I Broke Dumb Laws In Front Of Police

Is this like an anti-establishment thing or something? Britain is an old-fashioned, weird place. Every November, we burn a wooden effigy of a dude who tried to burn down Parliament hundreds of years ago. We turn people we like into Knights. However, the most ridiculous thing that we have is our laws If you wear a suit of armour in Parliament, they’re legally allowed to cut your head off This is ridiculous. That’s not the only dumb British law We’ve got tons of them, and I don’t even know if anyone takes these things seriously. So today I’m going to test that and try and break as many ancient British laws as possible in one day in front of policemen and hope that I don’t get arrested. Do you think that this is a suspicious fish?
– oh definitely You know, there’s a law where it’s illegal to handle a salmon suspiciously. I’ve got the salmon now I have to act suspiciously with it. He’s checking if his car’s locked. That’s how fucking creepy I look. – What’ve you got a fish for?
– Does it look suspicious to you? It doesn’t look suspicious but it looks interesting. It’s not suspicious? Alright I’ll I try harder to be more suspicious. The fuck is that?! Ladies and gentlemen, Would you like to see a man walking past with a fish? Pointless You don’t know if there’s a library nearby do you? Apparently, it’s illegal to gamble in a library. So me, stinking of salmon I’m gonna go and try and make someone bet with me in this library and break that law. ‘Scuse me, Do either of you gamble? Yes, gamble, like Blackjack. We don’t have to play for money if you don’t want to I’ve got a Sashimi-quality fish. ‘Scuse me, I’ve got a great game of Blackjack Sorry if I smell. How come you’re doing this? I’m trying to break as many ancient laws as I can in a day. You going again? Oof, bust. 10p for me. I was gambling in a library! I’m gonna walk right into that building there in a suit of armour. Something that apparently you’re supposed to get your head cut off for. – Hi there
– Is it a public gallery? Yes! Um, not sure… if the armour-
– you haven’t got a real sword have you? No, it’s plastic. Sorry, this has never happened! Have a look at the sign, make sure you don’t have any of these.
– I definitely don’t have any of those Why are you dressed as a knight? I’ve just been filming around the corner doing a kids TV thing. – Okay
– Amazing! I just went into Parliament wearing a suit of armour and I still have a head. Right, next one. You can’t shake out a dirty rug in public and also can’t wear an outrageous double ruff or be be sock-less within a hundred yards of the Queen Just shaking the rug Alright wearing a double ruff, being sock-less Is this like an anti-establishment thing or something? Are you filming now? There’s a law against singing a lewd ballad in public. I’m pretty sure Tony Blair lives around here. I’ll try and do a bit of improv. Just gonna sing a song – I’ve written a little song, if that’s okay? If you do it on the other side of the road, yeah. Okay Tony, Tony How are you today? Tony boy Tony, please come out and play You look like a marshmallow Our eyes meet over the piano. Oh I’d love to nestle my head on your Fluffy chest Tony boy, Tony come out and play Well I sang about hooking up with Tony Blair to his window. I guess that’s lewd – that’s another law broken another off the list So stupid I’ve never been to Downing Street before 10 Downing Street: residence of the Prime Minister


  • What's the weirdest law you've heard of in your home country?

  • This is just a fugitive on the run

  • When riding a horse you must fire your shotgun in the air before turning


  • NO ONE:



    BRITAIN: No PlaYiNG DiNg DoNG DiTcH!!!! ??

  • these cant be real

  • When's the execution?

  • That's genius and funny.

  • What a madlad

  • I thought the thumbnail was a girl

  • I would be more impressed if you wore a real armor

  • Imagine if your country let refugees do what they want and they would never get in jail. Yeah thats happening in Austria

  • Knocking on a door and running away is annoying… it's also fun.

  • This is funny, but seriously, how in Hell are you able to just walk right up to, and even touch, the door at 10 Downing Street. That’s insane.

    Or did you work it out with the police guards before you did it? I suppose, if the PM was not there and you asked the copper if If was all right, and they checked you for explosives, it’s not so crazy.

  • Those laws are friekin awesome

  • This dude looks like a lesbian

  • After the video the police took him into custody and beheaded him five times

  • Huh, funny. Its illegal to overthrow a government.

  • British ppl are so cute ❤️

  • Police officers are gonna be like "thank you for doing all my investigation for me by making this video"

  • A black man could never do this…

  • that parliment police girl sounded like susy sheeps mom

  • He's white, he needs to be black in order for the salmon to be suspicious!

  • He looks like Ellen Degenerous

  • Y'all go some dumbass laws Ong

  • 1847 whoa we were childish back then and still do today lol

  • In America you can have you fucking shotgun on your back lol ?… and that’s why school shootings happen it’s really a sad ? thing

  • u look like a lesbian

  • I didnt know ellen was a vice reporter

  • In Scotland, pregnant women are legally allowed to urinate anywhere, and can ask a police officer to uss his hat to urinate in and by law he must allow it

  • when he was about to knock on the door I said “oh no. Oh no no no this isn’t gonna end well. Oh god. Shit.”

