that you can’t wear them with stilts. Not that a lot of people necessarily have or wear stilts a lot but if you’re selling giant pants that you can’t even wear in like, the one situation that I can think of where you would need giant pants, it’s a little bit of a proverbial middle finger to the consumer especially at that price point and of my long denim items, I do think I prefer the Y Project jacket, just because it’s easier to wear. And though the Extendo pants do make quite the visual impact when fully unfurled I think I’m going to have a hard time finding opportunities to bust them out. But maybe we could use them in our house as like, a pulley system to transfer small items in between floors. Maybe not the best use for 500 dollar jeans, but definitely /a/ use for 500 dollar jeans. Thank you guys so much for watching, if you liked that video make sure to shmash that like button and if you want to see more videos like this, make sure to shmash that subscribe button. A big shout out to Triveni for watching, thanks for watching Triveni and I will see you guys a-next time.


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