How to tie my shoes (for kids)

How to tie shoelaces Take two laces
and make a knot Take two ends
and make two loops Cross you loops Grasp two fingers for one loop
and pass it down the hole Sweating for both loops Take two laces
and make a knot Make a loop on one lace
The second draw cord around the loop Pass the second loop down into the hole Sweating for both loops Place hit that Like button
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  • Great tutorial very helpful to me.

  • Thank you very much for a step by step video guide on how to straight bar lace.. It makes shoes look so much better!

  • May be this one can help my boyfriend LOL 😀

  • Wow Really amazing way. I can know How to tie shoelaces.

  • what ever

  • Yh

  • this nigga don't know how to try to do that for me and mommy loves to eat a whole bunch of people9017 people.

  • Why is this too quick I can not Berely do this

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