I don’t love you yet – Episode 4(English Subs)

“I Don’t Love You Yet” “4: A New Love,
Shall We Start A New Romance?” How about you start by planting
the seed of love? Your sideburns are cool. Are you making fun of me? I’ve got a long way to go. My name is Yu Narumi. I’m starting today. Thank you. 22 years old? Calm down, me! Next time, could it be
just the two of us for dinner? Then shall we leave together? Yo. Maybe I was planted
with the seed of love. So cute! She’s like a marshmallow! Miku! Here’s auntie Yo! Miss Yo! It’s okay. – It’s okay.
– Here’s Miss Yo! I think her eyes are
like yours, Sana. She will be gorgeous. That’s great. Here you go! Hello. She’s so cute! I want a grandchild too! I want a grandchild! A grandchild! She has an illness called
“Give me grandkids”! Why don’t you have one yourself? So? How is it going lately? Actually… Yo… There’s nothing. Oh, that’s a lie!
Someone came to mind just now! She was thinking of someone, right? She was definitely
thinking of someone. Is that true? Is there someone? No, there isn’t.
There really is nothing. There’s nothing. Oh my, when is she going to make it happen? Yo is doing well at work, and you earn your own way, so you
don’t have to rush into marriage. She’s a Chief at product development
at DIANA. I totally envy that. No, that’s not true. There are three more of these pumps.
It’s 10% off. – I want it!
– It’s mine! When I hear there aren’t
that many left, then I get anxious. But, when I think calmly, do I really want that? That was dangerous. Are you okay? I’m fine. Thank you. I’ll take care of the rest.
Please take a break, Chief. I’m totally fine. But… Please take a break. Thank you. – Miss…
– Is there another color? One moment please.
I’ll go check the stock. “Serizawa Estates”
Here’s the proposal you requested. Oh? It’s done already? That’s great. – Please take a look.
– Thank you. Ishida, your cell is ringing. Hello, this is Ishida
of Serizawa Estates. Who are you going to have at
the date party this weekend? Date party… Nothing is set. What? It’s loud? – Yes.
– You ask around too! Oh, bicycles too? I’m sorry. I will head over
there right now. Excuse me. Ren, is there a problem? Yes, the Fall Gourmet Festival
that’s going on right now has triggered some noise complaints. There’s also illegal bicycle
parking and it’s blocking the way. I’m heading over there. I’ll come with you too! It’s fine. Thanks. Marukawa and Tondabayashi! Ren is so busy right now but
you’re talking about a date party? Date party is fine and all, but get
the Valentine fair’s proposal done! Maki, head over to
building management and get the plan and sectional view. And perspective image too.
I’m off! Good luck! Alright! let’s get it done! – Let’s work hard!
– Yes! Alright! Hello, are you working late? I need to prepare this paperwork to
take to the municipal office. A lot was going on during the day. That’s also part of
town management’s work? Right, everything from
building to town is our job. Is there something
I can help you with? Well, let’s see… No, I’m fine. thanks. Right. I’m sorry. If you’d like, please have this. Don’t work too hard. Thanks. You don’t need to thank me. This is a strategy to make you
like me gradually. Chief! Thanks for the hard work. Thank you. I’m going to go get
a drink. Is the usual one okay? Thanks. Ah! Could you switch
the milk to soymilk? I got it. Do you like soymilk? It’s not like I like it,
but it’s more healthy. I got it. Soymilk. Then what is your favorite food? Takoyaki. That’s unexpected. That’s cute. You don’t need to make
a note of that! I don’t want to leave anything out! Please teach me more stuff! I’m off! See you! Hey, are you speaking as a boss… or as a woman? I’m sorry I’m late. Thank you. Here you go. Please wear this if you’d like.
It’ll be more comfortable. You went and bought it for me?
That wasn’t necessary. It’s cheap, so don’t worry about it.
Excuse me. Idiot! What am I thinking? He’s just an assistant.
He’s doing his job as an assistant. He’s just… He’s just… Is that better? Thanks. Please call me
whenever you need something. Is he… Let’s drink it while it’s still hot. really just… an assistant? Maybe I… want him. Thanks. “DIANA” Do you have a moment, Chief? It’s this… By analyzing the Shibuya location’s
sales for this week, I think another 100 pairs
of stretch boots will sell. Well, sure. Yokohama location seems to have
quite a bit in stock, so it might be good to order
20 more pairs. Yes. I already checked with
the Yokohama store, and they said they had 50 pairs
this morning. Thank you. Ah! Then could you get the data for
all the locations? I… already did that this morning. You sure did! Amazing! Perfect!
