I Tested Custom Glass Slippers Like Cinderella

– [Chrissy] The clock
has striketh midnight. – Get the (beeps) out of there. (cheers and applauds) – [Woman] Faster, faster, faster! (sparkly music) (slurps) – Okay, wait, wait, wait,
Cinderella is at a ball. She’s wearing glass slippers
on a giant (beeps) night out and she’s just like ya, this
seems like a chill decision for my first outfit to meet a man. Like a potential suitor (husband) and she’s like with a guy she met one time and then she’s like
(beeps) dudes, I gotta go. She starts like running
down those set of stairs and it’s not like two steps, this is like a grand (beeps) stair case. And then she’s like, oh
(beeps), oh (beeps)oh (beeps), and then somehow one of
the shoes (beeps) falls off and then dude chases her and
then all his like minion people also chase after her. – [Selorm] Like with
like horses and stuff. – Yeah like he sent a full (beeps) fleet. How do you run on glass full speed with a heel and on stairs
and in a giant (beeps) dress. I think that you should do it. – I think that there’s a 80% chance that I will probably die. – You could bleed to death,
or tumble down stairs. Like we forget about stair deaths. – It kills people more than shark deaths. I read that somewhere. But that sounds like a great idea. – Make sure you get a pedicure, ’cause everyone can see in there. (slurps)
(sparkly music) Hello. – Hi. – I was googs’in on the internet and your Cinderella slipper
article appeared and explained everything about it. – Turns out that it’s an interesting mechanical engineering problem. – Do you think glass
heels can hold the weight of a human? – The stress under which glass would crush is much higher than what
a regular typical human standing on it would put on it. You would certainly be okay
standing on glass shoes. – But also Cinderella’s
like running in these shoes. – The heels are the weak part of the shoe. If you’re running too fast then the heel could
potentially chip or break. (screams) – So why did Cinderella do this? – Did she have a choice? – Mm, no. – I think the fairy godmother just. – She (beeps) her up. – Yeah. – Do you think we can do this? – I think it is possible,
we just have to make sure that you step properly and do
not stress the shoes too much. – Alright, we’re gonna go
make some glass heels now. – Yeah, best of luck. And I think you should be fine. (laughs) I like that, it’s different. (sparkly music) – Surprise, we’re in Dallas. (upbeat music) (rock music) Hi. – Hi there, my name is Aron
Tate I’m a glass maker here in Dallas, Texas. – Oh, have you seen Cinderella? – I have indeed. – How do you feel about the scene where she runs down some stairs in some glass heels? – I feel that it is not quite possible. – So you think that
like the fairy godmother was like full of (beeps). – Not full of (beeps) but,
apart from the possibility of it breaking I think
that it is more impractical because of its immobility. – Cinderella, she doesn’t
have much, you know. She has no cute outfits,
she has no cute shoes, and then they put her up
in like some glass heels. – Very uncomfortable. – Even when she’s in her highest moment, they still bring her down. We have to make glass
heels that will fit Selorm. Are there any like safety precautions that we should take since
it’s like piping hot glass? – Yes, there’s a few of them. Eye protection, no open toed shoes, in spite of my example, – You literally just said,
– what are you doing? – Well I, and then just be
cautious what you touch. Some things can be hot. – Can we help? – Yeah. – Alright, so what are we doing right now? – I am giving this standard blow pipe a little bit of an extra heat. – This is so hot. – Making glass. – Oh, it’s time for your
cool tiny sunglasses. Yeah.
– Oh. – Alright so here’s our first gather. – [Chrissy] Wow. – And there’s a bit of glass. I pressurize the pipe and
I’m holding that pressure with my left thumb. – It looks so beautiful, it looks like a bottle of Ciroc actually. (laughs) – Gather that glass. – [Selorm] Yeah gather it. – Here’s a neat thing I can
show, I’ll dribble some off so you can see how fluid the glass is. – [Selorm] What?
– [Chrissy] Wow. – Turn turn turn. – Tiny hand movements. Tiny, tiny, hand movements. – Alright so if one of you
would care to have a seat on the blue box and prepare,
steady, smooth, gentle, err on the side of caution. – You blew that out of the park. Ha, ha, ha, ha.
