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Hey guys, it’s Mi-Anne. Did you know… The average American uses
just 20 percent of their closet, buys 64 new
pieces of clothing, and throws away 70 pounds
of textiles yearly. I have a crazy amount
of clothing. This week, I decided to rethink
the items that I wear daily by challenging
myself to choose seven pieces of clothing and style them into seven
different outfits. This isn’t going to be your
run-of-the-mill minimalist wardrobe, though. Don’t get me wrong, I love
a good basic. But I want to show you guys
that you can love color, you can love
texture, you can love prints, you can love trends without
having a closet that’s bursting at the seams. I’m choosing seven pieces,
and I’m going to divide them up into trend
pieces and basics. I have four trend pieces, and
they all harken back to Spring-Summer 2019
Fashion Week trends. The first of which is a
Bermuda suit combo. So, I saw a bunch of Bermuda
suit combos at shows like Dion Lee,
Emelia Wickstead, and Tibi. The next item is a tie dye tee. So, we saw a lot of tie dye
at shows like Prada, Stella McCartney. Next up is a bright mustard
orange top inspired loosely by the neon orange
ensembles I saw at Carolina Herrera,
Christian Cowan, and Oscar De La Renta. The final trend is probably
my favorite, and it is Teva sandals, and we saw
them at Sandy Liang, John Elliott. So, I’m going to wear these
as my only shoe item for the entire week. But I couldn’t just have a
wardrobe full of trend pieces, I also went with a few basics. One dress, it’s a white tent dress in a linen fabric, very breathable
and flow-y. A lilac wrap skirt. And a black blazer. I am no fashion connoisseur, so before going into this week,
I decided that it would be in my best interest to talk
to my friend, Michelle. Michelle Li is a stylist,
she’s also a fashion editor. So, Michelle gave me some
really, really great styling tips, threw in a couple of kind of, weird out-there styling
techniques. One really good way to do it
is just by cinching it in the back. Like, you tie it up in a knot at the bottom at the hem. How crazy would it be if you
styled something over the blazer, so maybe you should try that. A lot of people have been
doing like, those scarves as tops, and I feel like a
silky wrap skirt is just like, a longer
version of that. You chose really good items, and they’re going to be
really versatile! So, I guess there’s been
enough rambling, and we should just get into it. Hey guys, so it is day one, and we’re starting off with a bang. I’ll show you. This is the outfit. There’s a little bit of tie dye
underneath here, and then I’m going to pair it with Tevas, which might be a controversial topic. Let me know in the comments
below if you would wear Tevas. So, this is day one. I love this bermuda suit. It is so comfortable. It has a great structure,
kind of 80s style shoulder pads. Wearing the tie dye shirt
underneath it, though, makes it so fun. It gives it a little bit of color,
a pop, an edge. It brings it a little bit out of
the workwear realm. I think it’s so cute, I got
so many compliments on the tie dye shirt – blazer combination. All right, day two, reimagining the Bermuda
shorts. this is the fit. Same Bermuda shorts paired
with the orange, one shoulder top, and then the tie dye shirt kind of wrapped around as
a pop of color. And also, can act as a
pseudo-jacket if I’m out and cold, so this
is the look. I love day two’s outfit. It was so fun, it was
so comfortable. Tying the tie dye shirt
around the waist gives it a little hit of color. It makes it a little bit more
fun and creative. And the tie dye shirt comes
in handy; if I got cold, I would just slap
it on overtop in lieu of a jacket. Good morning everyone! It is day three of the
outfit challenge, and I’m wearing something
a little more on the spring-y side today. A wrap shirt with the
orange top. I really love wrap skirts. They are so easy to have in
your closet. You can throw them on
under things. They layer really well. They
layer well over things. And I’m gonna be on my way! This is a pretty neutral
outfit, I think one that I can definitely see
myself wearing over and over again like, on a
Saturday, going to the farmer’s market,
going to get groceries. Just sitting on my balcony
drinking coffee. So, it was definitely a fun one. Hello guys! We are back with another
outfit, it’s a brand new day. And we are wearing the wrap
skirt in a different way. Here’s the look. I am wearing the white tent
dress today, and then I actually layered
the wrap skirt over the dress not only to cinch
in the waist a bit, but to give it a pop of color,
a little bit of a textural difference. And then I threw the blazer on
over it just to make it look a little
a little work appropriate. See y’all later. We are halfway through this
trend challenge, and I gotta say, I am not tired of the
clothing yet. I like this look a lot. I think that it feeds into
my love of boxier shapes and structures. But the wrap skirt being a
different fabric helps add a bit of textural
intrigue as well. Hey guys, we are back with
the fifth outfit today, wearing the tie dye shirt
again, which I am realizing is just one of my favorite pieces
that I chose for this challenge. It is so fun, it’s so bright. It makes me feel so happy
to put it on. So, here we are. Tie dye shirt layered over
the white tent dress. I decided to crop it by folding it and then tied it in the back. Excited to wear it! Day five! I really liked this dress look. I think pairing the tie dye
shirt with the dress, since the dress is so
minimal and basic, just made it more fun. Like, adding tie dye to anything just makes everything
more fun. That’s just the takeaway
from the entire week. Styling tip #1: When in doubt,
throw some tie dye over it. Hello, guys. Back with the second-to-last
day of the challenge. I am wearing the wrap
skirt again, but this time as a top. If you didn’t know this was a skirt, I think you would just
think it’s a top. Let me show you. Boom! This is what we’re working with. Really like the top! I basically just tied it in the
back very tightly. You can add a pin if you want
to make sure that it’s like, not going to move anywhere, but it’s pretty secure. Then, I tucked the rest of the
skirt into the Bermuda shorts, and because the wrap skirt
is a very thin material, it tucked really easily, you
can’t see it peeking out or anything like that. I’m really proud of the way
this one came out. I think the outfit came out
super, super cute. I wore it out to a dinner. It didn’t fall down. I saw a couple of people
that day and they could not tell that it was
a wrap skirt. I think that if you do it
properly and you tuck in your skirt enough,
it looks like it’s just a nice flowy, textured tube top. Hey guys, so we are on the
final day of the challenge. I’ve got kinda the craziest
outfit of the week on right now. So this is what we’re
working with. I really like it. When Michelle told me that
this blazer might look cool with a top layered over it,
I was like, “You’re crazy. This is not gonna look good.” I really like it. So what I did was, I took the
blazer and I wrapped it quite tightly around my body,
pinned it on the side so that it stayed put. And then put this orange
one shoulder top over it as a layering piece,
and I think it looks really awesome. I would never have thought
that a blazer could be anything more than a blazer,
but if my friendship with Michelle has showed me
anything it’s that if you have the creativity and
the tenacity to go for random things, you
can make some really cool outfits if you just
push yourself there. I think that this entire
week of outfits has shown me that waking
up and forcing yourself to rethink the items you have
in your closet is a really fun way to
creatively challenge yourself. Do I think this is something
that I’m going to do every single day for the rest
of my life? Realistically no. But I think that now that I
know that I can do this, now that I’ve seen how you
can take run-of-the-mill, you’re average
clothing pieces and turn them into something
really exciting even though you’ve had them
for years, I definitely can see myself
doing that a little more than I
used to. And that’s really all
you can ask for. Thanks so much for
watching, guys. Click here to subscribe
to Refinery29. And click here to watch
another video. Bye.


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