I Bought The World’s Most Expensive Colored Pencils | ZHC

the other day I was shopping online and came past these Louie Viton coloured pencils now I’m no expert when it comes to art but coloured pencils are usually 2-3 dollars and I couldn’t believe the price tag on these it was 1,000 dollars for coloured pencils alright after a couple weeks *slam* so have got our Louie Viton coloured pencils so were going to put the pencils aside first (sorry I didn’t get far )


  • I made the video 9:59 so u guys dont hafta watch more ads
    I bought the most expensive colored pencils in the world for your entertainment lol
    subscribe and click on another one of my vids in recommendations or imma go broke :((
    Also thanks to James for helping me test them!
    Subscribe to him! He is 30k away from 1 mill! https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBoxOfficeArtist

    First comment: The Mobile Player

  • “Smells like the morning wood”

    -ZHC 2019


  • I'm to jelouse

  • I challenge you draw Kaneki


  • The LV color pencils are like 20 bucks now ._.

  • He is faking this reaction go to type 5:02 and 5:56 and see they are the same text messages

  • How much would it be in rupees

  • If you don't want that pencil ting den you can just do it for a give away lol 🙄😑😑

  • Do the most smallest drawing

  • ᗩᗰ I TᕼE OᑎᒪY OᑎE ᗯᕼO ᖇEᗩᒪIᔕEᗪ TᕼᗩT ᕼE ᔕᗩYᔕ ᕼE'ᔕ GOᑎᑎᗩ GO ᗷᖇOKE Iᑎ EᐯEᖇY ᐯIᗪEO?

  • It's envelope not anvalope

  • I dare you to give me the color pencils

  • Use it like a phone case yea that make sense👏😂😂

  • Can I keep it

  • Me buying these only for a Snapchat

    1 hour later:
    “in the trash”

    1 second later:

  • I didn’t know you were dude perfect

  • When he says onvalope instead of envelope it makes you

  • Poop head

  • I like how some of us watch this knowing we’ll never get them


  • Wow!

  • Draw goku for me

  • I wish i could have it too

  • not worth it 🤣

  • Look at the face at 9:33 pause it.

  • دس لايك بس عشان مافي ترجمه عربي

  • Me when I get home and see a envelope : ohHhh an ✉️

    ZHC: ohhh an ANVELOPE!

  • Can I have the LV pencils

  • الله يخليلنا ماركة روكو بس😂😂

  • Faber Castell are fr best pencils doe

  • 1000?

  • i could get 700 bunnys but you get pencils

  • is that your brother biside you cuz its look lake you a little bit

  • ZHC=Asian MrBeast

  • Кто смотрит это видео в дек 2019 года ставь

  • Its not worth 1000$ but it looks cool and it has maybe all the colors

  • Make oggy please

  • Draw a super 🚗

  • Faber Castel is a Brazilian mark for color pencil

  • I saw a similar video at rea’s channel

  • bruh this was posted on my bday u couldve sent them to me

  • Wow

  • Omg so cool

  • 5:13 thank you Jackie prismacolor is the best

  • Who thinks zhc should do a draw my life video with his epic art

  • Just like a pencil case

  • Can I have that

  • My favourite coller is toiqois too!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • By 1 second

  • 1:36

  • You are the best!!! But, i'm scared of ur money

  • 1000??

    Did pictures go

  • I actually want to draw with it

  • Can i have then plzzzz

  • Is not your binsnis for the onvalot

  • Lolololololololoollololololololololololoolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololloolololololololololololololololololololololol

  • “searching for LV color pencils” meanwhile my eyes…….
    me:srsly “louis vuitton shirt”? srlsy😂😂😂😂

  • OMG!!!!😱$1000

  • All my little bro saw on the vid was the picking girls up with pencils so he went to a Louis Vuitton shop and came back out with Crayola pencils

  • I would love going to school with LV colors..

  • The real question is why you not drawing for the tree my dood

  • Crayola color pencil

  • 🤔😆😅

  • How dose a crayon feel creamy

  • I Liked and Subscribe with post notifications on

  • in Australia we call them " colouring pencils"

  • Я бы не дал столько денег за это

  • i realy need them art pencils because i like art

  • Is your name zackery becuase my name is zackery

  • What a waste of money

  • Your so nice to lend the coloured pencils to Rae dizzle you and her make amazing content

  • I got my Louis Vuitton set as a gift years ago eh, did you sniff the smell of aquarelle paint and leather! it's amazing! I got a few more some years later I stopped my professional Disney duck drawing due to rheumatism 7 years ago I still draw the ducks on occasions and I have my expensive pencils stored in a Louis Vuitton steamer trunk just for such an event.
    you can shave the tips to a powder add water and you will have watercolor paint!

  • D. Honor

    Artist: paints in black
    Me: ok… ;-;

  • Me: buys a normal pack of color pencils sell it for 1000 dollars

    Zhc: *buys it*

    Me: hip hip hooray

  • I have the similar kind of colour pensel and it cost around 10-15 money
    (I mean with the belt thing the price is ok?? Idk my aunt got it for me)
    *Sorry for bad spelling

  • That is a wast of money because I got one for 25$and there was 200 in the pack just saying

  • I wanna cry… i can never afford any of these…

  • 𝗖𝗮𝗻 𝗜 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗺

  • That IS NOT worth 1000 dollars

  • do people pronounce envelope as

    1. envelope

    2. arnvelope

  • I need thooooseeee

  • Then you lose 10 of them

  • I feels like a cheap pencil

  • The LV color pencil is good for using as a belt

  • You're just showing off

  • Oh many people like crayola I love Louis Vuitton

  • “Pencil crayon as we say in Canada colored pencils” 😂

  • Bro ok 25 dollar per pencil then copic marker is 8-9 dollars what????

  • ZHC use to have 4.19millionsubscribers now he has 4.2 million subscriber so sad

  • Necesito subtitulos en español porfavor, ya que en YouTube no estan activados en sus videos

  • your sexist

  • You have the exact same favorite colors as me

  • I'm from Viet Nam
    Cần tìm người việt .🙂🙂🙂

  • I’m so jealous that you had the money✍🏻

  • Please give me one please give me ☝I recuast please😭😭😭😭pleassssssss😢I ma form Bangladesh society name:amborkhana

  • Coolll

  • You should try repainting a doll. Like some of the artists on here see what you come up with! Look at moonlight jewel here in YouTube or dollightful or xextian 🥰 GOOD LUCK

  • I just finished drawing a super detailed roaring tiger for the school year book cover for about 4 hours straight


    (Thanks to auto correct)

  • In Canada we call them pensil crayons

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