I Gave New Phones to Strangers… But Made Them Choose! – iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus

– [Fin] We have nine questions about the two phones. If you get all ’em right, I’ll give you this brand new phone. (laughing) – Do you have some
knowledge then speak up. – Yeah I watch videos-
– Kay let this man do it. – Oh no I’m going gonna
fail this right away. – That’s crazy, okay. (upbeat music) – All right, so we just picked up the brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note10+. We’re gonna see which one people choose. – I chose this one already.
– You choose that one? – This is mine! – These are both super expensive phones with about the same value, so we want to see what people
on the street would pick out of these two phones. – [Fin] If you were to get one, which would you get? – Like the iPhone versus
the Android battle. – Also, you might get one of these. Yes! You watching this video right now can get one of these phones. More info on that later on in the video. – But for now, let’s get these things out of the box and get straight into it. (upbeat music) ♪ What a lovely day ♪ ♪ Woke up on a vibe yo ♪ ♪ Got a brand new thing ♪ ♪ Yeah it’s all going my way ♪ ♪ My shoes got soul ♪ ♪ Gotta strut in my walk now ♪ ♪ Got a pocketful of sun ♪ ♪ Won’t say won’t go down ♪ ♪ I’m a winner ♪ ♪ I can feel it in the city ♪ ♪ Yeah heavy when I’m breathin’ it in ♪ ♪ Pour that ice for the seven ♪ ♪ Hit 11 ♪ ♪ Hit a seven ♪ ♪ Hit 11 again ♪ ♪ I’m more good ♪ ♪ Got a four leaf clover ♪ ♪ Y’all can knock on wood ♪ ♪ It’s my lucky day ♪ – [Fin] You got
all the money in the world, which of these two phones would you buy? – I’ve heard great
things about the Note10, I’m pretty sure it’s a
really awesome phone but. – Okay. – I don’t know, iPhone 11
seems kind of like a flex. (bell dings) – [Fin] Which of
these phones would you pick? If you were to buy one. – Probably the iPhone.
(bell dings) – You’d pick the iPhone?
– Yeah. – Which would you pick? – I mean yeah.
– [Fin] iPhone. – Whatever’s newer, sure. – [Fin] Well
they’re both really new. – Oh okay, well yeah, I’m just basic. – [Fin] You go with the iPhone? Out of these two phones,
if you had the money, which would you get? – The Apple one.
– That one. – [Fin] The iPhone? – Because I’m already
in the Apple ecosystem, I would get this one there.
– You’d go with the iPhone? Okay.
– But I like the stylus of the Note10. – Which of these two
phones would you pick, if you were to get one of these phones? – That one.
– You picking iPhone? – The very first first we ever
did for one of these videos was right here.
– [David] Right here. – It was cold and snowy. – [David] Check out this view, this is why we keep coming back. – Exactly.
– Teal water over here. – Why do these videos anywhere else when you can do it in a place like this? – Which of these two phones,
if you were to buy one would you buy? – I’m an Apple person. – [Fin] Which would you pick? – The Note. – [Fin] You’d pick the Note? – [Fin] Why’d you pick the Note? – Because I have an
iPhone that I got recently and I don’t really like it. – [Fin] These are
the two brand new phones from Samsung and iPhone,
I’m gonna hold ’em. I don’t want you to run away, with them.
– I’m not gonna run away. (laughing) – [Fin] If you were
to get one of these phones, which would you choose? – Note10. – The Note10, why would you choose Note10? – ‘Cause I don’t like Apple. – [Fin] You don’t like Apple? – iPhone.
– Yeah, iPhone. – Apple just has a more refined interface and yeah the camera’s super cool. I know the Note10+ has a
really great camera too but I really appreciate
the advertising that Apple has done and I don’t know. I’m not an Apple fanboy
by heart but I just appreciate the Apple more than Samsung. – I’d get the 11.
– [Fin] The iPhone? – Apple.
– Apple. – [Fin] Pick
the iPhone, you guys all pick the iPhone?
– Yeah. – I’d probably get the iPhone. – [Fin] You’d get the iPhone? – [David] Look at this sunset. My god. – Great way to end the day. – I have to choose? – I’d say iPhone for me.
– [Fin] iPhone? – I’ma go with the Note. – [Fin] Samsung? Okay what about you? – Depends on the price I
guess but maybe this one. – [David] They’re the same price. – They’re the same price? – [Fin] I can give you
guys this phone, right now. Brand new phone if you
get the questions right. – Okay.
– [Fin] Okay? Are you ready? – Yeah.
– [Fin] All right so. You get all nine questions right, I’ll give you this brand new iPhone 11. – Okay. – [Fin] So you can have it, okay? – All right. (laughing) – I have no idea-
– I don’t follow- – We can guess though. – Matine do you know? Do you think you know? – Do you have some
knowledge then speak up. – I watch videos-
