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– When standard sized people
go shopping for clothes at the mall, they have a ton of options. But I’m not standard. So when I go shopping
for clothes at the mall, my options look a little
bit more like this. Luckily because I’m a smaller plus size, if I plan pretty far in
advance, I can shop online. But what if I didn’t have time to plan? What if I went on a trip to an
amazing and fabulous location and I accidentally lost my suitcase, no! So I wanted to see just
how resourceful I can be. And I’m gonna travel to a cool city that I’ve never shopped in before and I’m not gonna bring any clothes. But I am gonna bring
Jen, because she’s fun. (upbeat dance music) – [Mike] Alright, you’re going to Phoenix. – I’m going to Phoenix. I feel like that the whole point of going to a different city is to get a store that you
can’t find anywhere else. Which means I don’t want
to go to a chain store. – Cause like what’s the point. – Yeah, cause like otherwise
I can just stay here. We want this to be a challenge. I searched for “clothing stores Phoenix.” There’s 17 pages worth of options. When I search for “plus
size clothing Phoenix,” I get three pages and there
is nothing on page three. (laughs) – How many of those were not chain stores? – Two. – Um. – Hopefully one of those
two stores says yes to letting us film. – I really hope they say yes because otherwise, we do not have a video. – If you’re seeing more time
tacked onto the end of this, that means we successfully
found a store who said yes. Why am I always doing these
shoots with these early flights? I would say it’s time to go
pack but I don’t gotta pack. I’m goin’ to Phoenix. This is the outfit I’m goin’ in. And look at a suitcase. This is so empty, it
almost looks suspicious. Bonjour. – Do I look like a tourist? – I love your dress. – Thank you, it’s the
only outfit I brought. – That’s right.
– Did you bring underwear, though?
– Oh yeah. – ‘Cause my thing about underwear is I hate wearing other peoples’. I want some fresh cloth on my vulva. Kristin, is your backpack empty too? – No.
– I was thinking, could you take my tampies?
– I can take your tampies. – Okay, thanks, my pads I’m
gonna stick in my butthole. I’m sorry, that’s just slang for backpack. So sorry. (hip electronic music) – Getting ready for
our impromptu vacation. – I’m very excited. I have wanted to get burns
on my feet for so long. – Are you done? [Mike and Caitlin laughing] We’re in Phoenix. It is, I think, I wanna say 150 degrees. It’s approximately the same temperature as a preheating oven here. The ironic thing is that I
haven’t packed any clothes and that actually might be the right clothes for this destination. Whoa. – It is hot. – We’re not even technically outside. We’re under a bridge. You can tell that my
lipstick’s all smudged. You could also tell
that one of my eyebrows is less filled in than the other one. I don’t like this camera. This camera is too real. Here are the stakes here,
just to make this clear. People think oh, you’re in a town, you don’t have clothes,
you just go buy clothes. But this issue when you’re plus size is that there just aren’t that many places you can go and purchase clothes from. 67% of all women in America
are size 14 or over. But only 18% of the market caters to them. It is (bleep). But what that means is that if I want to come up with a cool outfit for an event, I can’t just go to the store and be like, here’s a cornucopia of outfit ideas. I’m going to be creating two outfits. One for a day activity,
which is going to be cocktails and food by the pool. Then, I have to come up with an outfit for a night activity, which is going to be a really cool tasting menu at a restaurant called Kai. – Oh, ho, ho, ho ho! – I’m like an 18, 20. If you’re above my size, it’s even harder. I might be able to pull this off. But if you’re a few sizes
bigger than me, like, good luck. Even if there’s stuff available, we don’t necessarily want a baggy tee that says like, over it
or like, je t’aime Paris. It’s very possible I might
not find clothes, Jen. I mean, I might just be wearing the same thing for three days. – Mmm, sounds like junior year in college. – I know, I could sell
these clothes on eBay afterwards to some very
questionable buyers. We’re here. Okay, this looks actually really dope. I love when the big fans up front, though. Lets you know it’s too hot when the fans are like,
permanent landscaping fixtures. (swanky electronic music) – [Jen] Just do something with your hands that’s like, we’re here. (all laughing) – We are on our way to
Rocket A Go Go in Tempe. Rocket A Go Go is a cool local store. They kinda focus on vintage and also vintage-inspired type clothes. – [Jen] You love vintage. – We are going to meet
up with Nicole Simone who is an amazing
Instagrammer and blogger. We’re gonna talk to her a little
bit about Phoenix fashions. Phoenix fact!
– Phoenix fact! – A phoenix is a bird. (Kristin cawing) I’m actually honestly a little nervous. I’m not just saying that for this video. I genuinely don’t know if
we’re gonna find anything. I can’t just take six pairs of underwear and drape it across
various parts of my body with some Scotch tape
and call it an outfit. At least not yet, I’m not that famous. (swing-inspired rockabilly music) Hi, Nicole.
– Hi. – You do most of your
shopping online, right? – Correct.
