How To Wear Boots 102 – Beyond The Basic Boot Styles

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we discuss how to wear boots
102 or boot styles beyond the basics. If you are new to boots, please check out
our other video about the 5 basic boot styles first. Once you have your basic boots covered, it’s
time for some advanced styles. First, let’s talk about Button boots. It’s this beautiful boot with two-tone and
buttons. So who are they for? They’re for men who like elegant formal outfits;
dark suits like charcoal, maybe a stroller suit, or a morning coat. They’re definitely a statement piece because
they’re contrasting like a spectator and so they stand out from the crowd. It’s also a great option for you if you simply
don’t want a boot that anybody else has because there’s a very small number of people who
actually have them. It’s also great for people who love vintage
clothing because it can give you that vintage look. To learn how to button these boots, please
check out our in-depth guide here. So what colors should you get them in for? Well, traditionally, you have a black box
calf leather at the bottom upper and then a contrasting white or off-white suede top. Today, you can also find them with fabric
inserts such as tweed. Maybe in some contrasting leather, you have
brown, or you can have red with black. Basically, the sky is the limit. So who is this boot not for? Obviously for people who are just starting
out with boots but that goes without saying. It’s also not a boot for you if you’re not
into formal clothing unless of course, you go with tweed and something in brown but that’s
very unusual and only available made to order. It’s also not a terribly modern look so if
you want to be cutting edge, this is not the boot for you. The next boot style is the opposite, it’s
the so-called work boot. As you can see, it’s dirty, it has scuffs,
because it’s used to work outside and so there are signs of wear. Work boots are perfect if you are in the construction
business, if you work outside a lot, if you’re very physical, or if you love your yard and
your garden and you just need something that withstands the elements. They’re also good for electricians and sometimes
they come with steel toe caps so your feet are protected. In recent years, these boots have become very
popular with hipsters who wear high-end expensive denim jeans and flannel shirts. If they have a tattoo, a beard, and a disconnected
undercut. The most well known popular brand is definitely
Red Wing who recognized this trend and so besides the regular work line, it created
a heritage line. Even though it emphasizes the craftsmanship
of the boots, it’s clearly a more fashion-driven brand. Outside the US, these kinds of work boot styles
for city men are popular in Japan & Germany, and many other countries. They also come with a surprise, these boots
here are from Thorogood. It’s another US made brand and it’s very good. I’ve been using those for years and I can
vouch for the quality.As you can imagine, I only wear them when I actually work outside. Other brands you can look into include Eastland,
Wolverine, and Danner. For work purposes, a vibram sole is great
because it’s rubber, it gives you extra grip but you can also find them with different
kinds of leather soles or rubber soles. What color should you go for? Traditionally, this is a kind of mid brown. If you want something different, you can go
with dark brown, something in burgundy or even sand. Since it has that outdoor work heritage, black
can simply be too formal. So who’s this boot not for? If you wear a lot of suits and you like formal
outfits, this is not the boot for you. Ideally, this pairs well with denim, not even
well with khakis, so if you’re not into denim, don’t buy this boot. Another variation to the classic work boot
is the so-called moc toe boot. It’s inspired by the moccasin and although
the construction is not a true moccasin, it has a similar look. So who’s it for? It’s for men who like the traditional look
of the work boot but they don’t need the performance aspect, it’s simply for the looks. The moc toe will usually have a white rubber
sole and they’re perfectly fine to wear for a start-up office or a casual office environment. So what colors should you get moc toes in? I personally think mid brown or even better,
burgundy because it goes well with colors, not just blue but other shades. One of my personal favorite boot styles is
the brogue boots or the wingtip boots. This style comes in lots of different versions
and I just like it because it goes so well with fall/winter outfits and it has a typical
full brogue look and as a boot, it’s just slightly warmer and I even prefer it to a
regular shoe. Obviously, we have a very thick sole like
this one or you can go with something thinner. This is more elegant. So who are these boots for? Men who love flannel suits, or tweed, or any
other kind of winter fabric. They pair supremely well and always looks
stylish. They also look great with denim, corduroy,
chinos, or any other kind of casual pant. Honestly, I can’t think of a man who can’t
wear this boot. Obviously, if you’re into brogues, this is
the boot for you. if you get them with a thick leather sole,
they can even do double duty as a hiking boot. So what colors should you get them in? Personally, I like tan a lot because it’s
contrasting so if you have a black, dark brown, brown, or navy blue pair of corduroys, jeans,
or chinos, it really stands out. Maximum versatility though, I think you should
go with a cordovan oxblood color. This here is a cordovan boot and it goes with
a lot of outfits, it’s not as flashy but I used some shoelaces to get a different look. Obviously, I did the same thing with this
boot. The great thing about having different boot
laces is that you can achieve a different look simply by exchanging a very inexpensive
pair of boot laces. For a selection of more than 15 colors of
boot laces, please click here. So who’s this boot not for? Honestly, almost any man can wear it but it’s
not for you if you like clean, simplistic lines and a minimalist design. Then, you should rather go with Chelsea boots
or the Jodhpur boots. The final advanced boot style really depends
on what kind of climate you live in. if you live in a dry climate, I suggest you
get a suede boot. Simply because it has a wonderful texture,
it’s very different from regular box calf or cordovan boots and it is casual and it
oftentimes come in different colors, they’re not super classic but still very, very good
to combine in a classic inspired men’s wardrobe. if you live in a colder rainy climate, you
should probably invest in a pair of dak boots. In the early 20th century, Leon Leonwood Bean
came back from a hunting trip and had wet feet so he decided to do something about that. He went to a local cobbler and had a regular
boot combined with a rubber boot. It turned out, it was a fantastic idea and
in the 1912, he acquired a mailing list. The ad read “You cannot expect success hunting
deer or moose if your feet are not properly dressed. The Maine hunting shoe is designed by a hunter
who has tramped the Maine woods for the last 18 years. We guarantee them to give the perfect satisfaction
in every way.” Now obviously, this kind of marketing wouldn’t
quite fly today but back then it really worked and people bought the boot, loved it, and
that’s why L.L Bean is still around today. So why are they called Dak boots? Well, hunters in the marshy waters of Maine,
Massachusetts hunted for ducks and so this hunting boot eventually became the Dak boot. Today, it’s worn by people who hunt anything
not just ducks. It’s also for people who just want warm feet
when it’s cold outside or when it’s raining. It certainly has a very unique aesthetic and
personally, I’m not a huge fan of it but they’re very functional and definitely a classic. Who are the boots for? They’re good for men in wet or cold conditions. There are lots of companies producing these
kinds of boots, one of them that has a pretty high-quality comes from Bozeman, Montana and
they’re called Schnee’s. Ironically, Schnee’s the word for snow in
German. They promise to make boots that go even to
-4 degrees Fahrenheit. So what color should you get? Primarily, the color doesn’t matter but most
of them come in a shade of brown. So who’s this boot not for? Basically, for all people who don’t need a
functionality because hands down, it’s an ugly boot. Side zippers on boots may seem like a good
idea because they’re convenient but I would stay clear of them because usually, they wear
out prematurely and exchanging zippers on a high-quality boot is a difficult thing and
it never looks good. Stick to regular, traditional boots that are
lace up. It may take you a few seconds longer to get
in but you can keep those for years to come. Of course, there are a lot more different
boot styles, but these are my personal five favorite advanced boot styles and I don’t
wear cowboy boots, otherwise, I would have mentioned them but honestly, that should warrant
an entire video on its own. If you enjoyed this video, please check out
our other ones and sign up to our channel so they come right to your inbox.


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