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G’day everyone, Ian Fieggen here, also known as “Professor Shoelace”. Today’s tutorial video is about “Ukrainian Lacing”. This is a slightly more efficient lacing because it has a captive “Starting Knot”. Let’s look at it now! I’ve got us set up on a simple sneaker and you can see I’ve already got the lacing running out through the top eyelets, so straight across and out through both eyelets. Now the next step is to create a “Starting Knot”. You actually do a “Left-Over-Right” knot and pull it – sort of tight – just enough so that we can feed the ends in through the next lower eyelets. Now the third step is to just pull these bits so that you end up with a couple of loops. And these are the loops that ultimately you’ll be tying your knot with. Now, we feed the next… end – – we cross the ends over and feed the loose ends in through the next lower eyelet. Again, cross the ends and feed them in through the next lower eyelet. This is actually “Criss Cross Lacing” in reverse, normally, we start at the bottom and criss-cross up the shoe. Here we’re starting at the top and criss-crossing down the shoe. In fact you can use whatever lacing method you like but… this is the method chosen by the knot’s [lacing’s] inventor, Vitaliy Gnatenko. I hope I pronounced his name right? Now, at the bottom, you can tie off the ends at each side, or you can use “Lace Anchors” or something to anchor them on the inside. I’m quite happy with just tying a “Reef Knot”, that’s a “Left-Over-Right, Right-Over-Left”, and I’ll tuck those ends in later, but for now, let’s look at what it does. The idea is that you can tighten your lacing, at this point, you’ve already got the “Starting Knot” tied there, so you can simply tie your finishing bow. Now most people do this, a “Bunny Round the Tree” type knot. Some people do a “Two Loop Knot”. And… I… do my… “Ian Knot”, the world’s fastest shoelace knot. So this is a great combination, a fast lacing with the “Ian Knot” – – very quick and efficient. That’s “Ukrainian Lacing”. Now, an alternative for those who don’t want to have to re-lace their shoe, is – – particularly if you’ve got your [la-] shoe already “Criss Cross Laced” – – you just undo the top two eyelets, tie a “Starting Knot” there, feed the ends into the top and tie them together across the middle. And that also forms the nice quick “Ukrainian Lacing”. So that’s it! There’s more details on Vitaliy Gnatenko’s own website, or he’s got a YouTube video, or if you want instructions, diagrams, animations, you name it, you can go to Ian’s Shoelace Site:


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  • What a great video (again)! It's nice that it leaves some space for the viewer's creativity regarding fixation of the shoelace ends in the bottom eyelets as there are quite a few choices indeed.
    One of them is to do small knots on the shoelace ends and hide it (aesthetical point, but the knots can be felt if the shoelace is really thick).
    Another option is to avoid knots on the ends altogether by e.g. threading the free ends through the opposite bottom eyelets so that there are two shoelace's ends in each eyelet of the bottom pair (the aglets are hidden inside)- as the aglets are quite firm, it's almost impossible to pull the ends out when a shoe is on the feet in this case (I personally prefer this approach).
    One can also thread a shoelace end twice through the same bottom eyelet and hide the aglet (no knots). Some fasteners could be used to aesthetically interconnect the shoelace ends, a T-lace (shoelace with T-aglets) could also be used, etc.

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  • I use this for almost all my shoes and it is a life changing evolution. I tie off each end individually in an overhand knot. Looks cleaner and I don't notice the knots at all.

  • I think I'll try combining this with the straight bar lacing. Have you done that? Any ideas how much length the combination of these techniques
    gets you?

    Would be fun if you had a little table of net lengths gained when combining this with different lacing methods on your site 🙂

  • It worker!!!!!!! Thank for you my shoes.

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  • my knot becomes loose and untie does any one know why?

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