How To Shine Shoes and Boots-Go From Ugly and Dirty To Shiny and Purdy !

Greetings Gents! I’m Geofatboy for We’re going to take a little departure from shaving videos
today and I’ll show you something that is important for a lot of people not
only men women whoever when you meet someone for the first time they’ll give
you that elevator look you know from top to bottom checking everything out and a
lot of times they look at your shoes. It’s very important what type of shoes
you wear. If you were a nice clean pair of shoes that projects a good self-image,
and if you have dirty shoes that look like they’re 15 years old well that
doesn’t really appeal to too many people. And you know first impressions, you know
all about that stuff right? You never get a second chance to make a first
impression, so you want to look good every day because you never know who
you’re gonna run into. You know that old “frenemy” from high school or grammar
school you may run into that person. You want to be looking your best! Alright so
I’m gonna show you a pair of boots that I took from the shop I found these in
the the back of the shop. They’re about ten years old. I used to wear these
back in the day before Shave Nation came along and I was an electrician, these
were my work boots from back in the day. So, one of my pairs anyway. They’re pretty
beat-up they’re pretty dirty. I’ll post a picture here you can take a look and
then what I’ll do is I will show a picture of the finished product so
you’ll be able to see the disgusting old dirty boots that you don’t want to be
caught dead in, and then you can have your nice clean glistening shiny black
boots that Yo check out my boots! I could you know, use it as a mirror to reflect
upwards and see things right? Alright so some things you’ll need to complete this
process: Number one: This was made for me, my son
in law made this for me, it’s a shoeshine box, which is pretty awesome!
All handmade, he did a great job, I’m very happy to have it. So I’ve been shining my
shoes since I was a little kid, and what you will need here: Kiwi is one of the
most popular brands they’ve been around forever. This is a horsehair brush you
use this to clean the boots and the grime and dirt off before you polish
them. Then you’ll need, this is an applicator brush also horsehair by Kiwi
as well. You’ll need this to apply your shoe polish, it can be Kiwi or any other
brand. You just flip this little lever upward
like that to open it and that’s it. You will rub that on and apply it to the
boots nice and easy. After that you will need a nice soft
lint-free cloth such as this right here. Microfiber cloth works really well for
this application, it doesn’t leave any lint behind and it’ll give you a good
buff and a good shine. This happens to have my initials on it right there,
pretty sweet! Thanks Taylor! Oh one other thing you
might need, if you don’t want to spit on your boots, you can use the little spray
bottle filled with water, and if you want to keep your hands clean, a pair of
gloves. Alright let’s get to work! As I said before here’s a look at the 10
year old boots that are in pretty rough condition you can see they’re in dire
need of a polishing. First thing you want to do is remove the shoe laces they’ll
only get in the way and put you on the struggle bus, you want to just be sure
that they’re gone. Do away with them until after. I’ll also show you how to
fix those ends, see the way they’re frayed? That’ll be a different video but you can
check that out too. The first step will be to start with the
large horsehair brush, you want to take the brush and just rub it vigorously
around the surface of all the leather on the shoes. This will remove any loose
particles or debris that are on the surface. This will prepare it for the
application of the shoe polish. Do both shoes left and right all the way around.
You don’t have to worry about the sole or the bottom of the shoe. Now you can
remove the cover from your Kiwi shoe polish can. Just twist the lever and the
cap comes right off. If you have black boots you’ll use black polish, if you
have brown boots you’ll use the brown polish. Just take the applicator and coat
the bristles with the polish. Then go ahead and rub the applicator brush all
across the leather surface of the shoes. Just thoroughly all the way around left,
right, back, and front. Make sure there’s a nice coating, not thick, but a nice thin
coating of the shoe polish all the way around the surface of the shoe. If you have any emblems or logos on the
shoes you can cover them up with a piece of tape. I’m not concerned about these
little markings on these boots these logos, besides the polish will come right off of them very easily. And here you can see
the difference with Polish being applied to one of the boots. Along the way dip
the applicator in the polish as needed, and then go ahead and apply the polish
to the other boot. Very thoroughly, a nice even coating all the way around the
entirety of the boot. Now pick up the large horsehair shine
brush and go ahead and rub that vigorously all across the surface of the
shoe just in a back-and-forth motion like that, and now you’ll start to see a
bit of a shine coming through. Now you can see a noticeable difference between
the two boots. Now you can start on the next boot. Give it a vigorous brush down
all across the surface of the leather. Now you can see a pretty decent shine on
both of the boots. Since these boots were in such bad condition I decided to put
two coats of polish on. So I’ll go ahead and just repeat the process. We’ll zip
through this but I’m just applying another coating of polish to the entire
surface of both boots, and then we’ll move on to the final step. Now that the second coat of polish is
applied to both boots, I’ll give them a vigorous brush down and
then we’ll move on to the final polishing phase. With two coats of Polish applied and a
quick brush down you can see that the boots are looking pretty good! But we’re
not done yet. Hold the boots firmly between your knees
and buff vigorously back and forth with your lint-free cloth. Wrap the cloth around your hand and then
proceed to vigorously buff the sides and the back of the boot. Now use the water bottle and apply a
couple of spritzes to the surface of the boot and then go ahead and buff it
vigorously some more. This is what gives it that really highly polished look! Then spritz the sides and the back of the
boot and give those areas a good buff down as well. Now go ahead and repeat the buff, spray,
buff some more process on the second boot. Buff… spray… and buff some more as needed. Till you get that highly polished look. If it’s easier for you, you can perform
the buffing process while the shoe is on your foot. That will help stabilize it. If you have frayed ends on your laces
you can use a lighter to burn the tips. Just be careful that it doesn’t drip on
you and burn you. I’ll show you a much better method of repairing the frayed
shoelaces in my next video. Now go ahead and put your new boots on and lace them
up! I hope you enjoyed the video and you
picked up a few tips and tricks that will help you get your old boots from
greasy and grimy and gross to nice and shiny and gleaming clean so you can
improve your self-image. And again if you have any comments about your
shoe-shining process how I can improve on mine, leave your suggestions or
comments down below, and I’ll be happy to check those out and hopefully next time
I’ll use some of your suggestions and get my boots even shinier, if that’s
possible! So thank you very much for watching. I
hope you enjoyed the video. Visit for all your shaving
supplies. I’m Geofatboy, Have A Great Shave, Have A Great Day! We’ll see you
next time.

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