How to Whiten Your Shoes Quick & Easy

So this is a short instructional video on
how to whiten your athletic shoes. I’ve whitened quite a few and I really don’t, sometimes
I just don’t want to buy a new shoe and sometimes the sole, the rubber, everything is pretty
much intact. The bottom is still okay, but the top gets a little worn and it starts to get less white and just doesn’t look as good so and then there are parts around the bottom that just are so dirty or they’re just so dark, you just can’t get that out by scrubbing it and so to get less white.


  • excuse..those..what are they?

  • The problem is always the parts of the shoe that were never white even when new, such as coloured sections or accents. What do you do with those? Those sections are never even or square and so impossible to tape off or otherwise protect, and it's almost impossible to not touch those with the whitener.
    For example, you didn't show your finished shoe. You would have inevitably touched the black Nike 'swoosh' with the whitener and it would then look terrible (it doesn't wipe off after it touches absorbent sections like the 'swoosh').

  • Does it work on canvass?

  • What would happen if I got the kiwi whitener on a colored part while trying to whiten a white part? I fear it would whiten that too. Maybe I could tape it off

  • what the fuck are you doing dog

  • Will it work with ultra boost?

  • so i used this on my jordans and when it gets wet it comes off is that same for u?

  • i don't see any different dude!

  • less talking, more kiwing

  • OMG!!! You're killing me smalls!!!!

  • this dude really got air monarchs

  • I bought these for my NMD_R2 and the boost turned white almost instantly. BTW the boost looked like I have wore the shoe for a year or so

  • U talk so much

  • U should clean the the sneaker a little more to see a better result

  • That’s just white paint ???

  • I didn't even saw the full video also. This man is totally pakaau. Man we just wanted to see how it works and not interest in ur bad boring voices.

  • He could have AT LEAST. Cleaned them up and took the laces off. GOTDAAAMN.

  • You are leaving out two important steps; after a few minutes drying time, BUFF the shoes with a soft cloth or brush and, after you're finished; RINSE the sponge top of the whitener bottle with water or it will get hard and useless for next time.

  • My nigga you need to throw away those Sex Offender 3000s

  • It will wash out after some time ?

  • Sex Offender 7's

  • WHAT ARE THOSE!!!!????

  • Those shoes belong in the garbage can!

  • Banyak ngomong

  • Them dad shoes tho

  • wtf

  • Hutttt bhen da loda

  • Aaaaaaa I am Kaput.


  • I hope your not wearing those shoes? the most ugliest things I've ever seen doesnt matter how white you make them.

  • Needs a before/after shot.

  • Looks shit

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