HPI Tech Lab: Power Control Slipper Clutch

This is one for all you Baja owners out there! We’re going to show you something that will
dramatically increase the durability and strength of your Baja:
the Power Control Slipper Clutch set! As you can see, the Power Control Slipper Clutch set
includes a steel 57 tooth spur gear which is much more durable than
the standard plastic spur gear This means you can crank more power to
the drivetrain and push more torque to the tires for more speed and acceleration! Three heavy duty clutch plates control
the amount of torque that goes to the drivetrain just like in a real racing car!
This protects the drivetrain and with the adjustable spring tension
you’re able to fine-tune the amount of power goes to the rear wheels.
Tuning your Power Control Slipper Clutch means you can extend the life of your rear tires as well as tweak the traction on all types of surfaces. Want more power? The Power Control Slipper Clutch is the perfect option if you want to put a high power
engine or big tuned pipe on your Baja! You can also use any of the HPI optional steel pinions for more race tuning!
You can see some of them on-screen now! Fully detailed instructions are included so you can get racing
or bashing in no time


  • How much are these clutches? Ive seen them for £132?

  • Oola domde puedo comprar un carro  y como cuanto cuesta ??  Me pueden decir porfavor soy de mexico del D.F donde hay una tiendaa por aca

  • هذا ويش

  • nice

  • damn 
    that start in slow mo. looks awesome!

  • U guys really care about ure youtube fans. Theres just hardly anything new here ever.
    Common wake up people

  • HPI is the best gear ever! thanks guys, keep up the great work!

  • What about optional spur gears?

  • these things are a pain in the ass to install…YOu have to take apart the whole ass end……I have one. Will wait till i need to replace the diff lol

  • Great idea, but how much weight does this add to the car ? I don't like weight

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