– ‘Kay let this man do it. – Okay the first question is, which one of these two
phones has a bigger screen? – Probably that one. – Okay. Final answer? – I don’t know, I feel like
the iPhone is gonna lose in every situation. – That one.
– Final answer? This one? (groans)
– I don’t know. – [Fin] Pro Max? – I don’t know anything about the Note10. – [David] But you would choose it? Or the iPhone? – I just don’t like Apple. I’m completely against it. – [Fin] So your final answer, you think iPhone has a bigger screen than the Note10? – Mmm. – [Fin] Okay question number one, which one do you think
has a bigger screen? (laughing) (squealing) – Just guess. – Just say this one. – You guys, I swear if we get it wrong. – [Fin] There’s no
time limit, take your time. – The footage is just an hour long. – [David] At the end of the day you only have two options so. – It’s 50/50. Wait which one are we doing? – Apple. (all speaking) – I’d go Samsung. – The pen? Wait are we including the pen? – [Fin] No it’s
just the screen size. – Oh my god. – You can do the Apple, whatever. – This is the most stressful
interview we’ve ever done. – We have eight more of
these to get through. – Okay well I-
– Yeah I’m gonna go with that one. – [Fin] You go with this one? All right final answer? – Yeah. – [Fin] All right the
phone with a bigger screen, with a 6.8 inch screen
is… The Samsung Note10. You got it right, all right. – Let’s go with this one, the iPhone. – Okay, the Galaxy Note10
actually has a bigger screen. – Okay, good. – I’m gonna say Samsung. – [Fin] Samsung, you’re correct. – The iPhone. – [Fin] You think
iPhone has a bigger screen? What makes you think that? – I don’t know because
my first instinct is Note but then I was like, well
maybe it’s the other one. – [Fin] The Note10
actually has a bigger screen. Your first instinct was right. You think it’s this one? – Yeah. – [Fin] That’s correct. The Galaxy Note10 has the bigger screen. – [David] You got it.
– [Fin] Nicely done. – I’m gonna have to say the Note10+. – [Fin] Note10+, final answer? – Yes? – [Fin] You’re right. – Oh jesus.
– [Fin] All right. – I would go with the Note. – [Fin] That’s correct. – Note10? – [Fin] That is correct. – This one. – [Fin] You think
iPhone has a bigger screen than the Samsung? Final answer? – Yeah. – [Fin] No. (laughing) The Samsung’s bigger than the iPhone. You’re gonna go with the
Note10, final answer? – Yeah.
– [Fin] The Note does have a bigger screen. All right doing good, doing good. Question one. The iPhone 11? – Yeah. – [Fin] Incorrect,
it was the Note10. – I’m saying that one. – [Fin] All right, the Note10 does have a bigger screen. – Yeah sure that one. – [Fin] This does
have a bigger screen, you’re right. – Okay. – [David] You got it,
you got it, you got it. – The stress is real, all right. Off to a good start. – I’m shaking. What is this? – Sure yeah.
– No no, I’ll say this one. – [Fin] Is she helping you? Final answer the Samsung?
– [Both] Yeah. – [Fin] The Samsung is correct. – [David] You can’t help. – I don’t anything about
either of the new phones. I’m just gonna guess the Note10. – [Fin] Okay well, you’re correct. – Okay. – [Fin] Your guess is right. Go for it, just pick one. Final answer, pick one. – Okay, Apple. – [Fin] Okay
with a 6.8 inch screen versus a 6.5 inch screen, the Note was bigger. – Oh damn.
– I told you. – [Fin] The Note was bigger. Moving on, question number two okay? Which one has a higher resolution screen? – That one. – [Fin] You think? – I feel like it’s this one. – [Fin] Which of these two phones has a higher resolution screen? – Oh I would, resolution I would say, maybe the Apple? – [Fin] Which
screen is higher resolution? – I’m guessing that one again. – [Fin] She has an iPhone but she has a lot of faith in the Galaxy’s being way better than the iPhone. – I know I’m dumb. – [David] Why do you chose the iPhone if you think the Note is better? – Because I like the blue messages! – [David] Okay, okay. iMessage.
– [Fin] That’s fair. iPhone 11 or Note10+?
– Well I mean, Apple always uses Samsung screens so. I don’t know if it’s a trick
question where it’s like that but I know it’s usually Samsung
has the higher resolution for-
– [Fin] So you’re going with Samsung? – I’m going with Note10 yeah. – [Fin] That is correct. The Note10+ has a higher
resolution as well. – I would say Samsung. – [Fin] This one?
– Yeah. – [Fin] It’s the
Samsung, y’all are right. – Those ads, I should’ve watched them. I’m gonna go with the Note. – [Fin] That is correct! – Let’s go with Samsung. – [Fin] Samsung, you got it right. (cheering) – iPhone. – [Fin] You’re gonna say iPhone? – Final answer. – [Fin] All right