You are fast! No, I just copied how you do things. No, to learn your job so quickly in
such a short time, you are capable. Okay, I’m going to take the proposal
for Spring Summer to the Executive Director. I’m coming with you. Okay, sure. So after the sale,
my legs were so tight, I took my heels off
and massaged them. Then he suddenly came in,
and what do you think he did? I don’t know. He went and bought sandals,
and put them on me! Is there such a person? Well, he seems aggressive, but when he does it,
it’s not like that at all. How should I put it?
It suits him just right. Anyway, he’s a Japanese rice wine. – Japanese rice wine?
– Yes. You know how it penetrates
your whole body? I get that you haven’t even had
a sip, and yet you’re already tipsy. You are into that younger guy. When I’m calm
and am thinking straight, I don’t know if I really want
to get married. I went ahead and agreed
to that bet… They do say with marriage you need
a little push. – If you are calm, they you can’t–
– Welcome! Excuse me, could we have draft beer
and whiskey and soda. Draft and whiskey and soda
coming up. The other day, Sana said
that I don’t need to get married since I earn on my own. Ever since I heard that,
I’m all fuzzy about it. Why? I work for DIANA because I love
shoes, but don’t I need any change? I’m feeling a little hesitant. I get it. I’m the same way too. – You too, Ren?
– Yes. When you’re around 30, you aren’t
exactly old but not young either. But all the important events
happen during this time… like marriage, birth, responsibility at work. Yep, all at once. Everyone is choosing their future
and moving forward, but I haven’t chosen anything yet. I’m just staying put. Thank you for waiting. Thank you. But in other words, you have
chosen your current life, right? Maybe I’m just scared of losing
what I’ve built so far, and unable to move forward. You’re scared to lose? All in a day’s work. All in a day’s work. Hey, so you and I… “Maki Kono” Why don’t you answer it? Hello? What? Paperwork? Oh, you’re right. I forgot it. Paperwork for tomorrow’s meeting. Is that the “Ren” girl? No, you don’t have
to bring it to me. Why don’t you have her come? – No?
– I don’t care. Hello. I’m sorry. Not at all. – Here’s the paperwork for tomorrow.
– Thank you. How do you do? I’m Maki Kono. How do you do? I’m Yo Mitarai. I’m glad to meet you. Ren always
told me about his good friend. I’ll see you later. Oh, Kono! Would you like to join us
for dinner? Is it okay? I’ll judge her for you. Sure! Go ahead and order
what you want! – Yay! I was starved!
– Really? I’m glad. Um, can I ask you a question? Where did you and Mitarai meet? High school. We weren’t that friendly
in high school though. We went to the same university,
so we’ve been in each other’s lives. Here you go. It’s a great
Cassis and Orange. Thank you very much. Let’s toast then. Cheers! Doesn’t it feel like destiny? In my previous life, I was a chicken
and she saved me from being fried. That’s why I’m repaying her in
this life. Right? Right! He was crying loud and begged
for his life, so I saved him. Cock-a-doodle-doo! Say it! Cock-a-doodle-doo! I want to eat this!
Extra spicy chicken! I like spicy foods. I’m sorry, you were a chicken in
your previous life, right, Ren? Ah! That’s not it. I think it’s good. I wanted to eat something with
impact right now. This table is available now! – Thank you very much.
– Thank you very much. – I’ll clear it.
– Thank you. Let’s move then. This is extra spicy chicken. That looks good.
I’m going to eat it! It’s delicious! It’s spicy! Oh? You’re not going to eat it, Ren? I’ll eat it. Do you two eat dinner together
all the time? Well, if our schedule works out. I don’t have to be considerate. Why don’t you two date then? Why? Well… Because we are friends. Sometimes a friendship develops
into love too. It didn’t happen with us. When I had a boyfriend,
Ren was single. When my heart was broken,
Ren always had a girlfriend. So if both of you were single at
the same time, you would date? That won’t happen. We were in the same club,
but it wasn’t like that at all. You were in the same club too? Yes, a camping club. Camping! I want to go camping too! I envy you Yo.
