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(classical music) – Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity menswear stylist. So today I’ll be showing you
how to tie your shoelaces. This might sound crazy, but chances are you’ve been
tying your shoes incorrectly your entire life. Depending on the type
of shoe you’re wearing, there’s a specific way
to tie your shoelaces so that they lay cleanly across your shoe and won’t come undone. Sloppy shoelaces can detract
from an otherwise sharp outfit. If you’ve followed me
for any length of time, then you know then is one
of my biggest pet peeves. I’ve even had a client mention
it on a national talk show. – We paid a woman to dress me. (audience laughs) – [Michael] She’s worth every penny. – When you say “we,” who’s “we?” – Look, she made me tuck in my shoelaces. (audience laughs) It was very important to her. I go, “Really?” She goes, “Yes.” “It ruins the whole look.” – So let’s get started
with cotton or nylon laces, which are typically
found on most sneakers. Most of us were taught
to tie our shoelaces where we bring the lace
over the loop and through. This actually creates a very weak knot that has a higher chance of coming untied. Also the laces lay more vertically as opposed to across the shoe, which now it just looks terrible. The correct way to tie your shoelaces is to start out how you’d
normally tie your shoes, but now you wanna bring the lace under and then over the loop, towards your body, instead of over and away
with the other knot. So when it’s tied correctly, the bow or loops lay
horizontally across your shoe. This is a much stronger knot that will actually get
tighter as you wear it and lays cleanly across your shoe so it won’t detract or draw attention away from the rest of your outfit. If your shoes have round laces, which are normally waxed or leather, like these dress shoes here, you’ll want to use the
same knot I just showed you but with one small addition. First, tie them in the
same knot I just discussed. Remember to go under and
then over towards your body, and you’ll want to make
sure, when you’re pulling, that the laces, so the loops and the
laces are equal length. Now this is where the magic happens. You’ll probably think this is silly, but I promise, it’s important. What you wanna do is gather the laces and tuck them inside the outer lace stay, like so. This will give the shoe a clean appearance that compliments the
formality of your dress shoes, regardless of whether you’re
wearing a suit, wool pants, dark wash jeans, or chino pants. It’s very distracting and
annoying to me personally, when I see loops are visible
on a pair of dress shoes. Menswear and looking sharp
is all about the details, and it’s these teeny tiny little things that really sets apart
a well-dressed gentlemen from a regular guy. If you have suede laces, which are typically found
on boat shoes or loafers, then you’ve probably been irritated by them constantly coming untied. Start out with your laces tied, using the knot I’ve been showing you. If you have longer laces, then you can actually do a double knot, which will really secure that knot, and keep it from coming undone. Now the problem with suede laces is when you tie a double knot, it actually tends to create a really chunky knot in the center, so if that’s the case, then
go back to a single knot like we have here, and you’ll use the next step. Now this next step will
also apply to shorter laces, like this. What you’ll want to do is
take a bottle of superglue and place the glue right here in the front as well as in the back of the knot. This will really secure the laces and keep it from coming undone. The bows of your shoelaces
shouldn’t be much wider than the width of your
shoes, like I have here. Now once you tie them, and you have the proper
width for your bows, if you have excess length in your laces, just simply cut them off,
so they look like this. So with boots, you’ll be using the same knot I’ve been showing you, but there’s two additional things to do depending on how you’ll be wearing them. If you’re going to be wearing them with pants that aren’t cuffed, then tie them how you normally would, and what you wanna do is in order to ensure that
your laces don’t stick out from underneath your pants, you wanna just double knot it. I’m gonna double knot it right here. And that is a nice, clean look. Or, if you’re going to
be wearing your boots with cuffed pants, check out my video on how to
cuff your pants for details, you wanna start by basically stopping just
below the top hook, and you’re gonna actually
cross your laces over and run them around the back. If your boots have this tab, you can run them through it. It doesn’t really matter. But them back and then to the front, and you’re gonna tie the
knot I’ve been showing you. Now, it gets a little tough, because your laces are
pretty short at this point, but it’s very much possible to do, and this will create a
nice, small lace, like bow, which is what you want, because when you have cuffed pants, your laces, the bows, will be exposed, so you really want it as
clean and small as possible. So those are the two
ways to tie your boots. So those are the best
ways to tie your shoelaces so they won’t come untied, and they won’t detract from your outfit. Subscribe to my YouTube channel
for more videos like this, and if you like this video, remember: Give it a thumbs up. Alright, guys, thanks
so much for watching. I’ll see you in the next one. (classical music)


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