– Ha, ha, ha. – So now I’m gonna lengthen the bubble and begin to shape it so here
I’m beginning the neck line. – This is like Edward Scissorhands. – Your lipstick is all over. – Oops. Oh yeah, follow it. – [Aron] And stop.
– [Chrissy] You got this. Stop. – Hey Chrissy, we basically kissed now. – So our volume and diameter’s better now and also I have these torches. Alright I’m thinking this looks good, so. (cheers) – Now I’m gonna heat it up and squish it on our shape. – I think Aron is a fairy godmother and he doesn’t even know it. – Now, I think is the
time to pop a hole in it. – Oh, oh, he’s making a
shoe in front of our eyes. Oh, what, he’s cutting glass. That’s so cool. – Blow, stop and lift up. – [Chrissy] Oh look at that stiletto. Yeah. – One of you can break it off? (yells) K, hit the rod a little
bit, right back there, yup. – Okay. Oh. – And then into the oven it must go. The oven is at 900 and
a little bit degrees. – [Chrissy] There she goes. – There she goes. Yay. Oh my god, group hug. – Good job everybody. (sparkly music) – Oh my god we just got back from Dallas. – It was great. So the shoes had to cool overnight so they got sent to us and now
we’re gonna see them today. There was no way for us to
know if these were gonna fit me or not so today’s the
day we’re gonna find out. – Yeah, you can’t put your
foot in like melted glass. – I have really big feet so, – No they’re size nine,
that’s not even big. (gasps) – [Chrissy] You look, so beautiful, magical and perfect. – You’re in my seat. Go on.
– Uh-oh. You’re fine. – That’s right. – Wow are you ready for this? – It’s foot time. – Okay, well. (laughs) Alright, here they are, your custom Cinderella glass slippers. (gasps) – Oh.
– Oh my god. Even has the little like thingy-jingy. – [Selorm] Little thingy
jingy right, in the movie. – Yeah, it’s like a loafer meets a heel, this is a thick (beeps) heel dude. This is thicc. This is like really taking our
friendship to the next level because I’m about to shoe you. – They’re my size, they should fit right? – Yeah, they’re custom made to you but I’m stressed. – [Selorm] Me too. – Okay, this reminds me of when I worked at JC Penney in the shoe
department in high school. – Oh god, don’t go back to those days. Oh. Wait a minute, I’m like in guys, I’m in the shoe. – [Chrissy] But you’re not in it. – Push a little bit more. – You don’t fit. – Just push a little bit more. You put it down on the ground I can, just put it on the ground,
just, I can, ow, ow. – Look at your (beeps) foot. (laughs) Let’s try the right foot. – [Selorm] Okay. – [Chrissy] You ready for this? – Ready, I gotta go in the other way. I see, I see the system now. (squeals) – I don’t think you can
do this experiment Selorm, – We can just shave it
off, I have a nail file. – You want to shave off your (beeps) foot? – No not my foot, this one almost fit. You gotta push the meat in. Wait wait. – Look at me, look at me. We need to find somebody else. – But I’m the princess. – I know you really are,
but your foot doesn’t fit and this is for science. Okay? – Okay. – Come on, take it off. – Okay. – We gotta find someone in
the office or something. – You think we can find someone else that can fit into your little shoe? – No. – Hi, we need someone
to fit into this shoe. – Oh my goodness. Okay. – Careful, no, go run, out. (laughs) next. – You didn’t even let me put my foot in. – [Chrissy] Be careful. – Here’s no way, I have duck feet. I can’t wear pumas. – I have pretty small
feet for a man I think. – [Chrissy] Gentle.
