(Stump Noises) (Jessica)
Hey! You can’t eat those!
Hey! My toes are in there! My toes are in there! What you think?
(Noises) Oh gosh! There’s two! (2) There’s two! What you’re gonna do? (Laughter) Guess what we got today! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪
*Huskies howling*
“Aroooooo!” Hi guys!
For those of you that are new
to this channel, My name is Jess! This is “Cuddle Bug” Memphis! This is “Fluffy Butt” Oakley! This is “Miss Diva” Shelby! Today we are going to show you,
what we got from
‘Cuddle Clones!’ Now, if you watch our videos in the past,
then you know that we have a couple
of ‘Cuddle Clones’ that we had of our dogs. We have one of our dog Shiloh
that passed away in 2013. We have one of Shelby
and we have one of Oakley. You guys had been asking me,
to get one of Memphis! I am gonna spoil this and tell you,
technically is not the full
‘Cuddle Clone’ of Memphis. But, I may have something to do
with Memphis! I will actually put a playlist
up in the cards of all the other things
we got from ‘Cuddle Cones’… Clones? ‘Cuddle Cones!’
Cuddle Clones! There will be a link down in the
video description below. A coupon code on the screen,
if you guys want to get your own
‘Cuddle Clones’ Before I forget… You have to have your order in,
for November the eight (8). To get it, in time for Christmas. So, if you want one before Christmas,
you need it to get in before
November the eight .(8) Are you ready for this? This is so cool!
Are you ready? Ready?
But, please don’t chew on it!
Don’t chew on it! No! You can’t!
You can’t chew on yourself Memphis! Wait… What is this? They can’t see…
No, if you put your nose in it,
they can’t see it! Oh! Look at what it is! (Laughter) These are…
You can’t! Let you put your face on? This is not for eating!
Is not for eating! (To Memphis)
No! Is not for eating! These are ‘Cuddle Clones’ slippers! Yes, there are two (2)! Check that out!
They are Memphis! Yes! I’m so gonna get an actual clone
of Memphis, but I had to get these
cause they were new. ‘Cuddle Clones’ was like,
“Hey, do you want us to sent a new product?’ So, I was like,
“Yes! Please!”
This is what they were! Let me grab the camera for a close up. (To Memphis)
Memphis! Do they look like you? Am I gonna have two (2) of your little heads
on my feet when I walk around? What do you think?
There’s a Memphis! Aww! (Memphis talk)
“Cuddles mom!” So, there they are up close!
I just took them out of the box
so I haven’t really fluffed the ears and things like that. They stand up pretty good,
probably have to bend it backwards for a little bit,
to make it stand… I didn’t have to do it for that long and they stand!
They do have different sizes, which is cool. I really have small feet, so I haven’t even tried
them on yet! Memphis! You can’t eat your slippers!
I will definitively keep them out of reach,
when I’m not wearing them since you are eating them and
is not gonna be a good thing!
Do you want to try it on Memphis? (Memphis talks)
“Let’s try them on!” What do you think?
(Laughter) (Memphis talks)
“I’m gonna eat it!” You can’t eat my slippers!
You can’t! No! No! You can’t eat em!
They are not edible!
(Laughter) I don’t think Memphis wants to try it on!
You can’t eat yourself! What’s wrong with you? No!
(Laughter) Alright! As you can see, they have a little plastic nose.
They definitively got the lines from Memphis’es eyes
down pretty darn good. They have brown eyes just like Miss Memphis!
Look those pretty brown eyes! Some of you guys, had keep asking me,
if Memphis has black eyes?
Those aren’t black eyes! Memphis has brown eyes!
Just like this!
(Laughter) There’s the side profile and they are pretty big!
They are good sized. They reminded me like the
novelty slippers from the store, except that these, are 100% percent custom made.
This is the button. This part is rubbery, so they shouldn’t slip
too much on the floor.
Let’s test it! Let’s pretend that we’re walking on em.
I’m gonna put them in a minute. (To Memphis)
No! We’re pretending we’re walking… No! We’re pretending we’re walking!
This gonna happen when I’m walking.
I’m putting them in a second! They aren’t super slippery and that’s good thing!
Let me try it on! They fit perfect!
(To the dogs)
What do you think? (To Memphis)
They are on my feet! (Stump noises)
(Laughter) Is this what’s gonna be like
when I wear this? (To Memphis!)
Hey! You can’t eat the slippers!
Memphis! No eating! No eating the slippers!
Don’t eat the slippers!
(Laughter) They aren’t stuffed animals!
My toes are in there!
What are you doing? (Stump noises) Hey! You can’t eat those!
My toes are in there!
My toes are in there! (To Memphis)
What do you think?
(Stump noise) Oh gosh! There’s two (2)!
There’s two (2)!
What are you gonna do? (Laughter) Hey! You can’t eat the slippers!
Nooo! Hey! There’s toes in there!
HEY! Hey! Let me walk this way! (To Memphis)
Is this how is gonna be? Husky Puppy, versus
Husky slippers!
(Laughter) Really? (To Oakley)
What do you think? (Oakley talks)
“I don’t care!” Let’s see what Shelby thinks!
What do you think? (Shelby talks)
“Meh!” Meh? Is that your response?
“Meh!” (To Memphis)
Are you still trying to bite my feet?
(Laughter) Aww Memphis!
You are a silly thing! Hey! Don’t rip them!
I won’t let her rip em, you guys! She’s really not!
Memphis doesn’t tear up toys!
She nibbles! So, really she is not even grabbing them! (Making noises) (Stump noises) (Laughter) Are we dancing? Let’s dance! (Stump noises)
Pow pow pow!
♪♪♪ (Laughter) (Yells to Memphis)
Owww! (Laughter) The best thing is, you don’t actually bite hard!
You just nibble! (Memphis talks)
“Nooo!” You are eating your face! (To Jamie)
That’s all I needed! Look at her! See? Approved!
No holes, no damage, no nothing! Memphis is just a nibbler! I don’t advise letting your dogs
get a hold of your ‘Cuddle Clones’
slippers thought, cause you may loose them! Those are going up on the shelve!
(Laughter) Alright you guys!
There is our review on the
‘Cuddle Clones’ slippers. Again, I don’t advise you to let your dogs
chew on them, because if they are really
good tearing up toys, they will tear em up! Once again, If you are new to this channel
and you have not seen our
other ‘Cuddle Clone’ videos, I will put a link up in the cards and down in the
video description below, to the playlist of
all the other ‘Cuddle Clone’ videos we had done. Hopefully you will enjoy those as well.
Don’t forget, if you want to get yours and
you want them before Christmas, you had to get your order before November 8,
so you don’t have too much time left to do. They do make really great gifts!
I mean these are adorable and I will
definitively wear these. Eventually, Memphis will just have to
get used to see herself on my feet!
(Laughter) And yes! A real Memphis ‘Cuddle Clone’
is coming in the future! Alright you guys!
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Dream big!
We will see you again soon! Apparently, Memphis play with the toy now! ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Come and join us for a new adventure! ♪ ♪ Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come ♪ ♪ into our Siberian world! ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

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