final answer iPhone with, the Note10 actually has a
higher resolution screen. – Unfortunate.
– [Fin] Unfortunate. – Oh gosh, I would not know. I’m gonna choose that one. – [Fin] I don’t know, last time you assumed it was this
one but it was this one. Are you sure? Just go with that one. – [Fin] All right
the correct answer is, the Galaxy Note10. Sorry.
– That’s all right, all good. Thank you. – [Fin] Which
one’s screen do you think is higher resolution? – Probably the 11. – [Fin] You
think the iPhone again? (laughing) The Note10? You’re saying Note10, final answer? – Yeah. – [Fin] That is correct. The Note10 has a higher resolution screen. – I still think the Note10. – [Fin] So the Note10? – But I think I’m wrong but
I’m still guessing the Note10. – [Fin] That is
correct, you’re right. You got it right. – I feel like all the answers are Samsung. – Okay the Samsung. – [Fin] All right
you’re gonna go with Samsung? – Yeah. – [Fin] Samsung, you’re correct. He was right, he was right. – [David] You got it, you got it. – [Fin] It has a bigger screen and a higher resolution screen, all right. – That guy is saying pick
me, so I’m gonna say Samsung. – [Fin] All right,
you’re going with Samsung? The Samsung Note10, you got it right. – They’ve been stepping
their game up though. – [David] But have they? – Well, now that he says that. – Maybe he’s trying to trick us. – [David] You never
know, don’t trust me. – Sure, 10 again. – [Fin] All
right, it is the Note10. – [David] Yeah you got it. – [Fin] Question
number three okay? Both these phones are the same price but which one comes with more storage? – Oh storage capabilities? – Yeah which has more storage? – That’s a hard one. – These are some good questions. – [Fin] Yeah! Which ones comes with more storage? – Samsung? – [Fin] Samsung
again, final answer? – Don’t second guess yourself. You’ve been right already. – Yeah. – [Fin] All right, that’s correct. You got it.
– [David] You got it. – [Fin] 256
gigabytes on the Note10, 64 on the iPhone. – Samsung. – [Fin] You think Samsung again? – Yeah. – [Fin] What phone
you guys have right now? – [Both] iPhone. – [Fin] iPhone okay, but you think that Samsung has all the better features? – Yeah.
– [Fin] Yeah? Well you’re right, it does. It has 256 gigabytes of
storage versus 64 gigabytes. – I’m sittin’ out of this one. – I’m saying Note10 again. – [Fin] You’re
saying Note10 again? Note10 is correct. – More storage? I still think the Note10. – [Fin] So the Note10? – Yeah. – I feel like he just likes Samsung better so he just assumes that all
of ’em are better right? He’s like, the iPhone
has no good features. – [David] What phone
do you have right now? – [Fin] Well
you’re right, you’re right. You’re correct, this
only has 64 gigabytes. This has 256 gigabytes.
– See that’s what I thought. – I’m gonna go with Samsung. – [Fin] The
Samsung is correct, yeah. You got it, you’re doing great. – That one?
– Yeah. – [Fin] You’re
going with this one again? – Yeah. – [Fin] The Note10
does have more storage. You get it right, you get it right. – I’m gonna say Apple on this one. – [Fin] You’re gonna
say Apple, final answer? – Yeah. – [Fin] It’s
actually, the Galaxy Note10. – Ooh, really? – [Fin] There’s
still 64, the iPhone 11 still has 64.
– 64 really? I thought they would bump
it up at to at least 120. – [Fin] It’s kind of a crime. – [David] You would think
that, you would think that. They’re trying to push
their Cloud service, I’m pretty sure. – It’s just the software on this one. – [Fin] It’s all
about the hardware right? – Yeah, yeah. – I do want to switch it off the answer, ’cause I have been saying the Note10. Unless this is like,
sponsored by Samsung or. – [Fin] Nah if no- (all speaking) – [David] To go on the
record, this is not sponsored. – Not sponsored. – Oh okay, I’m just gonna say iPhone 11. – [Fin] You think iPhone 11 comes with more storage? What do you think-
– Wait the base model right? – [Fin] Base model, yeah. Base model iPhone 11
versus base model Note10+, same price, which one do you think comes with more storage?
– Oh same price? – [Both] They’re the same price, yeah. – Oh no that’s a hard one yo. I’m just going with iPhone. – [Fin] With 256
gigabytes as the base model, the Samsung has more storage. But thanks so much, I appreciate it. – No worries. – I’m gonna go with… – [David] You seem to have an idea of what it might be. – I would’ve said the Note
but I could be wrong, man. It’s all you. – I’m gonna go with the iPhone. – [Fin] Okay final answer, iPhone? – Yes. – [Fin] Incorrect. – I told you. (laughing) – [Fin] The Note10
comes with 256 gigabytes and the iPhone only
comes with 64 gigabytes. – That’s crazy. – [Fin] We’re
