I Tried Size 12 In Different Stores

– Shopping is really hard. I feel like my crotch is burning. The fucking gap that’s in
like every pair of pants. Nothing is aligned. This is a size small. It’s a size medium. I don’t know what this is. Nothing really makes sense, and I don’t know if I’m the crazy one or if it’s actually the sizing, and I really wanna find out. (whimsical music) I always feel crazy when I go shopping. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m here to find out. I’m a size 12, so when I go shopping, it is really hard to find a
size that actually fits you. It’s usually like the thing
in the way back of the rack, that I’m like, oh yes! Like, they have my size, or on the opposite side of the spectrum, I’m squeezing into things
that are a size small, all in one day. I could be an extra small or a 14/16. Size numbers mean a lot. As a woman, you start equating numbers to what is hot and what is accepted. It’s hard to not feel discouraged by all these numbers being thrown at you when you’re trying on things. I have not always been a size 12. I have ranged from six
to 16 in my lifetime. I’ve been around the size block, and it doesn’t matter what size you are. It never gets any easier. I’m gonna go to four different stores, and try on a size 12 in all these stores. The stores I’m going to are Topshop, Forever 21, H&M, and Old Navy, and at each of those, I’m going to try on different
pants, shirts, jackets, just get a full vibe of
what a size 12 is like in each one of these stores. I’m interested to see how
much of a variation it is, or if I really am making this all up. So I guess we’ll take it from here, and see if a size 12 is
exactly what they say it is. (upbeat music) All right, I’m at Forever 21. Just got some stuff to
try on, see how it looks. First of all, I realized there
was actually no size 12s, so I had to ask the sales
associate, what a size 12 was. So the sales associate
told me that a size 12 is a size medium in dresses,
so this is a size medium. The dress that I tried was kind of like a Bodycon cotton halter dress, and that one fit, ’cause
cotton’s stretchy and forgiving. I could have easily gone to a large, and it would’ve fit way better. For the jumpsuit, I was fully naked. There’s the jumpsuit,
and the rest of my body is everywhere else. I couldn’t get it up past my thighs. It’s a size medium, and that’s what they
suggested for a size 12. Oh my God. The sales associate told me that I was a size 27/28
so I went for those. Well, uh, this is as far as the shorts go. (laughing) Okay. This is, I won’t be wearing
these in public ever, unless I wanna get arrested. I went three different types
of pairs of jeans, too, just to get a variation. The 27/28 were so fucking small. Let me just give that a big fat no. Honestly, none of the
jeans really actually, truly fit me. I tried on this sort of crop t-shirt. I also asked the sales
associate what a size 12 is in shirt sizes, and it’s
a medium, apparently, and this is a medium. It’s not stretchy at all, and it’s fine. This shirt is so tight. Everything about every part of me was out, in a way that I did not like. I think the biggest lesson I learned at this Forever 21 experience was not only do I feel like
I don’t know what size I am, neither do the sales associates. It’s not just me. It’s Forever 21 sizing in general. Forever 21 is consistently very small. Old Navy was very interesting, because one of the first things I did was I walked in and
asked the sales associate what size dress is a size
12, and he said a small. A small. If you were smaller than me,
what size would you wear? Forever 21 said that size 12 is a medium, so already, there’s some
discrepancy between sizing in places that is very
clear from the start. Since I had a size small dress, one of them fit really well. This actually fits. This is like body hot in a good way. I think I could get down with this. I haven’t been here in like 10 years. The other dress was a more flowy look. What do we think? Size small. I look like a peasant goth. Kind of baggy on me, and I’m supposed to be a size 12, so it is unclear as to what happens to the people that are a size zero or two. Size 12 is a size small, so I’ll remember that. The pants on the rack looked really big, and I was really suspicious about it. I was like, there’s no
way these will fit me, and then I put them on, they weren’t so insane. These are a size 12 regular. But they definitely were
two or three sizes too big. It was just too baggy. You always had that weird
back gap over your butt, which is super annoying. I could probably go two
inch sizes smaller in these. And then weirdly, for the shirt, I asked what a size 12 was, and he said it was a medium. Apart from the boobs being
really tight, it fits. I never usually wear
button up shirts that much, because I have that infamous boob gap. This medium shirt fits pretty well, also, and it’s like pretty roomy in the boobs. So even between dresses and
shirts within one store, it’s not the same size. I just don’t know what size I am. Yes, all their sizes ran big, but they were all consistently
big across the board. (upbeat music) It’s interesting that, at H&M, when I actually got to the dressing room, and I tried on the stuff, at least I felt like it
somewhat was for a human body. Everything I tried was a 12. Never had to ask any sales associate for any sizing questions, everything was very clearly marked. All right, we’re off
to a good start at H&M. This is a size 12 skirt. It actually fits. I tried on one dress, and it was like a BodyCon dress, and it was tight, like
in a way that I wouldn’t, probably ever purchase it. Okay, but then, there was this one dress. Somehow, between that
dress and the pink dress, it’s like worlds apart. One of them fit me pretty well, and the other one I couldn’t
even zip up half my body. And then I had a jumpsuit, and that one got over my thighs, but then didn’t zip up the back. So this makes no sense to me. It’s always a fucking problem. I’m starting to feel more discouraged as time goes on, honestly. Shopping always starts off really fun, and then you start realizing
that it’s not you, it’s them. With H&M pants, it seems
like they’re really tight and small around the thighs. H&M had a pair of leather ones that only could go up to my crotch, but I’d says for the most part, they kind of understand what a size 12 is. Like these actually fit. They’re tight, but everything’s in there. The shirts fit really well. It fit in all the right places, and it did all the right
