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  • Oregon ♥️

  • this why huf is awesome, they let other people in their video that don't ride for them

  • give me a track list

  • fucking awesome video

  • flamery

  • Well, portland just got destroyed

  • Josh Matthews, Silas Baxter-Neal, and Tyler Bledsoe: Oregon's Finest!

  • FTP

  • Ramondetta killing it!

  • Huf; killing it with these city films


  • Bout to go to the dentist…

  • Huf, where the video?

  • Smith pop into the crust was too sick

  • Love it

  • Now this is quality filmmaking boys and girls. Skating was unreal as well! What was this filmed on??

  • Ramondetta with a Skeletonwitch shirt?

  • Rad ass Oregon stuff!

  • I hope i got some new decks T_T to ride again , i broke my set up last year! its been awhile since i skated

  • Tyler's footage was so good

  • what's the name of that BGM after 1min10sec?? anybody knows?

  • Miss you a lot DYLAN <3

  • tyler is a maniac

  • Joey pepper is the illest! So dope.

  • Fuckin sick!

  • Fuckin sick!

  • i'd love to ride for HUF

  • Rip Dylan. It's not the same without him

  • Good to see more Peter footage

  • what the title of this song

  • fuck scooter

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