moving on to question number four now. Which of these two phones has more secure facial recognition? – Samsung. – [David] You really think the Samsung is a better phone, don’t you? – Does it even have facial recognition? – Well on the old non iPhones, they used to just like,
take a picture of your face and iPhones’ actually 3D scan you, but I don’t know if they
stepped their game up yet. – iPhone. – [Fin] Final answer, iPhone? – Yeah. – [Fin] That is correct. – [David] Yes you got it, you got it, you got it, you got it. – [Fin] Killin’ it, yeah. – iPhone. – [Fin] You think the iPhone? – Yeah. – [Fin] That is correct. Which one do you think is more secure? – I think the iPhone for that one. – [Fin] Yeah?
– Yeah. – [Fin] The correct
answer is, the iPhone, you’re right.
– Okay. – [Fin] Dude this guy, he knows his stuff apparently. – I didn’t even know that
one had facial recognition. Samsung. – [Fin] You’re
going with Samsung again? Final answer? – Yup.
– [Fin] All right. The correct answer is… The iPhone. – No! – [Fin] The iPhone 11, yeah. Sorry about that. – I’m gonna say Samsung. – [Fin] All right
final answer, Samsung? – Yeah. – [Fin] The iPhone has
a better facial recognition. (laughing) you were doing so well. – You wanna give iPhone one?
– Yeah let’s do it, one chance.
– [Fin] All right. The correct answer is, the iPhone. – [David] You got it! – [Fin] You’re
doing insanely well. – Question number four, okay? Which of these two phones
has a fingerprint sensor? – Fingerprint sensor? The Note10, I think. – Mine only has the face.
– Mine still does, oh. – I don’t know if they added it though. – [Fin] Which iPhone do you have? – Old.
(laughing) I don’t even wanna show it. – [Fin] Which of these two phones has a fingerprint sensor? – Note10. – [Fin] Note10 again? Final answer? That is correct. – [David] You got it, you got it. – Note10. – [Fin] That’s
correct, nicely done. – I don’t know, my S9
has it, so I’m assuming the Note10 would have one. – [Fin] Yeah, the
Note10 has a ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint sensor.
– Beautiful. – [Fin] So we’re doing- – Is this just a Note10
showcase basically? – [Fin] I mean it
isn’t, we’re just showing the difference between the two phones. – I would think that one. I don’t know if they
added it to the iPhone, but this one doesn’t. – Note10? – [Fin] All right,
final answer is Note10? – Yeah. – [Fin] That is correct. Okay. Moving on, which one has
reverse wireless charging? – Note10. – [David] You guys know. – Yeah they seem to know pretty well too and he just spittin’ about easily. All right that’s correct. Nicely done.
– [David] You got it. – That’s correct. – [David] Wait, wait, wait. Only three more? – Only three more questions. – [David] Oh my god. (all speaking) You guys might win, you guys might win, you guys might win. – You’re pretty close. – Wireless charging? – [Fin] You think it’s Note10? – Yeah. – [Fin] Final answer Note10? – Yeah. – [Fin] That’s correct. You’re doin’ great, you
might be walking away with a brand new iPhone. Is the iPhone what you’d picked? – I don’t know now. (all speaking) – [Fin] It has
a lot of great features. – Reverse wireless charging? – [Fin] So they
both charge wirelessly but one of them can charge another phone, or another device. – Oh, the Note10. – [Fin] Final answer? – Yeah.
– [Fin] The Note10. – What is the reverse wireless? – [Fin] So they
both wirelessly charge but one of them has the
ability to wirelessly charge other devices. – I would say it’s not Apple. – Okay then, yeah. – I would think.
– I have no clue. I have zero clue. Yeah I don’t think I’ve
heard of that with this. Do you wanna say that? Yeah, Note10? – [Fin] All right go with Note10? – Sure. – [Fin] That is correct. – Yeah! – [Fin] That’s absolutely amazing, I can’t believe you don’t know, you’re just guessing? But you’re actually guessing
completely correct every time. – [Fin] Next question, which one has better water resistance? Only three more questions,
three more questions. Oh he’s struggling a little bit finally, finally struggling a little bit. – [Man] It’s probably Samsung. – iPhone. – [Fin] Final answer, iPhone? That is correct. (cheering) – [David] Everyone said the Note but he knew, he knew. – I’d say the 11, the iPhone. – [Fin] You think the iPhone 11 has better water resistance?
– Yeah. – [Fin] Final answer? – Yeah. – [Fin] That is correct. – Jesus. – [David] This might be it. We might be giving away a phone. – [Fin] You guys
have two more questions. – Better water resistance? – I’m just gonna stick
to the Note10 answer. Just gonna be biased and go the Note10. – [Fin] All right,
