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Hi, I’m Kirby Allison, and we love to help the well-dressed take care of their wardrobes. In today’s video I’m going to show you what to do whenever your mirror
shine reaches the point at which it can be
no longer maintained and you just need to strip
everything off and start over. If you have any questions or comments during this section, please ask them in the comments
section below. I look forward to getting back to
all those questions personally. In the first polish video on these
Dimitri Gomez shoes, you’ll remember that I
produced a beautiful mirror shine on that toe and heel, but you can see over several weeks, actually probably even several
months of wear, it is beyond the point of recoverability. Specifically, you can see extensive cracking along the side but even more so than the
cracking, are just total areas where those
hard waxes have been completely worn off of the shoe itself. At this point, there is little you can do to
maintain or recover this mirror shine like what we showed in our other video on
this series on how to maintain mirror
shines. You really just have to pull
everything off and start over. It’s really easy to tell whenever
your mirror shine just needs to start over. What you’re looking for is pervasive
cracking but also areas where those hard waxes have just either fallen off or worn off the leather. At that point there is little you
can do and you just need to pull everything
off and start over. The Saphir Reno’Mat is a smooth
leather cleaner that does a great job at pulling off any hard waxes, any resins, anything that’s really been placed
on top of the original leather, and it’s safe to use on even the finest leathers. The Reno’Mat is incredibly easy to
use. You just need a clean cotton chamois. Here you’ll see I’m not
using my High Shine Chamois because I want
a really hardy plus chamois that is able to absorb the Reno’Mat and pull as much of that wax off. First, always make sure you shake
the Reno’Mat and then I’m going to just put a little bit of Reno’Mat onto my chamois here and using medium to firm pressure and honestly, a little bit of elbow grease, you’re just going to use small circular motions until you pull as much or all of that wax polish off as possible. You know that you’re pulling these
hard waxes off whenever you’re able to see the pore structure of the leather. Those small dots that just let you know that it’s a really high
quality, full grain, open pore leather, you’re able to see those small dots, and it’s very easy to tell that the wax has been removed. So here we are. On the right shoe, you can see that I’ve removed the Mirror Gloss using the Saphir
Reno’Mat and then the left shoe, I haven’t done anything at all. You can see this still has some smooth areas where you have that
hard wax finish, but here on the right, I’ve completely removed all those
waxes, revealing the original leather. Stripping your mirrors shine off of
your shoes, is just part of the process of creating and maintaining a mirror
shine. It’s inevitable, it’s unfortunate, but you just have to do it every
once in a while to pull that off and start over from scratch. You might take this moment for an
even more thorough shoeshine routine, like the one we outlined in our Presidential Shoeshine, where you’re thoroughly conditioning and nourishing the leather. So next I would condition with the Saphir Renovateur and then polish the entire shoe with a few coats of the Pommadier Cream Polish and then polish with one coat of the Wax Polish. At that point, you can decide whether or not to
shine the shoes again with a proper mirror shine. If you have any questions or
comments about this video, please ask them in the comments
section below. I get back to all those questions
personally. If you’d like to learn more about
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