How to Run in Cold Weather

How to Run in Cold Weather. Don’t let frigid temperatures keep you from
your regular run. If you’re properly prepared, you’ll be fine. You will need Layers A windproof jacket Insulated
tights A hat Gloves or mittens Running shoes with Gore-Tex uppers Thick noncotton socks
and vaseline or bandages (optional). Not dressing properly for cold weather can
lead to hypothermia and frostbite. Step 1. Wear clothing made of fabric that wicks moisture
away from your body, like polypropylene. Avoid cotton, which holds onto moisture. Fleece hats and gloves or mittens are a good
choice because they allow skin to breathe, preventing your scalp and hands from getting
too sweaty. Step 2. If the temperature is between 0 and 20 Fahrenheit,
wear two or three tops under a windproof jacket, wind pants over insulated tights, and a hat
and gloves. If it dips below 0, add another top, another
bottom, a pair of glove liners or an extra pair of mittens, and wrap a scarf around your
mouth. Don’t make the mistake of overdressing – a
good general rule is to dress for 20 degrees higher than the temperature because you warm
up while running. Step 3. Wear running shoes with Gore-Tex uppers – they’ll
keep out any wetness – and thick socks made of anything but cotton, which can cause blisters
by absorbing moisture. Men should cover their nipples with ointment
or bandages to prevent chafing. Women are protected by sports bras. Step 4. Before you head outside, do something inside
that gets your blood flowing but doesn’t make you sweat, like walking up and down the stairs
a few times. Step 5. If wind is a factor, start out running into
the bluster and end your run with the wind at your back. That way, the wind won’t give you a chill
after you’ve worked up a sweat. Step 6. On extremely cold days, consider dividing
your normal run into two sessions so you’re not outdoors as long. Step 7. Beware of roads that look wet but may, in
fact, be covered with ice. Step 8. Change out of sweaty clothes as quickly as
you can after your run so you don’t get the chills. Did you know Unprotected skin starts to freeze
at 28 degrees Fahrenheit.

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