HSN | Tony Little Health & Fitness 01.21.2020 – 08 AM


  • S T O P. R a P E I N G. B a b I E S
    Not eve for them /// im.not your husband, though/ // in short they lied Sunday about the safety and whereabout of my yuh youngest nephew/ …not only am I stacking up the death penalty // but in court I'm not gonna ,/ intercede when I dont think they understand totally// ….o.k./ so they "understand totally"/ look I told you a lot "DONT DO THAT",/you told me a lot "Haha, fuck you ,,you can't stop us"// so ya'll in totality have plans to kill my nephew????/ / I'm hearing o.k.as a cinfirmation// …now that u.s. marshal thing I was just working on to get them out of PROTECTIVE CUSTODY(((/ is for nothing now // my bad fella

  • S r b
    Giving ya'll shit too / … it's on the m-1 tab// / // if they were on the level / we could talk out things / work some things out at least /// // ….my fault and I have to say this/ I got their families un kid napped a bunch of times / so they cant try to drag me through a situation / they couldn't fix for themselves

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