You know a lot about Ren. Please tell me more. Hm, I guess… Have you heard of Setsuna Boys
that’s becoming popular right now? Ah, it’s that rock band, right? That’s– I don’t really like them.
They seem unmanly. I’m sorry.
Did I say something offensive? No, not at all. Master! Master? Yes, Master! Could you teach me how to deal
with Ren? Teach? There’s nothing much,
but if I may, he can’t handle spicy foods, and he was a member of Setsuna
Boys when he was a student. I’m sorry. It’s fine. You didn’t know,
so don’t worry about it. I’m sorry. – it’s fine.
– I’ll be more considerate. Excuse me for a second. Sorry. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. It’s fine. What is that? She’s leaning on his
shoulder in front of me? She’s all touchy and everything! And that flirtatious smile! Her facial muscles are
too developed! I think Ren’s taste in women is
deteriorating each year. Jealous? “The other Yo Mitarai” It’s not like that. Then why are you mad? Well, he’s just like the other men! As long as they are young and cute,
they don’t care. Please call me
whenever you need something. Thank you. I was having so much fun,
I got a bit tipsy. I’ll walk Maki home,
then I’ll walk with you. Don’t worry about it.
Just take Maki home. We are going in the same direction. It’s fine. Someone is coming to
pick me up. There he is! I’m sorry, Yo!
Did you wait long? This is my friend Ren Ishida,
and Maki Kono. And this is Yu Narumi. Nice to meet you. I ate too much, so I want to take
a walk and go home. You two get a taxi, okay? – Okay.
– See you. How about a dinner soon? I would like that. Good bye. What did you eat? Is that… Master’s boyfriend? Ah… Yes. So Master has a boyfriend! I’m glad. Careful. I’m sorry to call you so late. Don’t apologize. I’ve told you before to call me
whenever you need something. It’s not like that with Ren Ishida.
He’s just a friend. He and I are– What are you worried about? I’m not worried! I just wanted to… I got it. We won’t talk
about this anymore. Ah! You came in a taxi, right?
How much was it? I think you’re being rude to me.
Do you think this is work? I honestly wanted to ask you… do you always follow your superiors
like that? Is that bad? Well, it’s not bad… If you paid for it,
that would hurt my feelings. – I was watching TV at my place.
– Watching TV? – Yes.
– During that time… Excuse me, did something happen? There was a break in. Several places were broken into
at the same time. What? That’s scary! It’s fine. Come on in. Check if you’re missing anything. “Eleven things you do to land
a happy marriage” How is it? It seems fine. Okay. I’m leaving now,
so make sure to lock up. You are leaving? Are you asleep? No, I can’t sleep in this situation. Then would you come here? No, I can’t be bothered to move. Don’t you like me? I don’t dislike you. Then why do you refuse me? I didn’t refuse you. Go out with me. I don’t mind if it’s just a trial. A trial? Like the cosmetics on mail order, you have a trial period and then
you get it if you like it. You won’t lose anything either, Ren. Is it shameful to reject
a woman’s advances? What do I do in a situation like
this, Yo Mitarai? Don’t answer. It’s a late night call.
It must be an emergency. “Mitarai”
You are quite full of yourself. What do you mean? Wouldn’t you want to call me
right away and ask me about my opinion
about that girl? What did you think? Well, I don’t think she’s too bad. She knows her charms, she was glorifying her youth
to the fullest. She’s the total opposite of me. I see. So? Is that a good thing? Who knows. So? What are you going to do? What am I going to do? She asked me to go out on
a trial basis. It must be nice for you, Ren. Are
you bragging that you’re popular? No! I’m not sure what I should do,
so that’s why I’m asking you. Yo, I’m actually– I’m not cold. Is someone there? Well, um… I’m at Maki’s place. You said you aren’t sure,
but you’re over at her place? No! There was a break in– Sure, sure! Brains and lower body
are separate in men! I’m sorry to bother you! Enjoy the rest! Hey! Don’t misunderstand– “The other Yo Mitarai” Why are you so irritated? Because Ren Ishida is
way ahead of me. I’m sorry. So about what I said earlier… you don’t want to try
even as a trial? Fine. But I’m going home today. “Eleven things you do to land
a happy marriage” “I will marry Ren Ishida
within… “One year” It’s empty. Were you okay with espresso double,
cafe latte, hot, grande? Do you think this is work? If you paid for it,
that would hurt my feelings. – Good morning.
