How to Straight European Lace your shoes – Professor Shoelace

G’day everyone, Ian Fieggen here, also known as “Professor Shoelace”. Today’s video is about “Straight European Lacing”, so named because it appears to be more common in Europe. And this method has straight lines across the outside and diagonal lines across the inside. And on a wide shoe like this sneaker, which has wide spacing between the sides, you’ll actually see the underlying zig-zag of shoelace. But on a dress shoe like this, where the sides come together in the middle, you don’t see any of that underlying zig-zag and all you see is a nice neat set of rows. Now on my “Ian’s Shoelace Site”, which, if I animate, you’ll see it’s just basically… rows going straight across on the outside and diagonally on the inside. So, let’s look at that on a real shoe. I’ve started with the lace running straight across the bottom eyelets… and in. Now we take one end, run it diagonally, out through the next eyelet, straight across on the outside, and in through the opposite eyelet. Now I alternate and take the other end, run it diagonally on the inside, and out through the next higher eyelet, which in this case goes up two. Straight across on the outside, and in… through the next eyelet. Again, I alternate. Diagonally… across… out. Straight across… and in. Take the other end, diagonally across… and out, straight across… and in. Now at the top of the shoe, each end just runs diagonally and out through the top eyelet. And so it’s finished! At the top, you can tie your favorite knot. I’m using my “Ian Knot”, the world’s fastest shoelace knot. And that’s it, that’s “Straight European Lacing”. Hope you enjoyed it! And if you want more detailed instructions, go to Ian’s Shoelace Site:


  • Another video, wow! 😀

  • Never thought you'd make a YouTube channel. Your website alone has helped me be different from other people in lacing my shoes. 😀

  • can u show use how to do a vans shoe lace i have vans and dont know how to lace them

  • Can't believe I'm watching this! But thanks for your help!!

  • Europeans invented pragmatism. There is no reason for them to tie there shoes that way!

  • can this work for a 11 boot eyelet? 


  • Thank you this helped me achieve a much more aesthetic look for my dress shoes at the work place.

  • I was wondering how those luxury sneakers were tied, thanks!

  • Is this Gucci way? I want Gucci ways

  • God

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