– [Selorm] Gentle. Push. Nope. Bye. – Thank you for trying
but this is my dress. – She got two toes in, we got two toes. Very careful and if you
feel like its not going in just don’t fight it. – I don’t know, no one’s
ever told me if it feels like it’s not going in don’t, (laughs). I think I gotta go in sideways. – [Selorm] Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. No princesses at Buzzfeed. Ha ha ha ha ha. – [Chrissy] My god Jenn. – Hi. – What tiny feet you have. – It’s true, I do have very small feet. – What size shoe are you? – I’m a size five. (gasps) – [Selorm] Put on the shoe. – [Chrissy] Delicately. Gentle, gentle. It fits. You’re a princess. – I’m a princess. – No. – It’s okay, oh Selorm! – So what’s it feel like
to have a really tiny foot? – Well today it feels
really great, (laughs). – I know that you’re all like
yay my tiny, cute little foot fit into like a tiny
little glass slipper, ah. No it’s done, now we’re on to
the real (beeps) (beeps) Jenn. We’re about to find out
if you can run down stairs in glass slippers just like Cinderella. Let me go through everything
that can go wrong. First of all, you could trip and fall off this beautiful red carpet and die. Second, your glass slipper could crush under the weight of your
body sending shards of glass up into your feet, you also
could like sprain an ankle. Are you ready? – I think I’m ready. – But, we love you and
we don’t want you to die. So, we’re gonna put a
little crash pad out here we also with have a paramedic on set so if anything were to happen you’re gonna be saved by a
little prince paramedic today. (laughs) okay. Go, switch outfits. – Okay. It’ll be fine, this is for science. You’re beautiful. (sparkly music) Jenn, you look so beautiful. – I’ll admit you look very nice. – Deep breaths. Pray that this will not shatter. Test one, can she walk in glass heels? Alright, you’re gonna do a
little dosey-do circle here. – [Jenn] Okay.
– [Selorm] Do it. Alright you’re doing it, you’re walking. – [Chrissy] How’s it feel? – [Jenn] Oh, they feel terrible. – This is the most awkward
thing I’ve ever seen. – They’re not for human
feet I don’t think. – No. – Okay well, you did it.
– [Selorm] You did it. (cheers) – That was so awkward. – How did that feel. – But you didn’t die. Challenge two. Jenn, the clock has striketh midnight. – [Jenn] Okay. – Your true self will be
revealed to the hot dude of your dreams if you don’t
get the (beeps) out of there. Alright, you ready? – Uh, yeah, yeah, right. – [Both] Jenn, run, run, run, run, run, faster, faster, faster. (yells) (laughs) – Are you okay? – I’m fine. – [Chrissy] Oh my god are they still? – [Jenn] yeah, yeah, they’re
good, we’re all good. – You fell though. – I could try it again. – Yeah. – Yeah you’re fearless (beeps). You ready? – Yeah. – [Both] Three, two, one. Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, (yells) (laughs) – Why did we throw her? – We just threw her. – I got to the bottom and
then you guys pushed me so I think, – Do you want to try it one more time? – Just one more time. – Sure. – [Chrissy] This time no handrail. – Okay. – Alright you ready? – Uh, yeah. – [Both] Three, two, one, run. Run, run, run, run, run,
run, run, run, run, run. Run, run, go, run, go. (cheers) – You did it Cinderella. (cheers) Yeah you’re a princess. (sparkly music) – [Both] Wow. – That was fun. – That was so fun, I’m so
glad that that wasn’t us. Cinderella was all like
I’m a beautiful princess just gliding down those stairs. Jenn was all like (groans) you know like she can’t
(beeps) work a hoop skirt. Glass slippers and like elegance. But, those things didn’t
crack, they didn’t chip, nothing, it’s like kind of freaky. – [Selorm] Yeah, they’re
kind of like magic maybe? – So technically yes, it is not bogus. But, I have a lot of reservations. – Yeah, not bogus but not comfortable. – [Both] Bibbiby, bobbedy, Boo. Bibbedy, bobbedy Boo. – We found a glass shoe. – Is that real? That’s not real. – [Selorm] No, I don’t, no. – [Chrissy] Remember Brandi
and Whitney’s rendition though? ♪ Impossible ♪ ♪ Impossible ♪ ♪ Impossible ♪ ♪ Impos ♪ – [Chrissy] Did she go up or down? – [Selorm] I think they do it together. ♪ Impossible ♪ – Who am I, am I Whitney? Duh I’m Whitney.


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