so final answer was Note10? – Sure. – [Fin] It’s actually the iPhone, you were so close. – I’d still rather get the Note10 than the iPhone. – [David] That’s fair. – [Woman] Well we learned
a lot about the Note10 and stuff today. – It’s basically a Note10 showcase. (laughing) – [David] This is why we’re doing it, just like a fun way to
learn about the phones. – Yeah no, it’s fun. – [Fin] Which one
has better water resistance? – I would guess, they started earlier. So if they’ve been keeping
up with the trends. – Yeah.
– I would say that. – But they have stepped their game up. This is like a couple meters under water for like 30 minutes. I don’t, I’m sorry. – [Fin] You’re
so close guys, so close. – They’ve stepped it up but I feel like if they were on trend
with their waterproofing. – I would most like, cool
technological things, Android usually does it better. – So this one. – [Fin] All right
final answer, that one? The iPhone actually has
better water resistance. Okay, all right, two
more questions left dude. Two more questions left to
get this phone, you ready? Question number eight,
which of these two phones. Okay what is question number eight? – [David] Number eight, yes. – [Fin] But which
one, I forget the question. – [David] Video stabilization. – [Fin] Oh yeah, which one has better video stabilization? Thank you. One more question after
this, video stabilization. The tension. (all speaking) – I think it’s the Note10 ’cause it has… – [Fin] Sure final answer? They’re saying iPhone. You sure?
– Yeah. – [Fin] Which one has
better video stabilization? – Stabilization? I’d say iPhone? – [Fin] Final answer iPhone? – Yeah. – [Fin] That is correct. – [David] Yes, yes! – [Fin] Oh my goodness. The iPhone does have
better video stabilization. That’s crazy, okay last question. If you get this question right, I’m gonna give you a brand new iPhone if you get this question right. Okay ready? Final question, which one is newer? Which of these phones is newer? It’s all behind this question. – [David] Oh my god.
– I would say the iPhone. – [Fin] Final answer? You think the iPhone’s newer? – [David] You’re betting everything on it being the iPhone. – Yeah I’ll go for it. – [Fin] Final answer?
– Yeah. – [Fin] Okay, the
phone that is the newest, just came out two days ago on the 20th and it is… The iPhone. That is correct. You actually get a brand new iPhone 11. – [David] That’s yours. – [Fin] That’s yours. – So it’s actually mine? – [Fin] It is yeah,
open it up if you want. Open it up. Go ahead and-
– Hey can you hold this? – [David] Well now you get to- – [Fin] You get a brand new. – So it’s actually mine? – [Fin] It’s actually yours. – [David] This is yours dude. – Well that’s sick. – [David] Yeah, congratulations. – How are you so chill about this? – [Fin] Yeah like,
oh it’s fine, whatever. – So I follow Apple on Instagram, I’ve seen them release it two days ago and I know the Note10, ’cause
my buddy’s friend has one. So it came out like a month ago. – [Fin] You’re surprisingly chill. You’re just like, all right
sweet, brand new phone. It’s all good. – I know like what the hell? Like how? (exhales) – All right. That was interesting. The reaction was so different
from our last video. – And by different we
mean no reaction at all. – Apparently not everyone freaks out and goes crazy when you give them- – You know some people have like a, express their emotions you
know, internally not outwardly. And that’s fair. – I’m sure he was still
stoked about a new phone, just like you guys are probably stoked and still waiting to get one
of these phones for yourself. – But before we move on to the giveaway, I want to give a quick shout-out
to our friend Express VPN. If you’re looking to watch
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– Nothing to lose. – If you use our link,
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win one of these phones is follow all three of these
beautiful Instagram accounts. – @finflynn, @teckaboom, @davidtplays. – If you’re following
those Instagram accounts, you are automatically entered, okay? And we’ll pick one of you and you get to choose which
of these phones you want and we’ll send it to you. – One month from now, on October 28th, we’re gonna go live on Instagram and select the winner live. So if you wanna know who wins the phone, tune in because we’re
not gonna be announcing it anywhere else. Of course we’re gonna DM the winner so they at least know. – Let us know in the comments below, which of these two phones you want to win and if you’re following all three of these accounts then you are
automatically entered. – Other than that,
subscribe to the channel. Hit the bell to be notified when the next video goes live. – And we’ll see you guys all later. – [Both] Peace. (upbeat music)


