I RUINED My Sister’s GUCCI Shoes with Slime PRANK!

– What would you do if
someone took your favorite Gucci shoes and ruined them with slime? (dramatic music) All right guys, so if you’ve
been watching our channel, you know that Evelyn recently
did some shopping at Gucci, and she got some beautiful Gucci shoes, and she really likes them. Like, I don’t mean just, like, loves them, but she, like, she just
brings them everywhere! She wears them so much! We go to one place, she wears them. We go to another place, she wears them. It’s like, crazy. Even once, I saw her sleeping with them! I mean, I think she loves
them more than Mango. – What? – Remember, guys, a few weeks ago, when she pranked me that she sold all my favorite belongings on eBay? It was crazy, and I actually believed it, and my parents were in on it, too, so I was going bananas
actually thinking she did that. She got me really good that time. I don’t know how long this
prank was going to last, but I need my revenge,
and I’m in control now. Over the past few days,
I’ve been recording her to show you guys how obsessed
she is with these shoes, and it’s unbelievable. She really loves them, so I’m gonna show you guys
some of the footage I got. Okay, Evelyn is wearing her Gucci shoes, and we’re like, not even going anywhere. Let me show you guys. Hi, Evelyn. Uh, where are you going? – Nowhere. – Then why are you
wearing your Gucci shoes? – Because I like them. – Uh, okay. – And why are you filming? – We’re just vlogging. Okay, bye. Guys, look who’s wearing
her favorite Gucci shoes. Again, we’re not even going anywhere, she’s just chilling and eating a snack, playing on the computer,
wearing her Gucci shoes. Like, obsessed much? I think she’s talking to her shoes. Uh, Evelyn, are you talking to your shoe? Oh, okay. – Why are you staring at me? – Uh, I don’t know, okay bye. – [Evelyn] Bye! – Okay, I’m gonna close the door. Again, she’s doing, like, nothing, just cleaning and talking to her shoe, which is quite weird, and she hasn’t even worn them out today! Guys, guess what Evelyn’s doing again? She’s wearing her Gucci shoes
while she’s watching TV. Let me show you. Uh, hi, Evelyn. Whatchu doing? – Watching TV. – Yeah, but why are you
wearing your Gucci shoes while you’re watching TV? – Jealous. – No, I’m not. – I’m just saying. Why do you keep on questioning my shoes? Are you trying to steal them? Because you might be too small. – No, I’m not trying to steal them, it’s just you’re wearing them, like, all the time, and it’s, like, weird. You have other shoes, you’re
gonna stink these ones up. – Well, I cleaned them, and
they’re comfortable, so … – Let’s see what Evelyn’s up to. Uh, you’re brushing your teeth
and wearing your Gucci shoes? – Yeah, so? – Did you take a shower in those? – Of course not! I took them off. There’s no way I’m ruining these. – Oh. Are you going out, then? – No! They’re comfortable! Let me brush my teeth!
Go brush your own teeth! Get ready for bed! – I already am. Guys, she’s taking this to another level, which is so weird. Who puts their shoes on
just to brush their teeth? I just went into her room
to see if she was sleeping, and guys, I gotta show you this, I can’t believe what I saw. (mumbles) I have to pick a perfect
sign for this spring, so let’s see what we’re
going to be working with. So here’s all my slimes,
a lot of them are sticky. And I also have some here, but
most of them are clear slime. Okay, so I have this one, it’s
green, which is a good color. Oh, yeah, I think this is a sticky one. All of our slimes get melted, because, because we live in Florida. Yeah, this one’s really sticky. I have it all over my finger, but we’re just gonna have
to wash my hands later. I’ll just close – oh, never mind. Okay, there’s this one, jelly bean paws. It’s a cloud form, so I don’t
know if this is gonna work. Okay. Take that off. No, it’s all over my finger, too. It’s barely rusty on the shoes, so we’re not gonna use that one. Maybe this one? Uh, I don’t think so. As you guys could see, it
was like, stuck to the top. What’s this? I have a store-bought slime. We’re gonna try that out, because normally those are not sticky. Oh yes, this is perfect. It’s not sticky at all, and it’s also like, thicker, so it won’t like, melt on the shoe. Yes, this is good. Okay, we’re gonna use this one. It’s also a pretty good color. So, yeah. Okay, guys, I’m ready to prank Evelyn. I have my ingredients. Evelyn right now is out
walking the dog with our mom, and she left her Gucci
shoes here for once. I’m actually really surprised, and that’s why I’m going
to do the prank now. So I have slime, and I
also have a plastic bag because we’re going to put
the slime on the plastic bag so we don’t actually damage the shoe, ’cause then I’ll get in big trouble, but then once she steps on it, she’ll actually think
that it is on the shoe, but it’s not, it’s on the plastic bag, so she won’t freak out, and it’ll just be stuck to her foot, so it’ll be, like, really weird. I’m gonna go find the shoe
before they come back, because if they catch me, I’m probably going to get
in really big trouble, so we have to hurry up and find her shoes. I’m pretty sure they’re in here. Right there, of course,
right on top of the box. Okay guys, I got the
shoe, I also untied it, so I can put the plastic bag inside. Make sure it covers everything. Okay, there. Okay, now I got the slime, the slime is like super satisfying, and it’s really good, we
have to put it in her shoe. It’s going. Okay, it’s all in, but
it’s not touching the shoe. Okay, guys, so I put the slime in there, and I really shoved it
so she wouldn’t see it when she’s putting her foot in, and so that she would just
like slide her foot in, and not know the slime was in there, so can you guys see the
slime, it’s really weird. I can’t wait to see when she comes back. It’s gonna be really exciting, and she recently just cleaned the shoe. We have to put it back so , right there. Okay, now we’re just gonna wait. I’m gonna put it a little bit
more in so she doesn’t see it. There, nice deep in there. I need to put the camera in the room so we can see her when she comes, but also hide it so she
doesn’t get suspicious. Okay, so I’m gonna put you right here, and I’m really excited. I can’t wait to see her reaction. I hope she puts her Gucci shoes on soon, and I think they should be
coming back any second now, so I’m gonna leave you guys here, and we’re gonna wait for the reaction. – Ewww! What’s in my shoe? What? Eww, what’s this gross stuff? Disgusting! Emily, what did you do to my Gucci shoes? Emily, you think this is funny? – Yeah, it’s hilarious. – Ugh, I’m gonna get you for this!

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