How to Tie Huaraches Barefoot Running Sandals – Xero Shoes

I want to show you what I like to call the
Xero Basic tying style. This is the style that we use for most of the custom-made shoes that we make and it’s the one that I use
on almost all of my shoes. It starts with the basic huarache tying pattern which we’ve shown a couple places. The string comes up through the toe-hole
to the outside ankle-hole down through that hole, then it kinda makes a loop around to the inside ankle-hole and then we’re
gonna similarly, just make a loop there as well. And this is a variation of the ultra-minimalist tying style that we have and you’ll see why in a second. So what
you do is the lace comes over the toe-string and
then underneath, and it’s underneath and you want to have
it coming out in front of this string right here. And then you’re gonna go around and then underneath the toe-string. What
we’re doing here is we’re making a double half-hitch. I didn’t know that when I first made
this. Thankfully someone who understood knots, I don’t know if it was a boy scout or a sailor told me. So we’re going under the toe-string and then back over the toe-string and through that loop and then we tighten that like so. And if you’ve looked at the ultra-minimalist knot style,
you’d know that this is where we just cut off the extra lace. And by the way if you want to add a bead or a charm or one of the pendants that we have, you can just lace it into that knot right there and that’s a perfect place for that. So
the next thing we’re gonna do is basically make another pass around the whole shoe back in the direction
that we just came from. So we’re gonna go underneath the heel
strap, I’ll pause for each one of these moments and then come back underneath just the bottom of these two ankle straps. This sort of locks the ankle strap in place. Then we’re gonna go around underneath this outside ankle strap and similarly loop around go back underneath just the bottom one and pull. And now we’re going to loosen this double half-hitch so we can take the lace and place it through those two holes. Essentially staying parallel (or going right next to) the original toe strap. And then we tighten that up. Ta-Da! That’s it! Simple. And once you’ve done this you just slip this on and off your foot. You’ll never have a to re-tie it
again. Once you have the tension correct. Just slip the heel strap on and off your heel and you’re all set. Enjoy! And feel the


  • I like that one. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

  • awesome, thank you! Love these shoes. If it wasn't for Shark Tank I would have never knew these existed. Tried the vibram 5 fingers, but was not a fan. Your foot feels trapped in the shoe. In these they feel so free. Keep it up & good luck!

  • Just ordered a pair in this colorway. Cannot wait!

  • Record the video, upload it to your YT account, and add it here as a video reply. Or post it on our FB page @xeroshoes

  • I recently order a pair of Xeros.. How come they didn't come with the toe holes? 🙁
    ANd what would be an easy, convenient, and harmless to the ''shoes'' way to do it?

  • If you ordered a kit, you punch the toe hole yourself (with the included punch) so you get it in the perfect place for YOUR foot. (that's in the instructions at xeroshoes (dot)com/make

  • just got my xeros and as a barefoot with just a leather sole – even the 4 mm is heavy , thick and very warm on my feet – and I feel the knot. look forward to get to know them better cuz right now it feels like the earth is very far away

  • I got a sore spot on the back of my foot from this :/ Still trying to find the optimal tying pattern for me.

  • The knot you are making is not a double half hitch but a lark's head hitch. But it is a very good idea to make it!

  • I'm still working on the tightness of the first over foot loop. Thanks for the tying tutorials with left and right video. I thought I could use the right foot video and figure out the left, but I was so wrong.

  • thanks a lot! this first node is very usefull to adjust the lace. so enjoyable 🙂

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