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  • Why are those people so STUPID!

  • those questions are easy i wish i was asked-

  • Top

  • Apni maasi ke ladke se mat poochh??????

  • Guy: Wins iPhone
    TechKaboom: brings out contract for the guy to sign his life away

  • can i have the iphone 11 please i dont have a phone im on computer rn. . .

  • i want iphone 11 pro max from malaysia

  • May I please have the iPhone 11 I subscribed and liked the video i followed all those instigram accounts

  • If I was there I had answer every questions in seconds

  • i know every answer for both phones but literally i live so far from them.

  • Bro what happened with Skyfin media?

  • I wanna be in every giveaway my phone broke ????????

  • @5:33 is that Tim cook

  • i prefer iphone 11 pro max ???

  • Who else is in the comments knowing all the answers and wish they were there

  • Send me this samsung and i will be happy ???

  • ??????????

  • But the iPhone can also have 256 gigs

  • The scenery is beautiful btw.

  • Guys, can you come to Russia, City named Penza, street popova 46 and give me that iphone 11 pro max pls

  • i wish these guys were in my country

  • The iPhone

  • Galaxy S9 VS iPhone XR
    Bigger Screen: XR
    Facial Recognition: XR

  • Done?

  • They both would be nice so I would like either one if I got chosen

  • Can we all just take in how BeUtIfUl the background is

  • My iPhone got stolen

  • Come in Bangladesh plz

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