  • He’s now the most wanted man on earth
    And he broke a world record for breaking as many laws in one week

  • This is.. Fishy

  • I don't buy the part where he walks up to No 10 Downing Street and knocks on the door. There's a high-security entrance at the top of the street where visitors must be per-registered and then go through a metal detector, and bag scanner search – just like one has to do at an airport. The entire street has been closed to the general public for years.

  • Walk softly and carry a big fish.

  • I think he got beheaded.

  • Most wanted man in Britain, Oobah Butler

  • British Florida-Man

  • He looks like prince Joffrey from got

  • Mmm. Does This Salmon Look Suspicious To You?

  • it's interesting how the commoners are forbidden to own a spoon without a license but the important people get guards with machine guns.

  • 4:45 im shaking

  • Why is young Boris doing this?

  • where I'M from it's illegal to be a criminal

  • this is the face of a criminal

  • Retard

  • My ideal Dumb laws

    Staring at people with bad impressions are punishable by law

    laughing in public are considered selfish action towards peace.

    Walk with styles always in public engagements.

  • Well they mostly become obsolete at this point because it’s so old. No one wears armor in 2019.

  • nyahahahahah!

  • Oh so I can murder cause it’s a stupid law? Alright then!

  • hey bro, im mark and i’m here for killing my family you?
    hey, im bee-tooth-ven and im here for singing. 😀

  • Laides and Gentlemen, There is a man walking across street with a fish

  • in kansas, if two trains intersect, both has to stop. this leads to a never ending waiting cycle

  • Shit video

  • I literally thought he was going to get arrested for knocking on number 10.

  • The crazy thing is that the authorities could’ve literally cut off his head and they wouldn’t get in trouble.

  • every november we have a burning man

  • police: watches this video

  • I love how the last officer was laughing because he knew what the dude was doing

  • All the police in this video are terrible they aren't even up-and-up with the laws in their country ?

  • Next time hold the fish like a gun, THAT will look suspicious.

  • Goddamn Malfoy

  • In the city I live you can have sexual intercourse in the streets, but you can not play music in your house at a "disturbing" volume

    (Yes, you read right, and no one is allowed to tell you to do it somewhere else. Even police will tell them to mind their business)

  • LMbloodyAO

  • R/madlads

  • Manslaughter is a stupid law

    Let’s all break that

    I learned a lot today

  • This is stupid!

  • This is why I live in America

  • Weirdest law in america: If you kill somebody illegally, we kill you legally

  • Vice:breaks dumb laws

  • Its nice to live in a country where the police/gov don't give a hootin'nany XD about their own laws. I present to you exhibit A: The UK.

  • Wait…. I live in Britian And Germany (Its hard to explain) And I never heard these rules before

  • What a thug

  • I was really hoping he got his head chopped off damn

  • vice has collapsed as has England

  • “Why are you wearing a suit of armour?”
    “I’m doing something for a kids T.V”
    YouTube Drama: Vice calls his audience children

  • Everybody gangsta until someone carries a salmon suspiciously

  • He’s probably vegan too

  • Now try to break laws in Liberia.

  • "He's checking if his car's locked" ?

  • Try to drink water next to African children while crying

  • The library is asmr

  • Why

  • Madlad

  • In jail –
    Serial killer : what are you in for ?

    This dude : I carried a salmon around !

  • 5:20, I didn't knew he was the Prime Minister. I saw him in One Direction's music video "One Way Or Another".

  • You know murders a dumb law, you should try that in the pt2

  • i cycled on a footpath and got told of

  • Asmr at 1:56

  • I like this man

  • "There is a rumor a kid is going to break a bunch of stupid laws and record them for youtube…should we arrest him when he breaks the first one?" "Naw, wait till he breaks all the stupid laws and then arrest him, we will then get a stupid amount of money for all combined".

  • He got the salmon law wrong. "Handling Salmon in Suspicious Circumstances" is the correct phrase. Meaning if you buy or sell a salmon thats been fished illigaly thats an offence. He didnt break the law here.

  • after this video he went to jail and got death sentence

  • Why this dude look like rogerbase the youtuber

  • Me: walking in the paths

    Lawbreaker: carries a salmon suspiciously

    Me: Eeeeee. You smell like salmon

    Lawbreaker: shakes the rug

    Police: Are you filming?

    Cameraman: …

  • This guy is now doing life in federal prision

  • Ellen Degenerous gone wrong.

  • Almost as bad as stealing a balloon on free balloon day.

  • If you can’t do the crime, don’t do the time

  • 12 million views for this trash ? ?

  • You just gotta love that British accent

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