How to wear white & make it work for you ǀ Summer wardrobe ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. There are people who wear white all Summer…
and people who never do. White feels: clean, pure, fresh, relaxed on
one hand BUT on the other hand it can look too bridal, fear of stains (fair point, point
taken), makes your face look washed out and pale. I agree it’s not the easiest color… However, with this video, my objective is
to encourage you to wear white by showing you how to make it work for you and how to
avoid all the problems I just mentioned! 1. Finding the “right” white
There isn’t only 1 white: there are multiple shades of white from creamy, beige which tends
towards yellow – to glacier white, snow white, which tends towards blue. For white as for any other color, there are
warm whites & cool whites. If you are cool and you wear a warm white,
that’s when you will look washed out, that’s the mistake. If your undertone is cool, you should go for
a cool white, so that your clothes won’t make your face look pale. If you’re warm, go for a warm white. If you are neutral, choose any white you like. If you don’t know what you are, or what
the word “undertone” even means, I recommend that you watch my previous video (linked here
& down below), where I show different techniques to find out your undertone. As soon as you start wearing the right kind
of white for you, you will look healthy. No more issue with looking pale. 2. Next point: avoiding the bridal look
A bride’s outfit is completely matchy-matchy from head to toe, it looks like one big, coordinated
white surface. That’s the thing. To avoid looking like a bride in daily life
situations, simply mix textures and materials. Let’s say you are going for a pair of cool-white
jeans that are made in regular, plain twill weave aka. most jeans. You can combine that with a flowy top in ajouré
or lace, like this. The surface is not smooth and it’s not tight,
so it creates a nice contrast with the bottom which IS smooth and tight. You could also choose a chunky Summer knit
& tuck it into the pants for a more casual look. If you mix textures and fabrics, you will
get a perfectly wearable, all-white Summer look. 3. Another strategy: choose accessories that
have zero bridal connotation Brides don’t usually wear colourful jewellery
or oversized earrings. I should say: in my culture. Let’s say it is a general rule. If you wear little white pearls and delicate
jewelry, people might think “bridal”. If you wear colourful wooden or raffia earrings,
or oversized dangle earrings, people who see you will get a totally different impression. It’s the same effect if you go for Summer
wedges or neon-colored shoes – things a bride is less likely to wear. Do you know what I mean? An outfit is the sum of clothes + shoes +
accessories: if you wear all-white clothes but with colourful accessories, no problem. 4. Mix in another color
If you think “no, all-white is just not for me”, you can of course bring in a color. Pastel colors are typically easy to pair with
cool-white because they contain a lot of white themselves. So you can pretty much choose ANY pastel color. Same thing if you are decorating your interior
and you want to pair several colors: as long as you combine colors that all contain a lot
of white, they will automatically look like they belong together! With warm white it is a bit more difficult:
here you are looking for colors like sand, earth, mustard, copper: essentially yellows,
greens and some browns (yellow-ish ones, not red-ish ones). I think these are the easiest to pair with
a warm white. 5. Next option: add a white-dominant pattern
All the Summer tops that you see, that have thin blue stripes on a dominantly white background…
that’s what they do: they break the uniformity while remaining dominantly white, and therefore
still feeling clean, fresh and Summer-like. Here are examples of white-dominant patterns
that definitely fit the Summer season, in my opinion. All the items I’m showing in this video
will be listed and linked down below, don’t worry. I actually think that most Summer-patterns
on the market work quite well with white, I don’t know what you think. It’s probably not a coincidence. 6. No white after labour day? If you are American, you’ve heard the rule
forbidding to wear white after labour day, it’s a fashion rule from the 19th century. In the US, labour day
is early September. Well, my labour day in France is on May 1st,
so I sure am going to wear white after labor day – and you are welcome to do whatever
YOU like. 19th century rules can’t work for the 21st
century, can they? Thumbs up if you found these tips useful! Thank you so much! Feel free to also add yours in the comments
below. It’s interesting because what I said in
this video is very Western-Europe centered, I am well aware of it. In other cultures, white has a different meaning
and different associations, so I’m very much looking forward to your comments! We are very close to celebrating 600,000 subscribers
on this channel and we have already crossed 50 Mio. video views since it started: thank
you very much to everyone who subscribes, spreads the word and keeps coming back for
more!! See you soon in a new one! Until then, have a fantastic day! Bye!

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