How To Unyellow Shoes Without The Sun | How To Unyellow Jordans


  • Awsome thanks this was great I will try love you lots

  • Is it just a wet towel

  • Thanks….

  • Does it have to be hot or cold water

  • what do you use bro?

  • He used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, it works pretty good.

  • Magic erasers are made of fine sand paper. You're taking the top layer of rubber off.

  • At least u could of mentioned the product used….wow

  • Doesn't work for me.

  • It's a great Bulls..t. Didn't works. The sole is still Yellow as fuck.

  • Lie

  • Them Vs need some more than that.

  • Mannnn, who about to do all that dam scrubbing??? I'll stick to my 40 volume and sun method

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