How to Tie Your Dress Shoes & Shoelaces – Oxfords, Brogues, Derby, Boots Lace Life Hack

Welcome to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s
video, we’re going to talk about tying your shoelaces the way you did in kindergarten.
First of all, you need the right shoelaces. You’ll want thin, cotton laces. Don’t go with
nylon, they may be good for tennis shoes but not for Oxfords. If you’re interested in getting
high qualityshoelaces, such as these ones, round and flat in 15 different colors, click
here. If you’re like me, you probably learned to tie your shoes in a way and you learned
it at a very young age and you never thought about it because it worked. So the traditional
way of tying your shoes is having the knot and then you form the loop, you go once around,
and you pull it through. Now, that’s actually similar to a bow tie and when you look at
it more closely, you can see that it’s slightly angled from left to right and when you actually
pull on the outside of the shoe, you can see how the entire knot points up and down rather
than left to right. The better way to tie your shoes is to start with the same knot,
you form the loop with your right hand but instead of going this way, you now just go
the other way and form the loop. Now, it may seem like this is exactly the same thing as
it is before but look at the result, it goes from left to right and if you pull on your
shoe,actually what happens is it tightens your knot, it doesn’t loosen it and the knot
stays in place. This means you won’t have to tie your shoes anymore because when you
actually move every time your knot gets tighter and secondly, it just looks very nice because
it stays in the same shape from left to right. So with this simple life hack, you not only
create a better looking result but you also have shoelaces that are tight more purposefully
and last longer.


  • Great tip! You could also just do the knot backwards instead of the loop. I find it easier that way.

  • Thanks! Great video. Just proper lacing isn't enough.
    The finishing touch is equally important

  • To simplify.. The correct knot is a bowed REEF KNOT that is exactly the same as the bowtie or a parcel or gift wrapping.. it is an acknowledged knot, and further more, if you grab both strings of both bows and pull it will tighten properly and never come undone.. however the beauty of it being a proper knot is that when you want to loosen it you can take both strings of one loop and pull it backwards over itself, it will 'BREAK' the knot so it loosens easily.
    The wrong way is called a GRANNY KNOT and is not a knot and will not break and will not tighten properly and will slip all the time and will lay vertically on your shoes.

  • Amazing!!

  • I love how your jacket lapels in this video r big… looks vintage style….but i love this style, my dad wears same…..btw looks like u have put yellow laces in brown shoes?? Is this for a purpose or just casually for shoes?? And thnx for this technique 😀

  • Incredible difference! Thanks so much.

  • Cool, I've been tying them this way ever since I saw the TED talk about the right way to tie your shoe a few years ago.

  • Dankeschön!

  • What is your opinion on tucking your laces in? It never crossed my mind until I saw Bryan Cranston on Jimmy Fallon talking about it with his stylist. ->

  • Awesome Video!!

  • Can you make a video about what brand is the best dress shoe?

  • you went to fast

  • love it

  • I didn't realize (even while watching this clip) that I already tie my shoes this way! Not with these exact steps, but the same result. Love the channel! You've got a new subscriber.

  • That's an amazing difference for such a small change.

  • It's much easier to change the starting knot since your hands wont get in the way of themselves. The orientation twists up when you tie a granny knot. That is, when your starting knot and loop knot are done in the same direction. Google granny knot

  • This video made me subscribe! Didn't believe till I tried myself! 30 yo and don't even knew how to tie my shoes properly! So much to learn, feeling like a kid!

  • very good.

  • Mind blown! ?

  • Could do an Ian knot : )

  • Any recommendations for socks please?

  • I still do bunny ears…


    Thanks for this, It looks much nicer now.

  • I done it the right way my entire life. That's the way I was taught.

  • Your method looks clumsy. There are other things you could do to make it easier, such as:
    Changing the first half of the knot, so now your original second half matches up properly, or:
    Make and hold the loop with your left hand, on the other side of the shoe, so that you can do the swooping around with your right hand (assuming you are right-handed, of course)

  • My father is a genious. This is exactly how he taught me.

  • What about hiding the shoelaces? Is it acceptable only on sneakers, or it can apply on formal shoes aswell?

  • Please be a gentleman and allow me to share this with my writing class. I've written on how to correctly tie a shoelace. I loved this video and would like to show it off to my instructor. Okay?

  • @Genteman's Gazette, why should we avoid nylon when it already does work for tennis shoes?

  • Well, my mind just got blown to bits….

  • I was excited to learn about this new way to tie shoes that would stay tied better. However, that is how I have always done it!

  • kind of like a surgeon's knot…

  • Wow, just when you think you know how to do something you learn otherwise.

    I was incorrectly tying my laces and the bow was always at an angle. Watching this video I recognise my mistake and now they are perfect.

    Once again, thank you.?

  • You could also do the first knot with the twist the opposite way. But a great tip in any case.

  • This is really cool. I've discovered there is a much easier way to do the horizontal knot while still doing the loop above it, but the trick is when you do the beginning knot your left shoelace has to sit on top of the right shoelace, and the result is the same. Much faster than doing the "below" loop.

  • Thank you very much. My brogues are never coming loose now and they do look loads better

  • Where can I get shoes like those?

  • Easy fix for those that habitually tie the "wrong knot"

    A little late in the conversation but basically if you have any scouting, nautical or military background the "right knot" is essentially a bowed "reef knot" (aka square or Hercules knot)  and the "wrong knot" is a bowed "granny knot" both of these are "simple knots" in scouting and nautical terms.

    If you pull the bow through you can see they match their respective simple knots.
    The only difference between these is that a reef knot is symmetrical (inverted one end is the mirror image of the other) and this is what makes it side flat, gives it better strength, and makes the knot stay strong and not slip a granny knot is not and the ends grip against them selves more than the other end.   

    And here's the  little hint:  
    You can make your habitual "wrong knot" magically turn in to the "right knot" not by retraining yourself but by looking at the how you leave the ends of the untied laces as they are tucked under at the top of the shoe's lace holes. Carefully noting this, undo this tuck, and re-tuck them the other way, so that the one that was tucked under and to the front now tucks now tucks under and to the rear (the other end will, ipso facto, reverse as well). Now just tie your bow as you always have and you now have the "right knot" instead.

  • just google straight knot

  • Fantastic little tutorial. That's always been a peeve of mine. Thanks!

  • Blown away, really. Thank you very much!

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