– Morning. I’m sorry. Do you have a moment? Yes. Morning. I originally asked Aoe… She’s not even 17, yet she comments
about her dreams and the design! That’s too much even if she’s
the Executive Director’s favorite! She has the flu. She called to say she wants to
take some time off, so I was wondering if I could
ask you to take over? I got it. I’ll adjust my schedule to
go on a business trip tomorrow. Thank you! You saved me! – Good morning.
– Morning. You sure are good, Chief Mitarai!
I can always count on you. If it’s too much by
yourself, then take… Narumi! Right? Right! You two go get chicken wings– morning! Thanks! Yes. That’s a sudden business trip.
You agreed to it. It can’t be helped. I know it’s tough for
working mothers, but the burden is on
us singles then. I don’t want them
to think it’s a given. Right. Good morning. Morning. Chief! Please come to my
farewell party tomorrow! I’m sorry! I have to go to Nagoya
for business. I’m sorry. I lost to Nagoya? Don’t look down on Nagoya! I’m not. I’m sorry. Rain? Chief Mitarai! Takao is coming to pick me up now. How about we go home together? No, that’s okay. I’ll just buy
an umbrella at a store. What? – Ai!
– Takao! Yo. Could I give you a lift? It’s fine. Don’t hold back. Let’s go. No, it’s fine. I’m fine. It’s fine. You don’t have a car. I’m really fine. It’s fine, just come! Yo! Here you go. Oh, good bye. Let’s go. Here you go. Thank you. I’m glad I made it in time. I’m sorry that things got crazy, and I couldn’t get your
cafe latte this morning. It’s totally fine. I still have work to do,
so I’m going back. Hey. You know… I’m going on an overnight business
trip to Nagoya tomorrow. It’s sudden, but could you book
a hotel and the bullet train? I want to arrive in Nagoya before
10:00 in the morning. Of course, you’re coming too. I got it! You’re getting wet. Sorry. I’m going back now. No, it’s just work. She asked me to go out
on a trial basis. I won’t let him win. “Nagoya” Why do they place these two
next to each other? How do you categorize them? When the casual ones are within
the elegant series, then their merit is not clear. It’s the iron rule to line them up
per category. Yes. She tried on ten shoes,
took photos, and casually went home. What is that? She’s probably
posting it on SNS. I really don’t want her doing that. – Hey!
– Yes, what is it? This product is popular
in all our stores, but why do you think it doesn’t
sell over a week here? I don’t know. Make arrangements to send
all of them back to Shibuya. Yes. If you don’t know
why these won’t sell, we’ll sell them where
they know how to sell. The customer who spends their time
trying on over 10 shoes, is not trying to harass you. She was
searching for her perfect shoes. If you have time
to complain about customers, think back and reflect
on your customer service! This is really good. Today, I was captivated by you. When you were instructing the sales
people, you were really pretty. Are you okay? I’m okay. Well… I’m just trying hard so that I don’t
lose what I’ve built so far. I’m just scared of change. I’m scared to lose too, and change too, but… I don’t want an empty life where I do nothing because I’m
scared of losing something. Hey, Narumi. What do you think of me? Do you want me? Why don’t you answer your phone? It’s fine. It’s nothing. We left early this morning, so let’s finish eating here quickly
and leave. Is that it? Let’s eat. Let’s walk slowly. I’m having a great time.
I don’t want this night to end. Would you like another drink? Can I go to your room later? I’m sorry. I need to get back. My boss is waiting for me. We’re in the middle of an important
job. Now is the time to work on it. It’s fine. My boss trusts me. I think I can be
a full time employee. I love you. Yes. Ah, Mei, are you being a good girl? You are a good girl. Daddy will be home tomorrow. I love you. Good night. Bye. You are in the middle of work… what do you mean “daddy”? Would you like to come by
my house today? Yes. Ah, I’m sorry. Hello? Ren… What’s the matter? I can’t handle it anymore. I want to disappear from this world. On this horrible night,
I end up being alone. “You can do it with your lover,
but not with your best friend” Did you fight with Ren? – We have it.
– What? A friendship between
a man and a woman. That’s because you don’t see me
as a guy, Yo. – Could we meet?
– Yo! I’m– Will you spend the night tonight? Don’t cry. It would be nice if he was a woman.


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