How to Walk in High Heels : Sandals : High Heel Fashion Tips for Women

Hi! I’m Yvette Parish, and thank you for
visiting Today, we’re going to talking about high heels. There are
a lot of sandals, wonderful sandals. All colors, all shapes, different heel sizes. This is
kind of a block heel. This is a white sandal. I know my black tights look very attractive
with it, but I wanted you to see the shoe and not my leg. I’m going to put the sandal
on, and if you notice it has like a block heel. This is very comfortable. It’s very
pretty for during the summer, and it’s very easy to put on. But, if you’re doing a lot
of walking, as soon as the heel get a little bit higher, it’s going to be a little more
uncomfortable. These are nice daytime sandals that you can walk around in, have a little
bit of noise, and once again, you can get them in leather and different kind of colors.
It really depends on your budget, on how much you want to spend on shoes.


  • those heels are hideous!

  • i have seen all her videos and still learned nothing.and i agree with aznbwong.

  • those shoes are very ugly.

  • great fashion shop

  • im a man like walk on high heels night time at home thanks for the tips

  • @JaCinTha0 They actually don't look that bad. It definitely does not compliment her clothes at the moment, but summer day and wearing a summery dress with bare legs, it doesn't look that bad; and probably best for older women so keep in mind of other people's tastes before posting nasty comments 😉

  • those are fugly

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