– Let’s say you’re invited to something you need an outfit for and it’s like in eight
hours, what do you do? – I hope that I have
something in my closet already (laughs) that looks good. – Can you tell me a little bit about what kinds of cool trends
you see in Phoenix fashion that’s kinda special to this area? – First and foremost, we
always wear sunscreen. – Okay. (laughs) – But I do see a lot of fun
prints and a lot of color. – I’m hoping that we’re gonna
be able to find some stuff for me somewhere in this store. Hi.
– Hello. – So excited to be here at Rocket A Go Go. – We’re excited to have you. My name’s Stormy. – I’m Roxana. – When I was putting together this project I was trying to find a
store that would sell cool clothes for plus-sized
women in the store. This is the store. – [Roxana] Rocket A Go Go is
primarily a buy-for-trade. We carry a lot of brand new items as well. We have over 30 local artists in here. We carry anywhere from small up to 4XL. Men’s, women’s. [Stormy] We saw that as a need and on top of being plus-size clothes, something fun, not what everyone is just
wearing but still really trendy. – I was actually a 2X, 3X most of my life. So I know how hard it is to
find especially cool stuff. – And who doesn’t love to shop? – We’re gonna go do some shopping. – Okay.
– Awesome. (upbeat flute pop music) – So flipping cute. – Summer in Arizona. – I don’t have to worry
about going shopping. My cherries are right here. It’s a boob for a joke. Okay, so. (laughs) Alright, we’re gonna throw the winners on this end cap here.
– Sounds good. – Alright, let’s do it. This is a different one
with flamingos on it. You know what, I’m
gonna pull this one too. I don’t give a (bleep). Honestly, I’m not used to being not the largest size in the store. It’s usually like, well,
here is the biggest one and if you squeeze–
– Good luck. – Good luck to you. So we got like, six dresses.
– I think that’s a pretty good start.
– If I can find something that isn’t necessarily
dresses, I wouldn’t say no. Here’s a bathing suit. Should I even dare to go find out if it’s a used bathing suit?
– Please do. – Oh my god, there’s another bathing suit. There’s two.
– It’s your lucky day. – It is my lucky day. I was fully expecting to
have to go somewhere else to get a bathing suit,
I didn’t think I was going to get one at the resale shop. – These are magical
unicorn pieces that did come in four hours ago earlier today. They’re brand new, one has
the price tag scanned up, both of them have panty liners, otherwise they would not be on my rack. – To be clear, we did not plan this. I was actually not intending
to get a bathing suit here. This is a coincidence,
it’s my lucky day then. When I’m thinking of a
pool look, it’s more like I’m by the pool and I’m
getting an Instagram. – Okay, so let’s be extra then. – Look at this little clamshell clutch. Aww, am I nautical now? For being extra, what necklaces
do you think I should try? – The bigger the better,
more colors, lots of shine. The one up top, for sure. – I like to have my style also
potentially kill my dinner. This necklace is a scorpion in a heart. – They probably caught that yesterday. – Fresh off the scorpion farm.
– Fresh off the sidewalk. – I know these seem like they might be a little extra for the pool, but what if I wore them to the pool? – I mean… (laughs) – I fully didn’t expect to be able to buy everything in one store, so once I got the taste of the fact that I might be able to do it, I feel like I’m not able
to let that feeling go. ‘Cause if I get everything
done in one store I don’t have to get up tomorrow morning. – Oh, perfect.
– I know. Like you know when you’re
shopping and it feels like you’ve swum a little
bit far out into the ocean and you’re not quite sure
you can get back to shore? – Well, we’re nearing that point. – Okay, we’re in open waters here. – Obviously, I need to have sunglasses, at least for daytime.
– I think these would be fun. – Oh, hello. I actually don’t think I have
a pair of cat eye red ones. I love rhinestones, they’re my favorite type of rhine and stone. Oh (bleep), these are adorable. Yeah, got the Jen seal of approval. Is it time to try things on? This is the scary part. – [Nicole] Or the fun part. – We were there for probably five hours. And there were things that I thought would be the size that I
wanted and it turns out the size that I got was
actually two sizes too small so that’s the crapshoot
that you kinda get into when you’re a plus-sized person and you’re trying to shop
for clothes on the day. Ooh, I like the hemline, I like the color and the print’s really fun. I think it’s a little
tight around the boobs. My chest is kind of wanting to burst forth with its treasure. – It’s a unique color for you. (laughs) – That’s a very mom
compliment, to be like, that’s an interesting choice. – [Nicole] That’s pretty. – Really?
– Yeah. – I love fake buttons,
because all they have to do is sit there and look pretty. What do we think?
– This is nice. – I like it.
– It’s funny, like we’re going very nautical considering
that I think we’re in a landlocked state right now. I like this color a lot, I am very much a Laura Ashley person. – That’s very dainty
and it’s good daytime. – Initial first thoughts? Love the print, love the cut, the boobs you probably could drive a
couple of trucks in here. – Okay, wouldn’t want any
malfunctions by the pool. – Well, I mean– – Or maybe you do.
– I don’t know. For money maybe.
– It’s an adults-only pool. – It is an adults-only pool. – Okay, so all the malfunctions. (Everyone oohs) Look at that; yes.