things it was supposed to. There’s no consistency
between the 12s that I tried. Forever 21 and H&M are kind of a toss up. The range was just really big. Of all the places we went today, Topshop is most aligned with high fashion, so you’d think that would be
the hardest thing to fit into. I thought the most fashion people would not understand my size and not understand my body
more than anyone else, but it was actually totally the opposite. All right. This is the first size 12
that has actually fit me in every way. The dresses were really cool. You know how you put on something, and it just feels really fucking good? There’s so many of me, and all of them fit. And the other red dress
was really cute, too, and my mind is blown. I literally was like gasping
as I was putting the pants on. I was like, (gasping) they fit. Do you guys know how rare
this is, first time around? It’s really fucking cool that
the sizes were consistent, even within the store. This is insane. This literally never happens to me. Yeah, this is fucking great. This shirt, it fits really
well around the boobs, no sort of gapping here. Almost everything I
tried on fit perfectly, in exactly the right way, right shape, right size. I’m about to drop some serious money. I just wish that’s how
easy it was in every store. In the middle of the day, I was really down on myself, being like, I’ll never find anything, and then Topshop, as the
last place that we went to, thinking this will end up being the best, is the best feeling in the world. The most consistent
sizing across the board was definitely at Topshop. After the day was over, I wanted some fucking answers, so I reached out to Jessica Murphy, who is a size fit expert
and co-founder of True Fit, which is a company that
helps you find clothing that actually fits. – Hi! – Hi, how are you? – In your experience, when you look across mall clothing brands, is their sizing consistent? – So the answer is absolutely not. Once upon a time, we had consistency, back in the 1960s, when there was a standard, but now, retail brands
cater and create their sizes depending on who their core audience is. We actually did a study, where we took 10,000 jeans, across the same exact size, and the same relative styles, and what we found was that there was about a five inch difference between the jeans, so that’s a lot. Like, if you look at five inches is a ton, right? What we found is that on average, women wear a range of three sizes, when it comes to standard sizes, and a range of two sizes
when things are like, alpha sizes, like small,
medium, large, extra large. – We went to four stores. We went to Old Navy, Forever
21, Topshop, and H&M. – Brands cater to who they
think their customer is, so when they assign a medium to the label, that’s not trying to
adhere to some standard of what medium is. That literally is saying, what is the middle of the size scale that I am producing for
who I think my customer is? Topshop is based out of the UK, and their size scale is very different than what we have in the US. H&M is another international brand. You know, they’re a Swedish brand, so again, we’re dealing with
whole different size scales, and then you take Old Navy, who caters to a very
very different audience, so they’re gonna be a
little more generous sized, because they have a different demographic. Brands have kind of gotten a bad rap. They make us feel bad, they’re not consistent, but really, it’s just
that they’re trying to, again, cater to who they
think their customer is. – Is there any advice that you can give, specifically to women, before they head out to a store, how can they be successful
in their shopping, and how can they feel good about it? – What I recommend customers do is really get familiar with the styles that work well for their body shape. It’s less about what size you’re buying, and more about do I feel more comfortable, and do I feel, and you know, kind of, the good mark of does it work for you, is when you put it on,
you look in the mirror, and you’re just like, yeah, I look good, and you just feel good. It doesn’t matter what the
heck size is on the label, but pay attention to the
details of the items. Is it higher in the rise, for example, and that’s what’s making
you feel comfortable? If it’s a dress, is it
cinched in the waist? Try to understand the details and the patterns and what you wear, and what are your go-to things that you always seem to gravitate towards, and then look at those characteristics, and then, when you’re shopping, try to pick out those
things that are similar. The reality is that if you
dress in great fitting clothing, regardless of your size, you’re gonna feel so much better, and you’re gonna look amazing. – So if I said, I’m Chrissy, and I’m a size 12, does
that mean anything? – It doesn’t mean anything to me, because my next question to you would be, in what brand are you a size 12? (laughing) – Exactly. Fashion, I love you. I shop all the damn time, and all I’m asking for
is just a little bit of consistency across the sizes, so I can buy more of your shit. For anyone out there shopping, who has difficulty relating
to sizes on the racks, buy what fits you. Do not worry about the numbers, because I have proof that
they don’t mean anything. Let’s make shopping fun again. – So you might have noticed
Boldly is now As/Is. – But don’t worry. You’ll still get all the same
awesome content you used to. – Plus, even more new, great stuff. – Click to subscribe! (cheering) (upbeat music)


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  • Chrissy: I love how positive you are. You are beautiful and dont need anyone to tell you otherwise. Love yourself❤

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  • Different fabrics will fit differently.
    – 100% Polyester doesn't have any stretch so would need to be sized up. I refuse to buy this type of clothing because it's never comfortable to wear. When u move ur body it tugs on ur arms or torso. Though higher quality polyester is better it's less commonly used.
    – 100% cotton will shrink so size up.
    – the higher the % of spandex more likely it will fit because not everyone is the exact same. Someone who wears a size medium may or may not have boobs. Thus, if a shirt has spandex it would allow for the item to fit both of these women. It's also not as likely to shrink or will shrink less.
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