– I really like this. – I’m a little bit hesitant on
the little shorty shorts here but I do like how it fits the other way. – I like it, I think
that the fit’s lovely, the color’s lovely. – I’m honestly amazed that I
found a bathing suit at all. We’re really playing with
house money right now. Hi.
– How’d it go? – I think I might be able
to make this my only stop. Thank you so much Nicole
for helping me shop. Thank you for opening up
this wonderful store to us. We’ll see how these outfits turn out in their final iterations. (’50s-inspired instrumental) The morning after our big
shopping spree at Rocket A Go Go, it occurred to me this morning that I don’t actually have a cover-up, so we’re gonna run to the mall
and see if I can find one. I don’t know if that’s possible. I mean, I saw lots of cover-ups online when I was looking around, but like who really knows
if they’re in my size, so this is a crapshoot. And it’s time for me to get ready to go to our first activity. I wanna look in the mirror and like, look like I’m looking at a dating profile that I’m definitely
going to swipe right on. That’s the goal. (uptempo electronic piano music) – Kristin, you ready? (Crew oohs and aahs) – [Mike] Oh my god. – I love it!
– You are a nautical goddess. – Oh really, sorry fellas,
she’s married to the sea. – [Jen] The color coordination too, the gold on the necklace matches the shoes and the blue on the necklace
matches the bathing suit. – I didn’t own any of this
stuff this time yesterday. – You look great, dude.
– Thank you. Are you ready to go to the
cabana and actually like start our fun day of drinking by the pool? – Yeah, let’s go.
– Oop, heels on the grass. – You need an arm?
– Yup. (futuristic techno pop) (record scratching) I’m all outta drinks, I’m
so lost without drinks, I need some more drinks
in my little plastic cup. I might go jump in the pool, actually. – I think you should; don’t
run on the deck, though. – Okay, mom. (trendy electronic pop) (crew laughs) – [Jen] That’s great. – Next, we’re gonna get clean and then we’re gonna get ready and I’m gonna put on look two for our fun tasting
menu tonight at dinner. It’s a cool outfit, bye. (uptempo, lively pop music) – I’m ready, get on out here. (Crew oohs) You a fancy lady. – I went with obviously, the hair flower. I could not resist this
adorable little clamshell clutch because I’m doing a whole mermaid thing. Then I have the Betsey Johnson shoes which were like insanely
cheap because they were used. This little mermaid necklace
goes with the dress. I think it actually worked out really cute ’cause I got everything
at the resale store. (uptempo sultry jazz music) For tonight, we are here at Kai at the Sheridan Grand at Wild Horse Pass. This restaurant is the only Forbes 5-star and Triple A 5 diamond
restaurant in all of Arizona. – Wow, Jesus, Arizona. – And we are here tonight to
do an awesome tasting menu. – You know we love the tastings. – We love the tastings. Aren’t you glad you came along? – I’m very glad.
– All you had to do was hold the sound stuff.
– Wassup? – Are you ready to do some eating? – I’m very ready to do some eating next to my hot best friend.
– Oh my god, it’s me. (sophisticated jazz music) Oh, yup that’s great. That’s chewy. – A little bit, yes.
– Yeah. (Crew laughing) – Yeah, this one’s chewy too. – To cleanse your palates
before the main course arrives, this is going to be a blood
orange and cinnamon sorbet. – Ooh, I got it in one scoop. – This is just also like
the Princess Diaries. Is it really cold? Are you wishing you had paced yourself? (Mike laughing) – Next course, escargot. It’s a far departure from that traditional French preparation. – It is so mushroomy, earthy, delicious unlike anywhere that I’ve
had before, even Paris, so. (Everyone oohs) – Well, Paris, Texas is
not known for its cuisine. (Kristin laughs) Never has been. – [Waiter] There is brioche
French toast at the very base. – [Jen] This is delicious, wow. – It’s like all the right textures. – I think I get food, I
get why people are into it. Before, on the fence; now, super down. – I’ve already gotten it on my face and uh, spilled it on myself, so we know this is going really well. What? – It’s mesmerizing, I
don’t wanna look away. – I know, right, I keep
feeling I should capture this but also I should capture
it with my memories and not necessarily with my social media. But I’m also gonna do
it with my social media. – We had a little inside
intel about a future day that’s coming up for you.
– Oh my god. – We wanna make today very special. (ritzy electronic jazz music) – Okay, Jen, I’m so full I might die. – Me too.
– I probably shouldn’t say that. (laughs)
– 60 years. – Jen, this has been amazing. Are you gonna have to roll me home? (upbeat pop rock music) My suitcase is no longer empty. It is now very, very full. So we’re checked out of our hotel. We’re going back to Los Angeles. – Los Angeloose.
– Obviously, I was super nervous going into this, I was really pleasantly surprised we got basically everything at one store
except for that one cover-up. I think this was definitely a challenge. I think we got lucky; where
should I try my luck next? You should tell me what
city I should go to. I’m willing to work hard with
what little luck I’m given. (upbeat ’60s-inspired rock music) – Hey, Unsolved is on a new channel. – (together) Subscribe here. – That was my part.


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